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7 Christian Poems For A Son

Updated on April 20, 2014



Life is like a chess game,

With each move,

Move closer to Him,

Plan your strategies

Take your time,


Your eternal life,

Is on the line.


Enjoy yourself along the way,

Be happy in His happiness,

Each day,

For once you make your final move

There's no turn back

No choice to prove,



Where you've planned to stay,

Is Your Final Date.



Looking Ahead


With all the changes in my life,

I ask you Lord, for peace.

Keep me steady on the path

And sure upon my feet,

Let me learn from my mistakes

And grow beneath your wings.

Prepare me for the days ahead

And all that life will bring.

For in the darkness, You are light,

In weakness you are strong.

I am nothing without you -

I know where I belong.

Jill Lemming

In The Wait With Patience


If your ship has run amuck

Or sunk to ocean's floor;

If your heart has given up

And you can take no more;

Carry all your woes to Him.

Place them in His care.

Know that He will help you through

Your days of dark despair,

Throughout all times and seasons,

Ride with them, you must.

Take your problems to the Lord.

In Him put all your trust.

It may take hours days or weeks,

Or maybe even more;

But if you have deep faith in Him,

He'll bring your ship to shore.

Ruthmarie Brooks Silver




Don't get swayed by the love of a girl

Who's caught up in this worldly world,

That only knows God as yeah dog.

And Amen.

Seek out a Godly wife in the realm.

Fornication and masterbation,

Is still against the Holy word,

Don't let the media fool you,

Thinking that's it's ok,

With pretty pictures and sweet music,

To sway you it's way.

Your body is a temple for the Lord

Keep it clean,

From the tempter's touch,

And you will be the victorius one,

God loves you,

So much. 

D. Alsup




I Won't Forget

I'm not trying to be a whimp for the Lord,

Put my whole armour on daily,

And get on board,

Carry my sword and sheild,

Fight the good fight everyday,

Kicking satan's butt

Every step of the way,

Keeping my eye upon the prize.

God gave me the mind,

To make my own decisions,

I make one move in the right direction,

He'll make two,

Won't let the pressure from friends

Steer me down the wrong roads

If I falter,

It's never too late to turn around,

No matter what the day,

Use my own mind

Make my own decisions

Pray to You daily for guidance,

Keep my eyes in the right direction,

Remember your teachings Lord,

And Renew your word daily,

I won't forget.

D. Alsup

Along Life's Way

Lord, lead me to a quiet place

And softly close the door,

So in this perfect solitude

I can learn to love You more.

I'll speak to You as would a child

Of my failures and triumphs each day.

I'll ask for Your forgiveness

For my errors along life's way.

To contemplate your love for me

And the sacrifices You've made

Fills me with assurance

That I should never be afraid.

My life is Yours to lead, my Lord;

Let me listen to Your voice

So when temptation comes my way

I will make the perfect choice.

As I slowly leave our quiet place

And start my busy day,

I know You will walk beside me

Every step of the way.

Shirley Hile Powell


Live Christ ! -- and though the way may be

In this world's sight adversity,

He who doth heed thy every need

Shall give thy soul prosperity.

Live Christ ! -- and though the road my be

The narrow street of poverty,

He had not where to lay his head,

Yet lived in largest liberty.

Live Christ ! -- and though the road may be

The straight way of humility,

He who first trod that way of God

Will clothe thee with his dignity.

Live Christ ! -- and though thy life may be

In much a valedictory,

The heavy cross brings seeming loss,

But wins the crown of victory.

Live Christ ! -- and all thy life shall be

A Highway of Delivery --

A royal Road of goodly deeds,

Gold-paved with sweetest charity.

Live Christ -- and all thy life shall be

A sweet uplifting ministry,

A sowing of the fair white seeds

That fruit through all eternity.

John Oxenham

Thank you for visiting our hub. Please share with us any Christian poems for a son that you may know.  For your further enjoyment please check out the links below:


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    • BIGCSSHOP profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Thanks So much Nate, Best of Luck to You!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I need this day, I have traveling a road my driving and instead of getting the passenger seat and enjoy the ride. did not want to turn the steering wheel loose. As I making the transition, its begining to feel good after 69 years trying learn how to drive. I love the works, that is mention here. Keep up the Good work.



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