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Christmas Poems

Updated on December 23, 2015

Festival Poems

This is a couple of poems as the christmas season is up on us. So read and enjoy and feel free to comment. Just thought i would put a few on and see if it could bring you a little amusement. I have a few poems on this blog hope you like them. Hope they bring a little christmas cheer lol.

Christmas Poem

As the weather turns bitter and the snow flakes start to fall,

that frosty chill thats in the air has a meaning to us all.

The pitta patter made by your feet as you walk on the crunchy snow,

it's the time of year thats full of joy and one that children know well.

As stockings are hung upon the wall and carrots are left out side,

and children sit and closely listen for santa's jingly ride.

Sprits are high and glasses are full and every ones full of cheer,

the families gather and put together a mighty christmas dinner.

The party hats go on their heads and crackers all pulled apart,

and love is felt from all around from the deepest of peoples hearts.

All the bad times through out the year for this day are pushed aside,

and everyone forgives each other because at christmas we stand side by side.

The Christmas Rush

The shops are overflowing with the people in the mall,

it's last minute shopping time so people cram the store.

People push and shove each other as they search the emptying shelves,

but had they come many days sooner the perfect gifts they would of had for themselves.

But now the battle is on and it's time to go to war,

christmas can be a dangerous time as the women roam the stores.

As a fight breaks out on the second row and the last turkey is on the floor,

i think that this is a little lesson to every one and all.

Christmas Treats

I unwrap my box of chocolates and pop one in my mouth,

a dozen chocolates later and I've emptied the box out.

It dosnt really matter though because my excuse is accepted by all,

ill say well you see it's christmas time so i can eat little more.

It doesn't really matter that i ate my orange matchmakers all at once,

because when the new year comes ill make the weight loss choice.

so ill sit here with my twenty biscuits as i drink my cup of tea,

Then ill swill down lots of wine because it's christmas time you see.

so ill wear a little winter weight and keep my body warm,

and then when new year comes ill keep the weight loss promise i swore.

Christmas Presents

What shall i get my father who is always working late,

And his one and only interest is more money making ways.

A gift for such a person is really hard to find,

I could get him a voucher but it would seem lazy and id lose self pride.

And now then theirs my mother the toughest cookie of them all,

She says just get me nothing but the smile she holds says more.

I think ill be ok though because soon she will drop some hints,

And all that will be left to find out is which shops they sell it in.

My brother loves computer games but with so many out at a time,

ill have to consider my options because i got it wrong last time.

I have a sister who loves music and many albums that she loves,

but most of them she's brought all ready so that doesn't leave me much.

Maybe il just walk in the shop and pick a ramdon CD,

But then where's the thought in my pick there would be none you see.

I have another sister and her kids to do as well .

wow this will be an expensive christmas so I'm of to see what i can sell.

Christmas Eve

excited little children who don't want to go to sleep,

you tell them that santa won't visit if you even hear a peep.

so get up to your bedroom and close those sleepy eyes,

because if santa see's you looking he won't leave you a surprise.

so slowly up the stairs they walk as they drag their little feet,

and off in to their beds they climb to start to go to sleep.

its being about an hour when you hear a quiet sound,

and as you climb the stairs you catch the children walking round.

get back in your beds you tell them or tomorrow you will cry,

for when you wake in the morning you won't have a single toy.

so off they jump back in to bed and finally fall a sleep,

and for the many hours later you hear not even one peep.

Christmas Shopping

how ready are you .

Are you a last minute christmas shopper?

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      i loved the poems

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      great poems


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