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Citizenship/ Human Hight, Duties and Gender Issues

Updated on January 17, 2020
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Home Sweet Home

I know that song
A very popular song
‘Home sweet home’.

No matter where 1 go
High up or down low
I will always come back home.

Home is a force of gravity
That I love with all ability
God knows how I yearn1 to see your face.

Home, the blood of my forefathers,
The sufferings of my late mothers
Like a true soldier, I’ll not let you down.

Tell your Stories

Some stories are better told by victims
True life persons, not those in theatre films.

A widow can talk better of death and pains
And of much tears, the loneliness that reigns
Christ, the bitterness of betrayal,
A student, the river tears of dismissal,
A lover, the trauma of deception,
A mad man, the sorrow of rejection.

The innocent boy, the vacuum of no father,
The orphan girl, the absence of a mother.
The husband, the stress of a wife’s adultery,
A wife, the pangs of another woman’s rivalry.
A trader, the thunderstorm of a great loss
And a rape victim, the offensive sight of lust.

An AIDS patient, the quiet stigma of life,
A beggar, the stone heart of passersby
While the poor, the bitter truth of suffering.

So, tell your stories today you citizens
Speak out your mind dear denizens
Someone is listening, patriots, governments, and God

Afrique mon Afrique

Afrique mon Afrique
Mother of Nations
Who need some caution
Mother of the good
Mother of the fool.

Mom, bear forth the new!
In them, a spirit of unity,
Teach them the code of morality
To let our dreams be a reality.

Your children die across the seas
Your sons sleep without peace
Your daughters, misused in Kuwait,
Yet your leaders say we should wait
‘Cos when you get up,
Things will be at the top.
But how long will it take
Before all your children at home and away
Journey slowly to the grave?

Afrique mon Afrique
The slave market in Lybia, kick!
Then from your slumber, awake!

My Country's Problems

The wise foxes are all aware
That something's wrong somewhere
But pretend and ignore
While things dilapidate more and more.

Wake up! Wake up! Put on new coats
Breed up new oaths
To reverse the lustful codes.
Let them be equal
And applied to all,
Do not be reluctant
For you know it’s important.

Treat me like a brother
And I will not bother
‘Cos we are one
True, Cameroon is one.

Equality or Equity

What do women really want?
I pray you truly choose one
Equality or equity?

Fairness, justice and impartiality
Are good friends of equity.
Equal access to opportunities,
No considerations of gender, race or disabilities
Are best friends of equality.

Fair play, integrity, and objectivity
Are close cousins of equity.
Equality is blind, it does not see religion
Age, belief, tribe or region.

Equality guarantees equal policies for all,
Equity involves rightness, reasonableness for all,
Both have turned their backs against discrimination.
So what do women want?
I pray you choose two or one
Equality or equity, or equity-equality?

Blanket of Darkness

A blanket of darkness caressed the street
Of people asleep with misguided feet
With hollow hearts devoid of light
They couldn t see which way was right.

They fliited with death quite comfortably
Acquired great knowledge yet remained empty.
Nothingness stopped them from venturing out
They couldn’t see past their realm of doubt.

One girl arose and examined her soul
Unlike the others, her heart was made whole
Her citizenship was not of that street
Her home was beautiful, bright, and complete.

She was an ambassador from her homeland
Spreading its light with the book in her hand
Whenever she went to a cold, dark place
Her heart’s luminescence would radiate.

Attracted to her light, many gathered to see
What made this girl so loving and free.
As she read her book it opened their eyes
Many chose truth over superficial lies.

This book from her homeland was about her King
Who created beauty from every broken thing.
If the people came to Him, He would heal their hearts
And mend together all their fragmented parts.

Many said it was nice, but couldn’t be true
Others said it was a myth, something construed.
Yet some believed and received new life
Escaping the blanket of darkness that night.

© 2020 Tezeh Collins


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    • T col profile imageAUTHOR

      Tezeh Collins 

      2 weeks ago

      thanks mom

    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 

      2 weeks ago from Ohio

      I enjoyed these greatly!


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