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Werewolves, Vampires and Shadowhunters; It doesn't get better than this

Updated on January 11, 2013

Shadowhunters to the rescue!

Do you believe there are creatures amongst us? Perhaps you believe in vampires, or werewolves, or angels? Even if you don't believe, but you just enjoy a good story, this is one of those stories. Grabbing you by the collar and dragging you into a world you can easily imagine once shown the clues, you will soon find yourself under a spell and willing to go further down the rabbit hole or runes, wizards, demons and shadowhunters. This is Clary Fray's story.

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The junk food of books!

Any story that can weave together tried and true themes including vampires, magic and werewolves with very new ideas including rune tattoos is bound to be an exciting read. City of Bones does not disappoint, taking you on a wild ride around New York following a girl learning the truth about all that she thought she knew in life. She has to put to test her preconceived notions of her family, her friends, even the world around her. A roller coaster of a ride that is sure to keep you flipping pages long into the evening.

Just as we get a hankering for French fries that have absolutely zero nutritional value but taste oh so good, City of Bones will not solve world hunger nor teach the meaning of life, but you will thoroughly enjoy it. There is the perfect amount of interpersonal drama, followed by science fiction creativity that allows this book to have value on any book fan’s shelf.

One of the first questions I have been asked is who is this book really intended for. Similar to Harry Potter or Hunger Games, while written for young adults it can and will be enjoyed by adults as well. However, unlike the previous mentioned examples the story touches on a few much deeper and mature themes. What happens when one of two friends is secretly gay and in-love with his best friend? Or perhaps when does the Machiavellian views of Ends Justify the Means win out over justice and law? Yet even with deeper social and moral questions, City of Bones is an easy read following a single view throughout the story making it quite easy to follow for younger readers. Beautifully woven together from one chapter to another following a single line of action, it is near impossible to find an easy place to stop reading. A sure sign of a great story, and this is only the first book!

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