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Classic General Bridge Books of All Time

Updated on December 24, 2012

Classic Bridge Books

In his 1999 book, The Mammoth book of Bridge the British author and Bridge expert lists three Classic Books of Bridge(on the game in general) that every player should have. Mark Horton was the editor of the oldest Bridge Magazine in the world, in existence since 1995. He has written more then ten books on Bridge himself so you could say the guy know's his Bridge. The next three books are recommended by him as all time classics of the game.

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Five Weeks to Winning Bridge

Warning! This book is on rubber Bridge. It's fairly easy to switch and this is still one of the most widely read books by beginners although the dominant Bridge game is duplicate Bridge at this time. THe book is divided in 35 chapters and if one is read every week after five weeks a beginner has been turned into a winning player. Great book for beginners.

Bid Better Play Better - How to Think at the Bridge Table

Classic Bridge book that has been updated to be completely relevant again(originally published in 1976). You learn how to think like a bridge player. Geared towards the intermediate player. It deals with Clear and easy language but the concepts can add a lot to the game of an intermediate level player. Reviewers love it

Matchpoints - Kit Woolsey

Actually this Classic Bridge book covers a lot more then just matchpoints. It's a great book for more advanced players. One of the greatest books ever written on basic bidding technique. Any intermediate or expert player will improve his game tremendously by reading this book. Read what Reviewers think


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