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Poems about Clouds

Updated on October 5, 2014

Clouds, Clouds, Clouds - Poems and Sonnets for Those Things in the Sky

In her classic song, Joni Mitchell looked at clouds from both sides ... In this lens I look at clouds from many sides through poetry that I have written including several sonnets about clouds. I also suggest the long poem by Mary Oliver entitled "The Leaf and the Cloud" as well as other cloud related products for your enjoyment.


All poetry in this lens is copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) Reprint with permission

The Newest Poem in This Lens is

Sonnet for Clouds and Sky

The Cloud Collector's Handbook - a whimsical guide to the wonders of the sky


Cloud Collector's Handbook

Sonnet for Clouds and Sky

Tumbles of soft grave above coalesce

Darkening the misshaped aqua portholes

Making quilts for which we are powerless

To move, as clouds do not obey mortals

If it behooves the sky to rain it shall

With perhaps a droplet upon this book

Water channels may then my words corral

'Fore they are smudged by such unwitting crook

Man has searched the heavens for ciphered runes

To plan his life and his generations

Figuring on the distant stars and moons

In all their angles and constellations

But the closer clouds are most often friends

Bathing and nourishing that which man tends

White, Fat and Fluffy

White, fat and fluffy

Grave, ominous, dark

Dagger wisps of virga

'Fore a lightning spark

The Leaf and the Cloud - a poem by Mary Oliver

A Sonnet for the Clouds

Quickly the clouds create a blanket soft

All hues of white and gray, they coalesce

From water vapor rising high, aloft

This fabric has no sins it must confess

Once more the sky canvas they consecrate

With threat'ning beauty in their tow'ring shapes

Ever changing combinations demonstrate

A furtive maelstrom hidden by dark capes

Slowly they drift incessant; west to east

Encroaching on the blank, azure spaces

Casting triumphant shadows as they feast

Of moisture, to create forms and faces

Shall they whip up a frenzy in the air

Or cascade by with neither fuss nor care

Here is a Poem about an Approaching Storm in the hub, Poems of Nature

Cauliflowers in the Distance

A Sonnet for the Rainstorm

Now, in the distance a storm approaches

I hear the rumbles before seeing rain

Wonder on the atmospheric coaches

That call this play yet do not daily train

The drizzle increases to a cloud burst

On the pavement, the roofs, the droughty grass

Quickly quenching the green things of their thirst

Not wanting that the downpour soon to pass

It builds to crescendo, thunder and hail

Then casts its erose shadow to the East

Ebbing in fury; broken leaves prevail

Upon the grass; shards of the trees released

The sun is just right, if we look with care

We'll see a rainbow coaxing us to stare

Rain Storm in Panama

Dark Wispy Tendrils

Dark wispy tendrils

Reaching receding reaching receding

Are they coming for a kill

Or just a naughty thrill

There's a deceptive beauty in the roiling gray mass

The cloud bank is fickle; it can storm or it can pass

Clouds at Sunset

Clouds at sunset in coral hues

Beckon to lovers for lengthy views

Should volcanic ash be in the air

More brilliant the chiaroscuro flares

Over the rippling ocean's far horizon

Way past Sun's descent, I keep my eyes on

And when the sky particles allow

Purples and reds Nature's beauty avow

The ever changing painting above

Is on display for all to love

The Rain is a Peaceful Fountain

The rain is a peaceful fountain from the sky

It nourishes the flora from the clouds up high

The earth worms emerge for a soothing bath

'Til the thunder and lightning of heaven's wrath

More Poetry Awaits You


The Ever Changing Sky

Lookup, lookup and watch the ever changing sky

The cumulus clouds drifting by

Herring bones and saucer shapes

Adorn the atmospheric scapes

Play the game of naming what you see

Even if your friend does not agree

Before the mirage is ever gone

Let your imagination yawn

Here is a poem about the rain in the hub, Poems of Nature

Through the Rain Curtain

Cumulus Clouds

Cumulus clouds dot the eastern sky

Telling of humidity; It's been so dry

Fluffy, puffy, cottony batts

Afloat just above me; grey-white hats

Thanks for the Visit - Feel Free to Write Something

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    • DuaneJ profile image


      9 years ago

      beautifully presented lens!


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