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How to differentiate between prized possessions and junk

Updated on April 16, 2010

15 years old Junk or prized possesion?

Untold tales of Spiderman no 1
Untold tales of Spiderman no 1

Collectibles vs Junk

Don't be too quick to dismiss any old goods as junk. Take care of your stuff! Your mom might be cleaning up your junk thinking it is rubbish. Look at your attic, you never know what treasures that you can find.

What are collectibles?

Due to rarity or uniqueness, production fault, human error or any other reasons, they are valued highly and become and become sought after making them expensive.

In todays age of commercial modern savvy times, collectibles refer to items specifically for people to collect and designed to become valuable over time through random, deliberate and artificial creation of rarity and uniqueness.

Why do people become Collectors?

Most are interested in the things thet collect i.e action figures, celebrity autographs, comic books, souvenir, trading card, coins, stamp etc

Some are seeking profits from buying and selling collectibles to collectors.

Mostly it is about passion and desire to own something rare and unique, something that few people have the pleasure of owning. In essence, collecting is about acquiring in depth knowledge of a chosen item, discovering what makes it special and desirable.

One must have patience and tenacity to find the rare and unique, and honing your business skills to sell it for a good profit.

Where do I start?

This is one hobby that you don't go to a store looking for something new but instead, you are more likely to find a rare collectible among what appears to be a 'junk sale' at your grandparent's home, garage sale, flea market or even churchyard charity sale.

The business in collectibles is really in finding something of value from someone who doesn't realise its true value. Often you could even pick up these valuables very cheaply or even free.

Perhaps after this, you be more than willing to lend a hand in helping family and friends clear up their 'junk'.

No matter that you are just collecting dolls since these skills are the same that can propel you into bigger league of high value collectibles.

Paper Money used during the time when the British Empire rules Malaya (Now known as Malaysia).
Paper Money used during the time when the British Empire rules Malaya (Now known as Malaysia).

What do people Collect?


This rank among ne of the most traditional form of collectibles, having existed as far back as 1840 when the first known postage stamp was issued in britain.

Although there are many collectors who acquire stamps to earn future profits as there stamp collectors who build their collection solely for personal pleasure.

The uniqueness of stamp collection is their connection to history. Often what makes a stamp rare or unique is the date, place and usually something of historical significance.

Coins & Money Collection.

Collections and paper money are evidence of historical era. Domination of one Kingdom or even Empire can be illustrated in money. Money Collection have a strong connection to historical significance as well.

Green Goblin #1

They even describe it as #1 Collector's Edition.
They even describe it as #1 Collector's Edition.

Cards, Dolls, Comics

Trading Cards

The baseball card is the most well known trading card collections. The player of baseball clubs poses for individual photographs and this will be printed onto small cards. This is used by variety of companies to promote their business and for fans to keep souvenirs of their favourite players. In 2007, a private collector paid a Huge Sum of US2.25 Million for a near mint T296 Honus Wagner Card.


Antique dolls have over the years become collectibles. Bisque dolls of the 19th century made by the French sold for USD $22,000. Hence it can be said now hand made dolls are being sought after.


The first comic book appeared in the United States in 1934, reprinting earlier newspaper comic strips. Superheroes dominate the comic book scene. Many collector are fans following the latest adventures of their favourite role model rather than collector per se.

The classic demand-supply caused by growing base of comic fans and no longer in print copies of earlier episodes inevitably resulted in certain comics become collectibles.

Marvel Comics issue no 1 and Flash comics issue no 1 currently holds the records for being the most expensive at US $350,000 recorded in a private sale.

Although it is unlikely that contemporary comics will ever fetch these value, you are more likely to strike gold if you had a near mint/mint condition of Issue 1 than any other issue.

The Secret Defender #1 1993

These Comic is dated March 1993. Found these recently in an attic.Generally The older the Comic are,the more expensive it gets. Maybe if we are lucky, we can get the very old ones at a flea market.
These Comic is dated March 1993. Found these recently in an attic.Generally The older the Comic are,the more expensive it gets. Maybe if we are lucky, we can get the very old ones at a flea market.


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