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College love

Updated on June 29, 2015

College Love


Here, today, 1st July 2013. The weather was perfect. Maybe it was because we friends, Sisir, Anuj and I were meeting after a long period of time. We all finished our pre-boards of Grade XI. We were celebrating the weekends together. I was indeed feeling awesome. I was going to meet my gang after a long period of nine months. We’d been so busy to study that we were not able to booze together for a long time.

We’d planned to meet at Sisir’s home. He would arrange food and drinks. I reached there in sharp 2 in the afternoon. I got off my black duke and rang the bell door.
Let me first tell you about my friends first. Sisir was tall and fair. He had got nice muscles with wide chest. He had joined gym after SLC. He was zero at studying. He got no good marks in his lifetime. But he didn’t care. Don’t waste your time mugging. He used to say. But honestly, he was good at sports. He was captain of our basketball team.
Anuj was short and fat. He had not done any exercises in his whole lifetime. He was so lazy. He used to sleep in our lectures in school and was scolded by teachers many time. He was also not that much good in study but he had cracked the mock test of Maths once. From then, he became serious about his studies and got 83.50% in SLC. He was so happy to get that percentage.
“Rohan.” They said in unison when they saw me. They shouted like they had seen the ghost during daytime.
“Hey, pals.” I screamed to make the jiffy interesting.
“You! We had called you to come in 1. Now, it is almost quarter past 2.” Anuj screamed at me and hugged me tight at same time.
“Sorry guys. I was stuck in jam.” I replied to save myself from their attacks.
“Okay! Okay!! It’s fine.” Sisir interrupted.
We all hugged each other so tight. It was really a big moment for all us guys. It had been so long. We were intoxicated by the emotions. We started singing a song together.
Those were the best days of my life.
Oh… Yeah.
“Hey guys. Let’s start the party now.” Anuj said.
“Yes, bro! Let’s make it the best one.” I added to make it more exciting.
We sat in the velvet sofas and started talking about colleges, girls at colleges, board exams and so on and so forth. Along with talking, we began to pour sprite on bottles.
“I hate sprite, I need Fanta.” I said.
“Okay, wait. I’ll get it from the fridge.” Sisir replied.
He stood up and went to the kitchen to fetch the Fanta for me. I hate all the soft drinks, except Fanta. It was my favourite.
“Hey, you still drink Fanta. You still hadn’t poured any other drinks, no? Anuj said.
“Yes, man. I had never tried any other drinks.” I replied, chewing the chicken.
Sisir returned from Kitchen and poured Fanta into my glass. We drank the soft drinks and ate so much. We were now bored at home. We were feeling homesick. So, we decided to go for a drive. We got into respective bikes and started our journey in motorcycles. We had so much fun riding. We over sped the bikes. We were intoxicated by the emotions we were now feeling, the best feeling I would add.
“Hey, you chaps.” The traffic police stalled us.
“Overspeeding, huh? Wanna get into the prison???” He said in arrogant 40 years voice.
“Sorry sir.” Anuj replied. He always started trembling in such situations. He was afraid of police.
“Sorry? Haha…so simple, huh? Say sorry and escape. Not easy here. Take out thousand bucks.” He said in firm voice, chewing his gums.
We looked at each other. Then I pretended to fumble my hands into my pocket. Snappishly, I kicked him in his pot belly and we started our bikes. We had narrow escape. It was so much fun doing such funny things to cops. They deserved it. They are such a loser.
We halted bike near the Café coffee shop. We ordered cappuccino. We sat in the round table. No one spoke for a while. Everyone was surfing for the words in their own relevant mind.
“It was indeed so much fun to kick cop’s belly.” I broke the silence.
We all broke into the laughter. The waiter came near us with the tray. He served us cappuccino and went back to his own place. We talked about girls in café.
“Still, nobody has got girlfriend in the college. So boring, no? No girlfriends.” Anuj said, sipping his cappuccino.
“Umm…I love a girl in my college. But I am confused how to express it dudes.” I said in low voice.
They all gave me suprising looks. I had not told them about it. I was so shy.
“Sorry guys. I have no guts so I hide it from you guys.” I said closing my eyes, and joining my hands meantime.
“It’s fine.” They said in unison.
We all finished our drink and called the waiter. I paid the bill as I had hidden the most important thing with them, my crush, Ashma. That night we slept at Sisir’s house (hardly slept). We talked about my crush, my love.
The next day, we returned to our respective home. We all bid goodbye. We hugged so tight like we were meeting for the last time.
Moments become fun, when you guys are with me.
Moments become memorable, when we guys spent together.
Moments become impeccable, when we are together.

First chat
Our colleges started normally. The seconds we devoted with each other still flashed in my cognizance. I was in the bus heading towards my academy. I was not in the mood of going college but my mom forced me to go. So, I went there. I wanted to watch cricket match but my mom ordered me not to go there. I was sad. I did not want to go to college. But later I thought I had done great that I went to college. Do you know why? Keep patience, I will explain everything.
That day in college, everything was normal. Everyone was happy to finish their boards. I also became happy to see them. I saw my friends playing there in basketball court. Then I headed towards them.
Then suddenly someone called my name. I looked back. I froze. I was not able to respond. My heart beat halted brusquely. I was stiffened.
“Hey, you Rohan, no? She asked me, flipping her hair.
Her hair strands were still in her forehead. I wanted to keep those hair strands behind her ears, but I controlled myself. Her eyes so beautiful as I had seen for first time. Her lips seemed so soft, even more than cotton. Her smile drove me crazy but I resisted my feelings. Her hands were pearly white. I felt like I would kiss them. She had got killer figure. Not 36-24-36, but even more awesome and attractive.
“Hey, what are you thinking?” She said breaking my chain of thoughts.
“Nothing. Yes, I am Rohan?” I said in reflex action as I went out of the words.
Someone patted back her arms. She was her friend. They were going to Dean office to visit him. She bid me bye and left.
“Hey, your name?” I asked her holding her hands. Despite the fact that I know her name, but I had to ask.
She turned back and replied, “Oh! Ashma.” She replied making eye contact. Then she left. I was still standing there. I wasn’t able to move my feet an inch. She was so beautiful, madly beautiful. I was madly in love with her. I had held her hands for the very first time. But I had already touched her when walking through the corridor in lunch time, about months ago.
“Hey! Come here. What are you doing there alone?” The voice awoke me from my thought.
“Nothing.” I shouted and ran towards my pals.
We played basketball for a while. Then we went to our class. We sat in our seats. All my friends had great feelings to be in grade XII. But I was still thinking about her, her hand, her kissable lips, her cheeks, and her hairstrands.
As she came near me, I stiffened.
And my heartbeat raced up.
She was so lovely, that I am not able to stop gazing at her eyes.
She was so lovely, that I started losing my sleep.
She was so lovely, that I started dreaming without getting slept.

Second chat
We again met at corridor. I was timid. I was not able to look into her cute eyes. I pretended like I had not seen her. But she did not. Maybe she was also dreaming to talk with me.
“Hey, we meet again. Maybe our way is same.” She chuckled.
I was startled to hear her saying this. Girl, this was the second time we are talking. But you…. I wanted to tell her.
“You always do this. I think you are not interested to converse with me.” She said mischievously.
I was still swimming in her eyes. They were just refreshing, calm and relaxing. I was in the air. I was flying and swimming at the mean time which one can’t do at same time.
“Nope, nope. You are misunderstood. Nice to meet you again.” I can hardly figure out the words.
Then the bell rang. What the… I wanted to be near her. I just wanted to feel her body and perfume. She smelt so good. But we had to separate.
“Oh! Bad luck again for me. I wanted to talk but…”
“It’s fine. Let’s meet at canteen.” I intervened.
“Okay. Just you and me. Okay?” She winked at me.
Wow. It was really awesome. Luck is on my side. Luck is favoring me. “Love you mom.” I murmured after bidding her a good bye. She gave me see-you-soon look and left for a class.
Then again, luck favors on my side. We again met as we had planned in canteen. She ordered two plates of fried rice. We sat in the table. Only she and I. I was too nervous to look into her eyes but I dared to glare at her. She looked so pretty. I wanted to kiss her glossy lips.
“Hey, your lunch.” She said ruffling my hair. Wow. I thought to myself.
“My treat for you.” She said.
“Treat? For what?” I bewildered.
“For being my pal. Stupid.” She pulled my cheeks with her two hands and slightly pinched my nose with her beautiful nails.
Everything around me stopped, except she. She was talking to me and I was nodding. I tried to speak but I could not. She winked me a lot. I was surprised but I like it, speaking honestly I loved it. And I love her.
She touched my hand gently. I looked at her. She looked at me. We gazed each other. It was the best moment. We finished our lunch. We had talked so much. We had known so many things about each other. We stood up and left the canteen. She reached her class. She looked back then gave me a smile. Then she hugged me. It was her first hug with me. I felt so warm inside. My heart leapt. I wanted to leap but I could not. I was deeply frozen. I loved her so much. Maybe she was also wildly in love with me. We bid a good bye and I left for my class. I was happy, even more than that. I was so lucky to get her as a friend. But I wanted to make her my girlfriend. I wanted to date her. I wanted to kiss her. I wanted to hugged her. I wanted to be with her. She was so warm. I wanted to make myself warm in her sincere arms.
I loved the way you ruffled my hair.
I loved the way you pulled my cheeks.
I love the way you pinched my nose.
I loved the way you winked at me.
I loved the way you held my hand.
I loved the way you hugged me.
And I loved the way you are.

First Kiss
Here, I was waiting for her to come. I was in Siddhapokhari. We planned to meet there (plan was her, but destination was mine). I had been waiting for her for 10 minutes but she had not still seen. I wanted to see her. I wanted to feel warm again holding her so tight. I wanted to dive in the ocean of her eyes.
Someone tapped my shoulder from back. I turned back to see. She was there, my angel, my love, my everything. She hugged me so tight.
“Sorry.” She said holding her ears.
“It’s okay, dear.” I said pinching her nose. I smiled. And she smiled back.
We walked gripping our hands. I was feeling so warm and glad as my darling was beside me. We sat. She held my arms and rested into my shoulder. She made me mad. She always did like this. She always held me so tight and rested in my arms, sometimes in my lap. Although we were not in the relationship, it was fine among us. We talked so much. she smiled and laughed with my every words. I smiled and laughed back. She looked so cute when she widened her lips, the most beautiful lips in this whole wide world. Then we went to ice-cream shop and ordered chocolate flavor for both of us. We ate the ice-cream and then walked towards square. We sat in the temples and again started talking. We even didn’t care about time.
“Oh! Shit! I need to go. Mom will scold me.” She said as she looked her wrist watch.
“SHIT! Sit for a while. I want to talk with you more.” I replied.
“No, baby. Mom will kill me. I have to go.”
“Okay.” I said showing sad expression.
Making me amazed, she kissed on my cheeks. Yes, you heard it right. She kissed me a second before. I was still. I could not react to it. She bid good bye. I too bid good bye. It was my first kiss with her. She had never kissed me before. I was startled.

After a kiss
She was so shy to call me. She cancelled my phone. Maybe she was too shy to talk to me after a kiss. I messaged her.
Hey, u nt talking to me?
Wt happen?
Her message flashed into my mobile.
Umm… feeling shy.
Sory for kissin. Hehe.
I replied little bit later. I was making her restless. I was also restless her but I controlled. Then after 4 minutes, I replied her SMS.
Just a kiss…it is nth. Why being shy?
I thought u wd kiss my…. Hehe.
Before sending this message, I gathered all my energies and guts. Only after then, I clicked send button.
To which she replied:
My…wt? huh? U naughty fellow.
I could not control my laughter. But I did it. Then, I again replied.
I thnk u ll guess…u lack great minds.
We chated a lot in the cell phone that night. I wanted to tell her that I loved her so much but I was afraid of spoiling our companionship. I did not want to leave her company. She made me feel perfect. Her every words were so damn perfect that drove me crazy.
That night I did not recall when I slept. But I had nice night. I had her dreams. In my dreams, she held my hand looking deep in my eyes. I also looked at her eyes. Then she pulled me towards her. Our lips were only inch away. I could smell her scents. She smelt perfect. We gazed at each other maintaining the distance of inch between our lips. I could not reckon when our lips cleared the distance of inch. We kissed passionately. Our lips were stuck with each other. My right hand was on her left cheeks and my left hand was on her back. We were deeply in love. We forgot everything around us. We just kept kissing.

Love Birds
We had planned to meet at her place. Actually, she planned it. She wanted to show her entire home and her lovely room to me. The room looked all pink. Everything was pink, mattress, pillow, laptop bag and wall-paint. Her room was so clean. She kept it tidy. The room looked cute, but not cuter than my angel. I wanted to tell her but I didn’t.
She got tea for me along with biscuits. She put two cups in the table. Then she sat beside me in her pink beautiful couch. We talked with each other. The tea tasted great. It was the first time that I was drinking tea made by her, my love. I wanted to kiss her for that but I could not. I didn’t have that much guts like to kiss.
“The tea really tasted nice.” I winked at her.
“Really? But I don’t think it will taste nicer than I do.” She laughed.
“Huh?” I thought for the better words, then spoke again, “Then, I want to taste you.” I replied naughtily.
“What do you want to taste then? She said.
“Your …. You reckon what I said yesterday, no? I said putting her hair strands behind her ears.
“Yes, yes. Then taste it. What are you looking for? She said pulling me towards her.
I pulled her towards me. Like in my dream, our lips were inch away. We glared at each other. Then she closed her eyes. I also closed my eyes. Our lips met gently. We had our first lip kiss. My left hand was on your waist and my right hand was supporting my whole body resting on the pink couch. We kissed with infinite compassion.
Then I reached her ears and said,” I love you.”
To which she replied, ”I just kissed you as my friend.” And then she laughed.
“I am just joking.” She said.
Then after a short pause, she held my hand, came into my lap and sat there facing me. She came near me. Our lips met again.
Then she naughtily reached my ears and bit it and said, “I love you too, daring.”
We didn’t speak then. Words were not needed for us to talk. Our eyes started chating continuously. We didn’t care about time. Her pink wall clock showed 5.30pm. I needed to go home but I indeed didn’t want to go. I just wanted to kiss her whole night keeping her in my lap. We talked for a while and then we bid good bye.

I woke up at 7 o'clock. I got up and went to the kitchen. My mom gave me tea. Tea was awesome. I loved tea made by my mom. The best tea in my life. The reason behind my good times is that tea. I knew.
I took a sip. Then, my cell phone rang. I picked up my phone. It was from Ashma's friend, Nita.
"Hello." I said.
"Hey, I have got bad news." She replied in anxious voice.
"What?" I asked scared.
"Ashma was hit by bus. Today morning when she went outside to buy vegetables, the bus hit her. She is in hospital now. Come fast."
I was frozen. I could not move. I was still. My love was suffering there. I needed to go fast there. I needed to be there.
I went there. I saw Nita in tears. I ran towards her.
"Hey! How's she now?" I asked.
She said nothing. She was just crying.
"What happen? Is she alright?" I asked.
"She left us. She died." She said in low voice.
I was broken. My heart had left me. How is this possible? She could not leave me like this. She had promised me. How can she break my promise.
I cried. My love was gone. I was still. I couldn't respond. My nerves were responding. My heart was still. I was numb.
Then her family prepared to go for funeral. I saw her body lying there. I couldn't resist my feeling. I went in the corner. I cried.
Everything was ready for funeral. We were heading towards grave. She were carried by men to the funeral.
After a while, someone tapped my shoulder. I looked back. She was there. Yes, she was there. Ashma was there. She looked into my eyes. She held my hands.
"Hey! Why are you crying?" She asked.
I was frozen. She was with me. She was talking to me. I could not say anything. I hugged her. My tears were rolling down my cheeks. Then, something rang.
"What the hell!" I screamed.
"Wake up honey. Come for breakfast." My mom said from kitchen.
"Just a nightmare." I breathe a sigh of relief.
Yes, that was nightmare. The worst nightmare ever. If it had been reality, I would have died. I could not live without her. She was the best thing that had ever happened to me.
I had my breakfast. I prepared to go for my college. I reached there as usual. She was not there. She always used to wait in stationery for me. But today she was not there. Maybe she would be late. I thought. I waited there for her. The class was going to start. I looked my watch. It showed 9.25. Only five minutes for class to begin. I became worried. The nightmare made me more worried about her. Where is she? Why is she not here? Why? I tried her mobile. It was switched off. My anxiety reached the top. I closed my eye and breathe heavily. Someone tapped my shoulder. I opened my eyes. And there, my angel, my love, my heart, my reason to live was standing with a big smile on her face. I became happy to see her. I stood up and hugged her so tightly.
"Hey, everyone is looking." She said.
"I do not care, baby." I said.
Then we went to college. She bid goodbye as we reached her section. I held her hand. I pulled her towards me.
"I love you." I said in her ears.
"I love you, too." She said.
She entered her section and I went to my section.

Love, is the word that I had for her.
And she had for me.
Heart, is the word that I had hers.
And she had mine.
Life, is the word that I am hers.
And she is mine.

They spent their precious time with each other forever. The love they had for each other was so pure. For them, love was everything. They could not leave each other. They loved each other so much that no one in this planet could separate them. There was no any power for them to separate. They believed in each other. Their trust made their love even more unblemished and impeccable. Their love story was immortal.

Author's note

This is the fictional love story. It is simple and awesome. I had great fun writing this love story. I am so much inspired by literature. I love writing and reading books. I hope you guys will enjoy and love reading this short love story that I had written.

I expect that you guys will give me some suggestions to write even more better than this. I hope you guys will appreciate my work.

Enjoy reading!

Anirudh Basukala


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    • Anirudh Basukala profile imageAUTHOR

      Anirudh Basukala 

      3 years ago from Bhaktapur

      thank you very much...

    • profile image

      Rocky Green 

      3 years ago

      keep it up....nice...keep writing

    • profile image

      Raj Duwal 

      3 years ago

      Nice story

    • profile image

      Soloman Tajala 

      3 years ago

      awesome...i like it


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