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Just Really Great Short Stories

Updated on May 19, 2016

Enjoy Reading Great Short Stories?

You have come to the right place for reading some really great short stories. You will find a wonderful selection of popular and compelling short stories waiting for you to enjoy.

Many of us love to read a good book, that is if we have the time available for us to dedicate to the entire story that is being presented for us on the numerous pages that it contains.

With the continuous pace of life around us sometimes it is more appropriate to turn to a short story to fulfil our reading needs.

Over the last few centuries there have been a countless number of short stories produced, some have had historical content, whereas others have had fictional content, either way they have become very popular.

Short Story Collections - These Provided For Me Many Nights of Reading Pleasure

I fully recommend the short stories that you will find in these collections. All of the short stories will inspire your imagination and bring you many hours of reading enjoyment.

Compelling Short Stories - Reading Short Stories Will Inspire Your Imagination

Looking Into the Eyes of an Orang-utan

Our expedition party had finally arrived at the location that we had been directed to find. It was deep in the jungle and after we had travelled by jeep for nearly half of the way, we knew that the remainder of our long journey would have to be covered on foot.

Climbing down from our dusty jeeps, we first of all stopped to refresh ourselves with the water that we were carrying. The temperature was in the high nineties and the humidity level was also very high.

This meant that our forearms were constantly covered by a shimmering surface of water and so were our clothes, which made it appear as if we were covered in perspiration.

A short way along the jungle path we were met by our local guide, who had been specifically assigned to our party for this expedition. He was a very friendly, smiling individual with a big round shiny face and a similar shaped body to match.

His name was Lopi and he constantly chattered away to himself, even when he was not talking to us. He had spent most of his life, living in this jungle area and knew it like the back of his hand.

He greeted us all warmly and checked that everyone was alright and that we were all feeling fit enough to make the rest of our journey. Indicating our confirmation to him that we were, we then began to proceed on foot.

As we walked through the jungle on what Lopi called well defined paths, which it was apparent only he could clearly see, we would occasionally see large snakes hanging down from the trees.

And even as we were walking, we could detect the glistening backs of the snakes as they passed across the path at our feet. Lopi said that we did not need to worry a lot, because the snakes would only try to wrap themselves around our legs if we stopped moving forwards.

This was obviously his way of making sure that we kept on walking and moving forward at the speed that he decided upon. There were seven of us in total with Lopi and we all followed his directions intently.

We finally came to a clearing where there was a small wooden hut; Lopi told us that this was the end of our walking and that we could wash our hands and refresh ourselves inside his hut.

He used the hut for keeping tools and supplies close to where he did most of his work, which was, apart from being a guide, the person who feed the Orang-utans that inhabited this part of the jungle.

After we had all refreshed ourselves, we went outside and Lopi told us all to keep very quiet, he then proceeded to make an immense amount of noise, calling into the dense jungle for the Orang-utans to feed.

He whispered to us that the Orang-utans could detect if there was any danger to them by the different sounds that they could hear all around them, but he had learnt to communicate with them and keep them calm.

Slowly we heard the sound of slight movement in the trees above us and we peered into the dark green foliage of the jungle, but without any idea as to exactly where we were supposed to be looking.

Then over my shoulder I saw a tiny movement of the leaves of a tree, I turned and found myself looking into the eyes of an Orang-utan. Then it just reached forward and took the banana from my pocket that Lopi had given to me earlier.

Peeling it immediately, the Orang-utan took a bite and then offered it to me to have some. Lopi had told us that they would care for there family members in this way and for some reason the Orang-utan thought I was one of its family members.

For the whole time there was eye to eye contact between us and I would have sworn that the Orang-utan was looking deep into my soul. A truly once in a lifetime amazing experience, which I know will stay firmly in my mind forever and so will the image of the eyes of that Orang-utan.

Discover the Secrets of the Night

You would be surprised if you knew what the secrets of the night were. Under the cover of darkness and while most of our world is asleep, there are secret things happening. Come with us and discover the secrets of the night now.

You are lying awake in your bed with the tingling feeling of a sleepless night. Flickering shadows fill the room, from the movement of the moths on your window that are captured in the half moonlight.

As you peer into the half light of your room you can just manage to see the trail of clothes that you had removed one by one on your way to the bed in the hope that sleep would follow.

In the distance can be heard the mournful sound of a train whistle from the late night express. And you can just perceive the liquid fingers of the gentle summer rain that runs down your window.

You make a decision to get up, walk to the window and to look out. You are greeted by the sight of the tiny lights of the fireflies that are filling the air. You watch their constant movement, mesmerised for a moment by the way they dart here and there.

As you open your window the sweet aroma of the jasmine and rosemary enters into your room and just seems to drift through the air all around you. The smell is quite intoxicating and it makes you feel a little bit lightheaded. Or maybe that is due to the lack of sleep.

Your eyes are now becoming much more adjusted to the night light and you start to look further out into the darkness. The big trees are casting strange shadows across the land, which gives them a life like movement of people walking in the night. The rain seems to have stopped now.

There is an almost caressing breeze blowing through your hair, as you lean further out of the window to try to see deeper into the darkness and to discover more of the night’s secrets. And it is not that long before yet more secrets are revealed to you.

You watch totally spellbound as you see an owl swoop down and pick up a small rodent from the ground, with the only sound being the swish of the owl’s wings as it flies away.

As if disturbed by the movement a small frog jumps across a dry stoned area, looking for any water that it may be able to find. Its back glistens in the moonlight as it progresses along the ground.

You hear the noise of something foraging in the bushes just below your window and suddenly what emerges almost makes your heart stop. It is the head of a large snake, its eyes flashing bright green in the darkness.

You hesitate, but in the next moment the snake has slithered away and all that you manage to see is its tail disappearing into the long grass. It was obviously more frightened of you, deciding to get away quickly.

After such excitement you need to drink some water to help you to calm your nerves. Picking up a small bottle, from your table, you drink deeply and enjoy the refreshing taste of water that has come from the mineral springs.

You instantly realise exactly what nature brings to your life, giving you a constant flow of pleasurable memories that lift your spirit and offer you hope for the future.

To think that you could have slept, without even knowing any of these things were happening, but now you are very glad that you were able to discover the secrets of the night.

Reading Will Inspire Your Imagination And Bring You Great Enjoyment

Recommended Reading

The Art of Short Story Writing

How To Be A Writer That People Want To Read

You can be a very good writer, but if you don't provide for your readers exactly what they are interested in reading you would have put a lot of effort into producing many pieces of work that hardly anyone will ever see. Discover right now, how to be a writer that people want to read.

Just think for a moment about why it is that people read; it is to acquire a better understanding, to gain more knowledge, to find out the latest trends, to keep up with the news, to be motivated or for them just to discover how to do something and there are many more reasons.

In other words, they are looking for different interests to be fulfilled and they will read the short stories that have titles and descriptions that relate to their interest.

Only by providing information, knowledge and facts that will satisfy all your reader's needs, can you be sure that they will want to read most of your work over and over again.

So, how can you be a writer that people will want to read? What is it that you need to do to make it happen?

The Things That People Want To Read

As a writer, take your readers to the places that they have never visited before and may never get the chance to visit.

Inspire your readers with imaginative stories that create for them a very different world than the one that they know.

Motivate your readers with words that will lift their spirits and help them to rise above their personal storms.

Describe for your readers the incredible wonders of nature, the animals, birds, reptiles, insects, plants and landscapes.

Take your readers to the depths of the ocean, or the far reaches of outer space, so that they can know and understand it all better.

Writing Style

But, it is not just the subject and content that is important. If you want your readers to continue to keep coming back to read your work you will need to also think about the writing style that you use.

Write with enthusiasm by putting your feelings and emotions into all of your writing, use words that inspire and that will really create an interest in what you are writing.

Write the text in short sentences and paragraphs so that it is easier on the eye of the reader and so that it will retain their interest.

Use subtitles and paragraph headings where it is appropriate to make it very clear for the reader exactly what it is that you want to convey.

Don't use a lot of unnecessary words or expressions that will cause the reader to either, misunderstand what you are trying to say, or to totally lose interest in the subject that you are writing about.

And above all write as if you are having a conversation with the readers, don't make it a one way dialogue that only fulfils your needs and in so doing neglects the needs of the readers.

Always enjoy your writing.

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    • profile image

      Dan481 3 years ago

      Nice selection. Poe is one of my favorites.

    • KandH profile image

      KandH 4 years ago

      I love short stories and the great tips you've given on the art of writing short stories - thanks for sharing!

    • Ram Ramakrishnan profile image

      Ram Ramakrishnan 5 years ago

      An interesting collection.

    • Vikk Simmons profile image

      'Vikk Simmons 5 years ago from Houston

      I've always wondered why so many writers fail to appreciate and embrace the short story and are so content to flail about in their novels for so many years trying to learn. Great list.

    • profile image

      moonlitta 6 years ago

      It takes talent to say much in just few lines- this is the best about short stories!

    • UKGhostwriter profile image

      UKGhostwriter 6 years ago

      What a fanastic selection

    • profile image

      WorldVisionary 6 years ago

      Love these lists - it's fun to have a starting place for great reading.