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Your Conscience Speaks

Updated on October 21, 2014

Your Conscience Speaks

Walking along a dark and what I assumed to be a desolate wasteland I wander along a path that lays before me, as I continue down it dawns on me, “am I awake or am I dreaming? I can barely see what lays ahead as I inch forward in an uncertain manner, carefully treading ahead with each step, I can only just make out bits of the path as my eyes will allow me. As I continue this path a familiar sound bursts suddenly, a loud crack in the sky above lights up what lays before me, long strings of light whip down beside both sides of the path I am travelling along. Without a second thought I continue along until again, a burst in the sky like an explosion breaks out and again I am greeted along the path by whips of light cracking down beside the path! Continuing along I start to realise my appearance has changed, my attire is different to what I know I would not normally choose. Another burst in the sky breaks out exploding across the dark and eerie night and this time its as if these whips of light split into four and light up what appears to be four torches in the middle of a crossroad. I am not far from my destination now with only minutes before I reach the centre of the crossroad. Striding now towards the centre of the crossroad I can see these ancient looking torches like something used in the days of old such as the medieval times. They are made what appears to be iron or steel with each having its own distinct mark to differentiate between the next.

Finally I stand in the middle of the crossroad with only my thoughts and the four torches a flame that surround me. As I take a minute to explore the area with my eyes I remember that my appearance is not as I know it. My eyes display a different version of myself that I remember as I glaze over my new found clothes covering my body. From what I can see these new clothes are all black like something out of a sci-fi movie and everyone seems to now be conformed to this new style. My black laced boots with silver metal tips reflect the light from the torches, black leather pants hug against me like a child not wanting to let you go before you walk out the door for work, the black leather trenchcoat that wraps around me partly opened at the top which displays a bare upper physique which wears a permanently marked symbol of some sort, almost like an emblem or coat of arms that represents who you are or where you originate from and last but not least my jet black shoulder length hair now has what seems to be two distinct red lines which form the sides around my face. Something must be messing with me, I know that this can not be me. Have I a life that I have just woken up from? Is this the dream my reality has come to escape to at night? Whatever this is I get the feeling the answer to my questions its on its way.

Making its way towards me in the distance there seems to be what looks like an aged man, whom seems like wisdom flows off his woolen and silver lined head with perfectly matching facial hair. He is clothed in what appears to be a white robe similar to what you would see civilisations wearing from biblical times. As he approaches nearer you can tell by his eyes that he is a man who has lived and seen much life but shows no outward imperfections from aging. Not far from where I stand, he is now only a few feet away from me and he says, “I see you have made it here on time”. Were you expecting me I ask? I have been expecting you for a long time, he answers.

The start of this conversation is somewhat puzzling to me as I am sure I have never met this man before. I take a moment to process the beginning stages of this and wonder why this man has been expecting me. So like most people I ask the age old question, “Do I know you”? Yes he says, we know each other quite well. This has me puzzled, I am standing in what looks like a desolate wasteland, in the middle of a crossroad where the only companions are four torches providing light like the sun lights half the earth on a summers day and I have a man in front of me whom I've never met telling me he knows me, do I live a double life I am unaware of? How do I know you? I ask. I am a part of you, he replies, I am your conscience. Now I know I'm dreaming unless my imagination has lead me to an institution where secret surveillance of me is being recorded and all they can see is me talking to myself. Either way I am curious as to why I would cross paths with an aged man claiming to be my conscience. I go to ask another question but he stops me and says, “ I understand you have many questions but we don't have much time, we are here because this is a place where we can discuss our future. He has my attention and I am asking myself, what is wrong with my future? He continues, as you may be aware your appearance has changed somewhat and from the look you have it has confused you as to why you are in the clothing here before me. I nod my head towards him in agreeance. Lets start with your boots, they are silver tipped and able to reflect as it so often does, like a mirror on a wall, this represents reflection. This is something all people must do in order to get to where they want to go in life, it shows us who we are and reveals our inner selves through our outward appearance. Take a closer look into the tip of your boots and tell me what you see. I look into the silver tips of my boots to discover something that had not registered to me the first time round, I had no face, just two glazed marbled looking balls in the spot where your eyes should be. What has happened to me I ask? My conscience replies, you are in a stage of your life where you are uncertain of the man you want to be, your face has not taken shape as you are still questioning the man you want to become. This makes me curious about some of the other features but before I get the chance to ask my Conscience continues.

You will notice that you have what appears like two red lines that part at the front of your face, taking the shape of your unformed face, this represents blood. I ponder on this and wonder why this represents something so morbid. My Conscience goes on, blood can signify many things, family bloodlines, common expressions and even death, what it signifies for you is your future bloodline, what is the legacy that you want to pass on to your own bloodline? Even after death what will live on after you are gone? At this stage I am even more curious why this is happening and the message behind what my Conscience is saying.

My Conscience continues on to the permanently marked symbol embedded on my chest. As you will notice there is what appears some type of emblem embedded on you, this represents your family line, its past, present and future. You will notice that the number eight has been inscribed into this emblem, the number eight represents, new beginnings. What this means for you is quite simple, do you want a new beginning or do you want to continue down the path of your families past, present and future? Do you feel like there is a change that needs to occur? Do you need to become the man you're uncertain of or the man you will certainly be if you take that path?

Lastly you will notice that you are covered in black attire, which represents the darkness in your mind. You constantly battle within yourself, you doubt the change you are capable of and you spend too much time questioning, you wrestle with the thought that you deserve more in your life. As your Conscience I am here to let you know, you are worth more than you know, you have the ability to create a legacy that others will admire and you can be proud of. The only thing is, in the end, its up to you. We all fall into dark places in our lives, but there is always a light that reaches out ready to pull us up when we are down.

I take a few minutes to ponder on what my Conscience has just described to me in regards to my appearance, the words of wisdom he has expressed and how this all applies to my life. I can see in his eyes that he cares enough to bring me to this desolate place to explain some things I'm not sure I was ready for, but happened anyway. There is one thing that hasn't been explained yet and still puzzles me slightly, so I ask, why have we met here? Why in the middle of a crossroad? My Conscience explains it simply, this is the part of your mind where you will actually listen to me, the one place that I can reason with you to make sure you choose carefully. This crossroad represents the place in your mind where you understand that you have a choice to make, like this crossroad there are a few different paths that you can take. Ultimately, which path will you follow to give you the life you feel that you deserve to have? Each torch represents a different choice that only you know which path it leads down, so make sure you choose the one you will be proud of.

This has certainly been an awakening to me but of course I am still struggling to come to terms with how real this all feels. My Conscience then turns to me and says, our time has come for us to part now, I trust that you will choose a path soon enough but before I go I just want to say, not everything here is at it appears. Before I get a chance to ask what he means the ground beneath me caves in and I start to fall. Arrrgrgggghhhhhh, I awake in a cold sweat sitting upright in my bed, its still night and distant rumbles in the sky appears to have blown over. I wipe my face in my pillow, get onto my feet and go to the bathroom. Turning on the light as I walk in I look into the mirror to see my face, my eyes, ears, nose, mouth and my hair is back to its original short brown self. Splashing my face under the cool running water from the faucet I pat my face and head back to bed. I start to dwell on what had happened in my dream, I think about my life thus far and question myself, “Am I really doing all I can”? What do I need to change in order to get to where I want to be? Is my life one that I can be proud of? Before I return to sleep I vow to myself one thing, when morning comes and the new day arises, I will be certain of this one thing for my life. I know which part of the road I want to choose, I know now why my conscience chose to meet in my dream, why he showed me what I needed to see, what I need to do and the change I need to make. If there is one thing I will do before I die its this, I want to leave a legacy! What will you choose?


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