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The Filipino-American Kitchen: Traditional Recipes, Contemporary Flavors

Updated on April 22, 2013

Cookbook Philippines

This is a short review of The Filipino-American Kitchen: Traditional Recipes, Contemporary Flavors. As the title suggests it's a cookbook that presents a modern interpretation of traditional Filipino recipes. A kitchen that has brought us many delicious dishes. It's a great book Filipino's who want to give their traditional succes dishes a twist or for Americans who haven't cooked Asian food before ever but really want to master a few of the great dishes. This Philippines cookbook contains over 100 recipes both new recipes and classics that every Filippino will recognize.

What's in the Cook Book?

As mentioned before there are over 100 Philippine recipes. Recipes that you will recognize from the traditional Filippo kitchen or from the highly acclaimed restaurant that the Author used to run in Chicago. The book starts with the history of the Phiippines and how their kitchen was shaped. Then there is a overview of ingrediënts and where they can be ordered both online and in stores. This is followed by no less then 10 chapters of recipes.

Reviewer's opinion on the cookbook

Since I'm a huge fan of Asian cuisine and the Filippino cuisine is no exception I might be slightly biased but in my experience this is a great cookbook. Most of the recipes are truly delicious - I recommend the adobo recipes and the but they are quite easy to prepare as well. The great thing about this book is that because there are many recipes that are modern adaptations of the more traditional Filippino kitchen the ingrediënts are widely available.

This cookbook is very nicely illustrated and it's a real challenge to make your dishes look as delicious as the pictures in here.

All in all I give this Philippines Cookbook a 8 and recommend it to everyone who loves Asian food. It can also make a great gift.

Do You Like Filippo Cuisine?

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