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Which is the best media for books: Paper, Digital or Audio?

Updated on August 17, 2014

For me, they all have their own special attraction.

There is nothing like the feel of a paper book as you hold that next page between your fingers anticipating the moment when you can turn to the next page to see what is awaiting discovery. The musky smell of an old classic or the aroma of wood and ink wafting from new print is generally comforting for many people. Your concentration applied to a fictional story helps to make it personal and real. You see the characters thru the descriptions given by the author, but the details are all yours. Have you ever read a book and then when it was made into a movie you were surprised at the casting choice. Although, the character’s basic discretion matched, you envisioned the character as taller, thinner or more spirited?

For others, a digital book is the way to go. You can read on your cell phone, computer, or favorite e-reader devise. You can often pick up different devices and continue where you left off. You still get to interpret the scenes and characters thru your mind’s eye just like a paper book but you have the convenience of diversity of deliverance. Say, you forget your paper book at home, now what are you going to do? But if you read a digital copy, you can log in thru almost any electronic device and pick up right where you left off. This is extremely convenient for someone who has limited time to read. If you prefer to view the written word and you only have ten minutes here and twenty minutes there, then this is a nice option.

Then there is the audio book which offers the convenience of the digital book. However, for some the audio book lacks the personalization of the paper book. Some people may feel that the interpretation is not done by you but by the narrator. Still for others, the audio book brings the story to life just like listening to a movie. The narrator can effortlessly clarify what may have been a confusing segment. For books which have long and unusual character names, it can be helpful to hear those names spoken out loud. It can be a time saver to listen to a book. You can multi-task which is something that you cannot efficiently do when you are reading the written word. The audio book can be soothing and relaxing too. Think about it, who doesn’t love to be told a story?

Really, what the matter comes down to is personal preference, time allowed, availability and cost. Some people prefer one media over any other and refuse to try another method. Someone else may have access to a certain media and therefore that is their delivery method. Of course, there are those who do embrace all three methods. They may feel that a good story is a good story no matter the delivery method.


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