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County Road Four by Author Edward J. Baker

Updated on August 24, 2017

Edward J. Baker's First of Many, County Road Four

County Road Four is most likely one of the best novels to be written and released in late 2011.

The story takes a nostalgic look into the late 70's during the time of the Viet Nam Draft and the first major push for greater education. The story begins on the final day of Spring Break, when a couple of innocent kids decide to drink a couple bootleg beers on a deserted and deadly stretch of country road. Follow Steve, Susan and Mark as thy approach graduation, adulthood and a unique journey along the legendary County Road Four.

For those of us that where part of the 70's this book will bring back memories. Memories of violent school bullies during 'initiation', fast cars, and the ability to break the law and get away with it are just a couple of things that will make you want to read on. For those of you that where there grab this book and take a slow ride back to your roots and reminisce.

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As of late 2012 Edward J. Baker's super racy blast from the past novel received a brand new cover!

Tell us what you think of it or the book in the comments section.

County Road Four - An Amazing First Novel - by Edward J. Baker

Edward J. Baker's first novel County Road Four became available on Amazon in December of 2011 and will possibly become one of the best books of 2012!

County Road 4
County Road 4

I just love it when I start reading a book and realize, "WOW, this one is a keeper!" (and if you read much, you unfortunately KNOW this doesn't happen very often.) One reviewer called this a love story and its true.

This book is a fast paced drag race through the late 70's. It is filled with elements that are sure to have you reminisce about the days when you where young.


Edward J. Baker

"I invite you to take the cruise along County Road Four."

Author Edward J. Baker
Author Edward J. Baker

The Author, Edward J. Baker

"Just the beginning."

Edward Baker is a racing enthusiast, and restorer of old muscle cars. His writing comes from his experiences as a young man in the hot rod racing scenes, and County Road 4 is what Ed calls, "Just the beginning."

Edward J. Baker, author, has lived in southern Michigan his entire life. Living in a broken home with an alcholic father and being the youngest of seven children, Edward has had many life experiences.

Having to deal with peer pressure and shool bullies in his life drove him to become a car aficionado. It was something that he could do to take his mind off of everyday stresses and just be himself. It is because of his early descision in life to work on cars that led him to become a 'body repair expert' for many years.

It was not until a few years before County Road Four was published that he was let go from his job in an automotive body shop due to corporate downsizing. After Baker lost his job he decided that at 55 years old there where not too many job opprotunities avaliable to him so he began his new career as a writer.

County Road Four's Elements for Success

Because I write many things, I read like a writer would. As I read I keep in mind great examples of important story writing elements, such as the following examples...


--Painting a vivid picture of County Road Four--

You may recognize this passage if you've read the book. It is Terry Benchley's first appearance in the novel as he is getting ready to go to the bank.

"...He rolled the door open to the storage barn he built to house his many collectibles. Disconnecting the battery charger he had hooked up last night while he sneaked a cigar and double scotch, he closed the hood on the midnight black 1972 Plymouth Roadrunner. With so many things clouding his mind lately, he spent much more time out there tinkering with his toys. Collecting cars was an interesting hobby, perfect for one who owned a once very successful collision repair shop. This vehicle was the newest addition to his collection, so the eighty some miles he would drive today would not affect the value. This particular car, one of the last big block Roadrunners built in Detroit was a virgin addition that would only increase in value. Terry had purchased this car new in the late fall of seventy-one. Upon hearing the roar of the big block engine, he motored to the street and started his journey to the bank in Jackson, roughly a forty-mile drive north of Oakdale. He allowed himself plenty of time in case of encountering further unexpected problems to follow his current unlucky streak. The weather appeared perfect for a leisurely cruise in the powerful machine...."

-County Road Four by Edward J. Baker


--What will happen next?--

Like most novels the chapters in this book do not end the same way. Here is a suspenseful passage from County Road Four that ends the first chapter and makes you want to read more. What do you think happened?

"As he drove out of the lazy and winding curves into the clear stretch of swampy lowlands, he noticed a black line of fierce lightning filled storm clouds rolling across Big Bear Lake. Wow, this is gonna be a big one, he thought as he closed his window, pulled the headlight switch and activated the windshield wipers. Slowing to a safer speed of fifty-five miles-an-hour, he considered stopping to wait out the storm, but his two young sons waited for him at home and he could not disappoint them. Of all the mistakes his pas held, he would never do anything to dishearten Mike and Joey.

Just a he visualized the dangerous curve sign through the extremely heavy downpour, in a tenth of a second, there was a deafening blast followed by an overpowering and uncontrollable tearing at the steering wheel. "

- County Road Four by Edward J. Baker


-- The characters are not just characters --

Although it is a shout passage you really get an in depth look into character of Seve's brother Jim(J.D.)

"Twenty-one-year-old Jim, known to most as J.D. rambled aimlessly down the road, radio cranked, and as usual on a Friday night, half tanked from alcohol and beer. This was his life for nearly five years, since their father died of prostate cancer in 1970.

Jim wheeled up to the parked cars, nearly scraping the rear of the Chevy II. "What the hell? That piece of junk won't start again?"

Steve and Mark could see Jim had again spent too much time at the Night Owl Bar. It had become common for him to take a drive after last call to finish the six-pack-to-go order."

- County Road Four by Edward J. Baker

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County Road Four Gets an Updated Cover

County Road Four Gets an Updated Cover
County Road Four Gets an Updated Cover

This book is sure to get you motivated into building some old muscle cars of your own. If you are interested be sure to check out the '84 Mercury Capri - Foxbody Project page. If you are interested in building up a little more of a vintage muscle car be sure to look into the 1970 Ford Maverick - Street Strip Build page.

County Road Four - Notes and Feedback - We are always interested in what you have to say.

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