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Crazy For Her

Updated on January 9, 2013

A Short Detective Story With Lesbians From Megan Rose Gedris

Megan Rose Gedris is the author and artist of two successful and original webcomics - Yu Me and LPFOS (I was kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates From Outer Space), plus various other oddities and writings. This short story is a spinoff from LPFOS. LPFOS is basically what it sounds like - a girl gets kidnapped by lesbian pirates and taken off into space. Hijnks ensue. It's very much a parody of the 1950's pulp paperback novels and comics, which featured aliens, lesbians and pirates in varios prominent and dreadful ways.

Crazy For Her is a 'steamy' 1959 Detective story following Ursula ( a minor character from Earth in the beginning of LPFOS) and her search for her missing friend and fellow office worker, Susie (who of course was kidnapped by Lesbian Alien Pirates and became A Main Character).

It's not free - the story is a fundraiser for the artist, and requires a Paypal donation. How much? At LEAST a dollar - Paypal fees will eat it up otherwise, and this is an entire short story of thirty fou pages and thirty five illustrations that has been written and drawn for you. If you're skint, ah well, if not, please support the artist? So that I may continue to have webcomics?

You can download and donate from this page - first on the right.

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Buy Lesban Pirates From Outer Space - Publisher: Platinum Studios (2008)

Illustrations! - Over thirty five pictures from the hand of Megan Rose Gedris!

Ursula - preview of Crazy For Her
Ursula - preview of Crazy For Her
Crazy For Her - Book Cover by rosalarian (Megan Rose Gedris)
Crazy For Her - Book Cover by rosalarian (Megan Rose Gedris)

Writing! An Excerpt From 'Crazy For Her'

Thirty Four Pages of Story!

She looked at him with her smoky eyes, set in a round, striking face framed by fiery red hair. "I need your help, Mr. DeWald," she said in a voice husky from either cigarettes or crying. He guessed it was both.

DeWald glanced at his reflection in the glass fish tank in the corner, making sure his hair looked okay. He regretted his five o'clock shadow, and couldn't do anything about his hawkish nose, but he still cut a pretty impressive figure. "For a dame like you, anything," he replied. "Spill. What's your story?"

The woman opened her white clutch purse, and pulled out a photograph. DeWald took it from her perfectly manicured but shortly trimmed fingers. It was a young woman, with bright eyes, dark silky hair, and a slightly upturned nose.

"Cute," he said. "Who is she?"

The woman hesitated, but only for a moment. A lesser dick might not have even noticed, and DeWald acted as if he was a lesser dick. "She's my sister," she said. "Her name is Susan Bell."

"Susan Bell, eh? Didn't I see her in the papers? Went missing a while back." DeWald specifically remembered that Bell had been the only child of her widower father, and this girl looked nothing like her, but he kept that to himself.

The redhead bit her plump lower lip nervously and nodded. "I need you to find her."

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Video Trailer for 'I Was Kidnapped By Lesbian Pirates From Outer Space' - LPFOS to music, from Rosalarian

Music by Los Derrumbes.

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YU+ME: dream Volume 1

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Crossed Genres - Other published wriing and illustration

Crossed Genres Issue 12: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer
Crossed Genres Issue 12: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer

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Crossed Genres Issue 3: Romance
Crossed Genres Issue 3: Romance

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