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The Illustory, From Creations by You. Best Gift for Children.

Updated on February 17, 2023
LornsA178 profile image

Homeschooled mom for few years. This is one of our projects during homeschooling.

Children's Writing Kit

Best Gift For Young Author

Are you looking for a gift that will last forever? A gift that will create memories for your child? How about giving your little writer something that he/she can keep and cherish the rest of his/her life? A gift that will create memories and will build your child's confidence. What if that gift is something that could be published? Illustory from "Creations by You" is the answer.

When our child was very little, she loved having a notebook and a pen. She enjoys scribbling, writing and drawing things. My daughter always wanted to draw tiny people, things and places . She wrote stories of princess, super heroes, imaginary friend, and many others.

Few years ago, when she was around 7 years old; our family decided to have Christmas at our home for the first time. It has always been at my sister-in-law's home. My daughter was so excited of the idea and very much anticipated the joy of being around family. She decided on writing a story about the occasion. Indeed, we had the first best Christmas ever in our home. That joyous gathering was on her young mind and she could not stop thinking about it. She composed a story about our first Christmas at home.

We were looking for a writing pad and a nice notebook that she can transfer her story. We came across this very creative tool, the Illustory by "Creations by You." This is very good for children who love to draw and make stories at the same time. My child was so thrilled thinking that her work will be published. She always talked about having her own book published and being read by kids in the library. To her, this is a dream come true. (We still have the book, did not reach the library yet. LOL!).

Illustory is so easy to use. Everything is in the box. All the things needed to write a book are all there. Our daughter was so inspired to write her first book. What joy it was when she got her copy of the book with her name on it as the author.

The Materials For Writing

How It Works?

Your child could choose between the two methods:

1. Mail-In Production:

Where a child can write his/her story on the pages provided. There is a space on every pages for their drawings. The kit includes: instructions, story planner, 20 book pages, 2 cover pages, 10 washable markers, order form, complete cost to make a standard book and postage-paid envelope.

2. Internet Production:

Your child can work on the internet by going to - you'll help him/her to create an account. Just follow the instructions provided. My daughter used this method and uploaded some photos she needed for the project. It is more faster and very convenient.


Book cover page

Story Page...

The Finished Product

My daughter was so proud having her book "published." She's been showing them to her grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. She dedicated the book to: Mom and Dad and to the rest of the family. It has been few years since her book was "published," and it has been a part of our Christmas gatherings. Thanks to "Creations by You." Her book made us remember that first Christmas party at our home. It also part of our Christmas attractions. It's on our coffee table every Christmas season.

The book reminded us also of one of our special guests that year, our dear grandma Chick, she left us on Memorial day. She was 93 years old. Our daughter miss her grandma so much. My family lives in the Philippines and grandma Chick was the only grandma she had here. It was a blessing that my daughter made this book before grandma passed away. We will always remember her every time we open my daughter's book. How fun it was during our first Christmas together at our home.

Illustory was one of the greatest gifts our child had. I am sure that every family have their own little artists and story tellers. Illustory is a great tool for them. Remember that their work will be" published" too! Have a great day!

Inside The Book

The Dedication Page

The Story Begins

Illustory a gift for a lifetime.... - Creations by you...

© 2011 Lorna


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