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creative philosophy; the main objective of the writer

Updated on October 13, 2016

My first discovery of the miracle

To live for the sake of dream. The most sacred, the most desired. Do not believe in fairy-tales, but believe the dreams. The dreams which are so far away, entirely unreal. To feel the reality, experience the implementation of illusory fantasies, to see the light and move forward.

My wild dream is writing. About everything. The creation. At the very thought of the creation, the sensation of freedom and unprecedented lightness overwhelms me. The thoughts and emotions are reflected on paper. Moreover, there is no strength left to restrain an impulse. To prove to yourself, to feel the reality. I turn the page and continue my writing.

The sense, feelings, inspiration, experience, creative imagination found their application and were transferred to the white paper, saturated with the color and paint palette as well as the scent of a favorite perfume. Composing is so daring, writing is a genuine art. To discover the person inside who is not afraid of emotions. To see the silhouettes, to watch their movement, emerging constantly into the world, which can drop a bombshell and become special. To create the text filled with delicacy, uniqueness and a fascinating storyline. To be able to say without words, to get the message across to the reader, to discover your own style of writing.

Once I took a sheet of paper and a pen with black ink and tried to write. Going behind my thoughts, I tried to capture the main, essential point. The very essence. I really have something to tell about. Lines followed lines easily, from page to page. The first creation, flushed with the whole range of emotions, possessed its own energetics, expressed sincerity. It has become my first discovery of the miracle.

To see the familiar life from the height of new sensations and impressions. To create and perform. To find the ways of self-expression, to find them among supposedly simple objects; it’s even somewhat trivial.

To find and convert into the art. The small story, having found its route, is capable of heeling, move closer to the hope. I always considered that the primary objective of the writer is the creation of a narrative of the story. Only the years later, having fallen into the writer persona, I could realize how important it was to feel, sense every detail and clearly define the borders between the reality and the fancy. To live through the lives of the others, to leave the traces in the fates of the others. Not at all, the creation of the masterpiece - that is the main objective of the writer.

To be beyond the scope, in the heart of it all and timeless. To submerge into the depth and fly up high to the sky light. The little miracle where everyone will find something peculiar, will want to change relying upon the confidence of success. For me, the discovery of the miracle has come along with the possibility: to speak, to express my opinion, to be the part of the many destinies, to reflect our inner world and help to understand that we are capable of creating something new and that one must struggle for happiness every day. Our duty is to know how to be happy, even being given half a chance. To percept the world with a fresh approach.

The search of the possibilities to express yourself through the art with the purpose of showing your uniqueness, to feel yourself unique. To allow yourself to suspend the run a little bit, to dip into the artistic condition to a depth of thoughts for an instant. To feel the surge of happiness and preserve the sensation that you are unique. To live with the hope to plan the future, to return to the past, to reach the peaks of success and always strive for the sense.

Austrian philosopher Viktor Frankl, having finished the school of psychoanalysis, came to the conclusion that the main driving motive of the personality is the striving for the sense.

And this is true, since the man lives with the comprehension of his reason for existence. The living is always full of the reason.

The creation helps me to entrench myself in the complicated course of life, to recover poise, acting as the creator; to sense the significance of each impulse capable of changing everything, effecting, assigning a specific meaning to each small thing.

To try to define the true values. To get out a message and emotions, to always live with the hope.

Turning over the leaves of the album with the old photographs I come back to the past. Without trying to change anything I get a glimpse of the future, I continue to strive.

To create something new. The thoughts scatter because of the read lines. Each word and each action has its meaning. To leave your own imprint.

Turning around constantly, not to be complacent, to move forward. To turn the tide of the events, to charge the living with the sensation of happiness and enjoyment.

You are right here, right now.


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