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Ideas For Creatively Writing Techniques - How To Write About Creative Articles

Updated on June 18, 2012

Creative Writing Ideas

Creative writing is the talk inside your head that you write down on paper, so that the written speech or written words can be read and heard again.

There are many creative writing techniques one can use in writing. The main creative idea is the words you use in what you write about. These words should be grammatically correct.

Many writers overlook this writing technique only to be haunted by it later. Brushing up in English grammar or the grammar of the language you want to use in writing is an important factor.

Write quality things and you'll get yourself quality and dedicated readers.

What Is Creative Writing?

Creative Writing Skills

These are the creative writing skills you can use to perfect your creative writing exercises:

  • Writing a fresh and original point of view is very good for your writing style
  • Whatever it is you write about, let your readers feel the natural speech sound in your creative writing. Don't think that you are writing for readers you can't see, instead write for readers who are human, even though some of them may be reading from online.
  • Words picture is another great creative writing skill you can adopt. Words picture are exact, full of strength and fresh, letting your readers see the picture of what you describe in their mind eyes.
  • A sense of humor in your creative writing cannot be over-emphasize. Too much joke will make your readers not to take you seriously. Lighten your readers spirit by writing in a friendly but natural speech sound flow.
  • Creative writing topics should be something that is more thoughtful and interesting. The written topic should be better than natural tone of voice because you are able to gather your thoughts and write them in a more organize way.

How To Do Creative Writing

The length of your sentence when writing creatively is one of the major qualities of writing. The rhythm of your written speech should flow naturally.

If you want your readers to read your written down speech from beginning to end, you have to know how to write a well arranged sentences that is orderly, because your readers don't have the time to read each and every word you write. They hardly have time to read or skim through the writing. All the readers want is the points.

Let your creative writing be interesting for readers to read. Let it be clear and comprehensive.

I want to write about sentence length again here. The length of your sentence will greatly depend on your creative writing ideas you are expressing. Using short sentences to write will make your readers to read and understand everything you write.

Creative Writing Techniques Books

Short Sentences in Creative Writing

Whether you want to do online creative writing or just write creatively for your offline readers, it is better to know how to make a short but compelling writing that can grasp the attention of your readers.

It is said that short sentences carry a sense of wisdom as the writer can express only the main points.

Have you ever read a thriller fiction that was tensed and full of suspense? If you check it out you'll find out that short sentences were used in such narrative.

When a creative writer writes to express ideas and not just write volumes for the sake of writing, such writing are simple and easy for readers to understand. The writing fits the thoughts that the writer is communicating.


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    • myforgottenpen profile image

      myforgottenpen 6 years ago


      I'm not sure that there's any specific way to write creatively. There are tips and rules, however, rules are often broken for the sake of literary style.

      I do like short sentences, though. Simple writing can be very, very good. As of recently it's been very apparent in my own writing.