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Unique and Original Custom Poetry

Updated on November 3, 2014

Custom Poetry, Wedding Vows or Wedding Speeches

Here are a few creative snippets of poetry that may come in handy for various situations.

If you like the poetic ideas in this hub, MyFairLadyah can create a poetic work that's unique and personal for you. Have her write your custom wedding vows, poetry to deliver as a wedding speech or for a marriage proposal.

Your custom poetry doesn't have to be about a wedding either! If you give her a topic and/or the name of a recipient she'll create an original poem. Mother's/Father's Day, Birthday, Graduation, Retirement, Success, Whatever!

A custom poem makes a great gift too!

A Tribute for John

For example, say you want to raise a toast to your good friend John who just published his first novel. Your poem for John may turn out as:

John is a likeable fellow

His mood is serene and mellow

If you follow him 'round

He's sure to astound

When he shows you his house is all yellow

On Wedding Genevieve

You are marrying Genevieve who is the love of your heart. Here's what you might say at the altar.

I love thee dearly Genevieve

You never try to me deceive

Thus to thee I give this ring

For you, my heart, are the real thing

For the Bride and Groom that Both Like Horses

If the Bride and Groom are Equestrians, this verse may do the trick especially if they come to the altar on horseback!

Galloping we come to the altar

Our mounts do not stumble or falter

We shall both be blest

By the Lord's behest

Cause we lead with a gentle halter

Appreciating Mom

Mom's Birthday or Mother's Day

Here's a verse that works for Mother's Day or Mom's Birthday - From You and brother Joey

Mom, how you make things grow

Your garden's full of flowers

You bend over and tend them so

Like Joey and I; All those hours

Humorous Best Man Speech

Best Man Speeches are often a cause of great trepidation. So why not break the ice with a funny poetic tribute to the Bride and Groom. Here's some of a humorous Best Man Speech to deliver at Larry and Dana's wedding.

Larry you are so lucky

Dana you are so plucky

All assembled need to know

That they waffled to and fro

They couldn't decide to get hitched

Till I promised they'd be rich

Your Custom Verse Awaits

I hope I've given you just a little flavor of how custom poetry can fit into your wedding or any special occasion. These are only snippets and examples of the possibilities that can be written for you or as a gift.

If you like to read my verse

I've written many well

Just go to WeLovePoetry

And sit and read a spell

If some custom words you need

I'm happy to oblige

Just visit this page and read

The details I've described

Thank you for Coming - I'd Love to Write Your Custom Poetry

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