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Danny Dunn Series by Jay Williams

Updated on February 3, 2016

Jay Williams Author of Danny Dunn

A wonderful series written back in the seventies, by Jay Williams, for children that chronicles the escapades of Danny Dunn as he and Professor Bullfinch explore science.

The Danny Dunn books written by Jay Williams were one of my favorite series when I was a kid. Sure the tales of Danny Dunn were meant for boys as the series revolved around science experiments and technology. However, back in the seventies the books for girls were pretty boring.

I mean who didn't want their very own homework machine or to travel to bottom of the ocean floor. I could curl up with one these books and be whisked away into a fantastic place where your imagination had no bounds.

Jay Williams was a prolific writer, but none of his books did as well as the Danny Dunn ones. The books are out of print now so if you are fortunate enough to come across one at a garage sale, be sure to snap it up. They are wonderful books and your kids will love them.

Jay Williams

Author of the Danny Dunn Series

Jay Williams, born May 31, 1914 and died on July 12, 1978, was an American author who wrote many children's books, but was probably best known for the Danny Dunn series. He co-authored the series with Raymond Abrashkin and even though Abrashkin died in 1960 he was still shown as the co-author for the entire series which was first published in 1956 until 1977. There were 15 books in the Danny Dunn series.

Jay Williams worked in theater and film and published his first book, The Stolen Oracle, in 1943. He also wrote adult crime fiction books under the pen name Michael Delving. Altogether he published 79 books - 39 children's books, 11 picture books, 4 nonfiction books, 8 history books, and a play.

Danny Dunn Characters - Danny Dunn and His Friends

There were only a few characters in the series which made the books easy to follow along. There were often comedy moments with the absent-minded Professor Bullfinch and his experiments that inevitability challenged Danny and his friends.

  1. Professor Euclid Bullfinch - a scientist whose experiments always lead Danny and his friends into adventure.
  2. Danny Dunn -a teenager who loved science and admired Professor Bullfinch, who's experiments always lead him into trouble.
  3. Irene Miller - a neighbor and friend of Danny's who was also interested in science.
  4. Mrs. Dunn - Danny's mother who was the housekeeper for Professor Bullfinch.
  5. Joe Pearson - Danny's best friend who wasn't good at science at all and provided a comedy element to the plot.
  6. Eddie Phillips a.k.a. Snitcher - someone who was always making trouble for Danny.
  7. Doctor A.J. Grimes - a friend of Professor Bullfinch who frowned upon teenagers.

Danny Dunn Series in Order

There were 15 books in the Danny Dunn Series

Danny Dunn and the Anti-Gravity Paint

Professor Bulfinch messes up and accidentally invents an anti-gravity paint. The government wants to use the anti-gravity paint on their spacecraft, but it takes off with Danny, Joe, Professor Bullfinch and Dr. Grimes inside. They have to act quickly or they will be propelled into space where they will freeze to death. First published in 1956.

Danny Dunn and the Homework Machine

Professor Bullfinch is contracted to make a computer for NASA, then along comes Danny who discovers that the computer can do his homework. Antics follow when Danny's teacher learns what Danny and his friends are doing and she sets up a way to trick them. First published in 1958.

Danny Dunn and the Weather Machine

Danny and his friends learn that Professor Bullfinch's invention can create rain clouds and thunderstorms. When they create a rain cloud in Danny's kitchen it pours and floods the Dunn's kitchen. What a mess! First published in 1959.

Danny Dunn and the Fossil Cave

When Danny and Joe discover a cave hidden in the forest, they just know they've found a place to use Professor Bullfinch's new invention, an x-ray machine. However what they discover is shocking, but will they be able to find their way out of the cave? First published in 1961.

Danny Dunn on the Ocean Floor

Professor Bullfinches latest invention, a bathysphere, takes Danny, Irene and Joe down to the bottom floor of the ocean. When the vessel becomes trapped in a cave the group must brainstorm a way out of the mess they got themselves into. First published in 1960.

Danny Dunn and the Heat Ray

You just know that when Danny finds Professor Bullfinch's new invention for the government, a heat ray, that adventure and trouble will follow. First published in 1962.

Danny Dunn Time Traveler

Danny and his friends secretly use Professor Bullfinch's experimental time travel machine, get trapped and are whisked back in time. First published in 1963.

Danny Dunn and the Automatic House

Professor Bullfinch invents a house that is all automated which is featured in a Science Fair. When Danny and his friends explore the house they become trapped in it when the automated controls lock up the house. The house is set up to repair any damage so even their attempts at trying to break a window to escape, fail. First published in 1965.

Danny Dunn and the Voice From Space

Professor Bullfinch's new invention, a radio telescope dish, is able to transmit noises from space. Danny tries to figure out what the sounds are and makes an astonishing discovery. First published in 1967.

Danny Dunn and the Smallifying Machine

Professor Bullfinch makes an invention that reduces the size of things. Problems ensue when Danny discovers the machine and tries to use it. First published in 1969.

Danny Dunn and the Swamp Monster

When Professor Bullfinch, Dr. Grimes, Danny, Joe, and Irene fly to Africa to investigate whether there is a swamp monster, they unwittingly discover a rare fish during their adventures. First published in 1971.

Danny Dunn Invisible Boy

An accident caused by Danny results in new experimental material that the Professor uses to create a probe. The government wants to steal the probe so Danny and his friends take matters into their own hands and mayhem follows Danny as he tries to rescue the probe. First published in 1974.

Danny Dunn Scientifc Detective

Danny borrows the experiment Professor Bullfinch is working on to fight crime, and uses it at school in this action packed story. First published in 1976.

Danny Dunn and the Universal Glue

Danny uses Professor Bullfinch's invention, a glue so strong nothing can pull it apart, to repair a dam, but he also uses it on the owner of the factory who put the dam at risk, which results in another comedy adventure for Danny and his friends. First published in 1977.

Have you read any of the Danny Dunn books? What was your favorite book when you were a kid? - Or just leave a note to say you stopped by

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