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Dark Love Part 1

Updated on October 23, 2016

I (London, England 1950)

Thunder rumbled as lightning danced across the gun metal sky. Raindrops began to fall slowly, their speed increased as they hit the ground below. The streets of London suddenly became a sea of umbrellas. Cars turned on their lights and windshield wipers.

“Cat…Catherine…” A female voice called

Catherine was staring out the large window of the public library. She wore a pair of black flats and dark blue halter sundress. Her dark auburn hair was tied back into a high ponytail. A pair of blue eyes stared back at her through the window.

“Huh? What?” She asked

“Are you ready to leave?”

She turned to see her best friend Alison standing behind her. Alison was Catherine’s height, dirty blond hair, and brown eyes. She wore a pair of black sneakers, black pants, and a white short sleeved buttoned shirt.

“I’m ready.” Catherine replied

They checked out two books each and they left. The rain was still coming down hard as they stood beneath the small roof that stretched out covering the library’s entrance.

“Brilliant we’re stranded.” Alison sighed

Catherine groaned as she looked up and down the streets. Her eyes lit up to see a black Maserati Berlinetta, pull up in front. She nudged Alison in the arm and she gasped.

“Who is that?” She asked

They watched a figure get out of the car. A red umbrella opened as someone walked toward them. He stood 5”7, semi-muscular build, blue eyes, and short brown hair.

“Armand…”Catherine whispered

He wore a pair of black biker boots, blue jeans, and a black t-shirt. A smiled formed on his this face as she reached for Catherine’s hand.

“You birds need a ride home?” He asked

“Yeah… how did you know I was here?” Catherine replied

“I called your house. Your mother told me.”

“Cool. Armand this is Alison Wayne. Alison this is Armand Coleman.”

“It’s nice to meet you.” Alison smiled

“Likewise; c’mon let me give you birds a ride home.”

He walked them to his car. It slowly pulled away from the curb and continued to the end of the street. As they turned onto the main road, Alison noticed Catherine holding Armand’s hand. She kept quiet the rest of the ride.

“What’s your address Alison?” Armand asked

“Forty-two Stone Hill Road.” She replied; “How do you two know each other?”

“Last summer at a picnic…” Catherine chimed in

“Cool.” Alison smiled

The car came to a stop and Alison realized she was home.

“Thanks for the ride home.” She said as she got out of the car

“You’re welcome…” Armand waved

They waited until she walked inside. He put the car in ‘Drive’ and looked over at Catherine.

“What?” She asked feeling her cheeks turn red

“You didn’t tell her I’m your guy?” He asked

“No; she’s a paper shaker. Word would get to my sister and then to my old man.”

“Righto; my old man would flip if he ever found out.”

She smiled and squeezed his hand tightly.

“You’d better take me home. I don’t want my parents getting suspicious.” She continued

“Alright…” He sighed reluctantly

They drove out town and turned onto a dirt road. She stared out the window watching the rain’s speed decrease and various trees and bushes; growing on the side of the road. He pulled into a driveway and stopped in front of a large white brick home. The windows were closed as light shined through the dark brown curtains. She turned to him and kissed his lips gently before the car door opened and she got out. He waved as she opened the large white door with brass diamond shaped doorknocker.

The door shut behind her and locked. She looked in the living room, a lamp that said on a wooden glass top table, lit up the white walls. A small light blue couch sat in the center of the room with two matching upholstered chairs on both sides. A large television was in front of the couch. She walked into the kitchen; the white linoleum floor complimented the black chrome cabinets and steel appliances. A white table stood on the other end of the room with five chairs.

“Catherine is that you?” a female voice called

She walked back into the living room to see her younger sister Alice walking downstairs. Alice was shorter than Catherine, brown hair and the same eye color.

“Where were you all morning?” Alice asked

“I was at the library with Alison. When it started raining, we thought we were stranded.”

“And a friend came to your rescue?”

“Yeah we got lucky.”

The doorbell rang; Alice immediately went and answered it. Her eyes lit up to see her boyfriend Vincent. He stood 5”9, muscular build, blue eyes and blond hair; he wore a pair of white sneakers, blue jeans, and gray sweatshirt.

“Hello Alice, Catherine…” He began

“Hello Vincent.” Alice smiled hugging him tightly

“Are you ready to go?” He asked

“Yeah, we’re going to the art museum. You want to come?” Alice replied turning to her sister

“No thanks. Have fun.” Catherine waved

“Righto, see you later.” Alice smiled and looped her arm with Vincent’s as they left

Catherine walked upstairs into her room. White carpet felt soft beneath her feet, dark wooden four post bed with a white canapé and small tassels hung above. Pink and white sheets covered the full size bed. A dark wooden desk stood near the door, while a large matching wardrobe stood in the far corner.

She sat down on her bed putting her shoes down on the floor. There was a knock on her door, the curtains closed, as the door opened.

“Mother, you’re awake.” Catherine whispered

A woman in her early thirties stood in the doorway. Her dark red hair was curly and covered her shoulders. She wore a white buttoned dress and white heals.

“A young man called for you, he a friend of yours?” She continued

“Yeah, we met last summer.”

“He sounded very nice. Is Alice home?”

“No, she and Vincent went to the art museum.”

“That’s nice; I’m going back to sleep. There are fresh groceries in the kitchen; Alice went food shopping this morning.”

“Alright; I’ll see you later mother.”

The door shut and Catherine lied down and fell asleep. She woke up thirty minutes later and saw it was two o’clock. She got up and went downstairs into the kitchen. A few minutes later she fixed herself a turkey sandwich, potato chips and a soda.

After she ate lunch, she went upstairs and back into her room. She began reading one of her library books. She enjoyed mystery and romance novels, it gave her an escape when things in real life were a little tough. By dinner time, she was almost halfway done when someone knocked on her door again.

“Come in…”Catherine called

“Catherine come downstairs, dinner is ready.” Alice poked her head into her room

“Are mum and dad awake?”

“Yeah, Mother cooked.”

“What is the occasion?”

“I’m not sure. But let’s at least be open to whatever they have to tell us.”

“Can this get anymore weird?”

“I don’t know. I think it’s totally boss.”

“I don’t… especially during summer holiday.”

Catherine sighed and got up, following her sister downstairs and into the kitchen. Their father was seated in his usual place; his back towards the kitchen. He had long blond hair that was slicked back, square face, and blue eyes. He wore a pair of black trousers and dark red buttoned shirt.

Danielle brought over a tray of two stakes with a bowl of mashed potatoes and a dish of gravy.

“Please girls have a seat and dig in.” She urged

“So what is the occasion?” Catherine asked

“Next year you will be turning eighteen. You will be old enough to make the choice, but we also hope by then you’ve found a suitable husband and possibly start a family. You are the next heir Catherine and we would love for you to lead us into the future.” Nicholas replied

“But what if I don’t want it?” Catherine asked


Alice and Danielle gasped together; Nicholas kept his composure. Catherine put her utensils onto her plate, sending it into the sink.

“I do want to get married and start a family. But to give up the life I’m living now, I’m not sure that I’d want to.” She continued

“Catherine, you are the next heir. You cannot escape your destiny to do great things.” Nicholas interrupted her

“Do great things? You and mother live in fear and the shadows. And when you do go out, it’s only for one thing. You do not socialize amongst others, except for your own kind. Maybe if you show them you can coexist with others it might not be so terrible. Would it really be that bad?” Catherine replied

“She’s right daddy.” Alice chimed in; “We had to drag you and Mother to that party last summer. Catherine and I wanted to be a semi-normal family.”

“Alice I wasn’t expecting this from you too.” Nicholas groaned

“Maybe she is right my love. We have become anti-social.” Danielle added

“Oh Danielle not you too…” He shook his head in disbelief of what he was hearing.

Catherine excused herself from the table and went back upstairs to her room. Nicholas looked at Alice who was still eating.

“What?” She asked

“If you were given the choice what would you do?” Nicholas asked

“I’m not sure either…” Alice sighed

“You and your sister have time to decide.” Danielle chimed in

She continued to eat, once she was finished Danielle washed the dishes. Nicholas was still seated at the table lost in thought.

“Give them time my love. They will come around.” Danielle commented

She had placed the gravy boat into the drying rack. His chair turned around with him still seated in it.

“Maybe we should have waited.” He replied

“No, when they were twelve and eleven we agreed; they were old enough to learn. Besides they had already come into their telekinetic powers. We had to tell them.” Danielle continued

“I know that I have to respect their wishes.”

“That’s right. So give them time to think my love. Now come let us go out and try to be more social.”

He got up as the chair turned around and pushed itself back into the table. They left and Alice watched from the top of the stairs.

The next morning Catherine woke up and looked into the hallway. Alice’s door was shut; her parent’s light had just turned off. She shut her bedroom door and opened her wardrobe. She changed into a pair of ‘peddle pusher’ pants and a black short sleeved shirt. Her feet slipped into a pair of black sneakers. Slowly the curtains opened, letting sunlight into the room. The window opened and a latter appeared.

She climbed out; making sure the latter was steady. Taking one step at a time, she made her way down. Once on the ground she laid the latter down. She began walking down the dirt road and walked to one of her favorite spots; a large oak tree that stood in the middle of a field. She climbed up and sat on one of the large branches staring at the rising sun.

A smile formed on her face, thinking about the future she wanted with Armand. Slowly doubt crept in, if she brought Armand to meet her family. Would they approve? Could she tell him more about her secret?

“I thought I might find you here.” Alice commented

She looked down to see her sister leaning against the tree’s trunk. Alice was wearing a light blue dress and white flats, Catherine climbed down.

“I wanted to be alone.” Catherine replied

“You’re still thinking about last night?” She asked; “I thought mum and dad were going to go mental.”

“Luckily they didn’t. I think what I said struck a nerve.”

“What are you planning?”

“You’ll see.”

She smiled and began walking away. Alice ran after her as they walked back home together. Catherine checked the mailbox and collected a pile of bills and brought them inside. The phone rang; Alice picked up and then looked at her sister.

“Who is it?” Catherine asked

“Armand… he sounds cute…” Alice replied

Catherine grabbed the phone from her, as she walked into the kitchen.

“Hello…” She paused

“Cat would like to go out tonight to the drive-in?” He asked

“It sounds totally boss.”

“Cool. I’ll pick you up at seven.”

“See you then… bye…”

Alice came out of the kitchen eating an apple. Catherine had gone into the living room and put on the television.

“So tell me…” Alice paused

“We met last year at that party we dragged mum and dad to.” Catherine replied

“When are we going to meet him?”

“It’s not serious.”

“Righto…whatever you say Cat.”

Later that night, Catherine waited outside of her house. She wore a black sleeveless dress with a white floral pattern; with matching flats. Her eyes lit up to see Armand’s car pull up. She got in and kissed him, before he pulled away from the house.

Alice watched as the car pulled away and then went back to watching television. Danielle and Nicholas came downstairs, both dressed in black.

“Alice where’s Catherine?” Danielle asked

“She went to the movies with Alison.” Alice replied

“Oh, well your father and I are heading into town. We’ll be back late.”

“Have fun.”

“Thank you dear.”

They walked out the front door and got into their silver Porsche speedster. Elsewhere, Armand and Catherine pulled into a spot a few feet away from the large screen. They rolled down their windows and he reached for the speaker to hang on the side of the car.

She unbuckled her seatbelt and slid across as he put his arm around her. The projector started and the screen lit up playing commercials. She looked up at him, but then back at the movie that was starting. An hour into the film, she looked up at him, their eyes met. He leaned down and their lips met.

His tongue slowly parted her lips and began to get tangled with hers. She pulled him on top of her, feeling his hands move up her dress and unbuttoning the top. A moan escaped her mouth as he placed kisses up and down her neck. Her hand reached up and pulled the collar of his shirt exposing his neck and shoulder. She bit into his shoulder, he growled, as her teeth broke his skin. Her tongue licked at the small wound, as he sat back up. They went back to watching the movie.

“Sorry about that.” She whispered

“That was totally boss.” He replied

After the movie they drove into town and stopped at a restaurant with outdoor dining. The waitresses were wearing blue dresses, roller skates, taking orders and serving.

A waitress skated up to the car with two menus. Her blond hair was tied into a ponytail as a pair of greens eyes shinned beneath the street lamps.

“Hello and welcome to Charlie’s. My name is Mary Sue and I’ll be your waitress. Would you like anything to drink?” She began

“One vanilla and one strawberry shake please.” Armand replied

“How would you like them? Thick, double thick?”

“Thick, thank you.”

“Righto; I’ll be right back with those.”

She skated away and into the restaurant. Catherine slid over, leaning her head on his shoulder. It felt wonderful to be out of the house and with him. She kept thinking about last night, her parents asking her to choose. The thought got pushed aside as Mary Sure returned with their shakes. Armand ordered for them, Mary Sue skated off as he put his arm around her.

“You got quiet all of a sudden. What’s wrong?” He asked

“I’m enjoying my night with you.” She replied

“What’s on your mind?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

He sat her up and kissed her lips gently. “I’m sorry” He whispered. She smiled as a tear ran down her cheek. They hugged, but she knew that she would have to tell him, just not tonight.

Their food arrived and they started talking about the movie. By midnight they arrived back at Catherine’s house. She saw her parents weren’t home yet.

“You want to come inside?” She asked

“What about your folks?” He replied

“They won’t be home for hours.”

He smiled, they got out of the car and she led him inside. They went out onto the patio. The moon’s light shined upon the dark green grass and dark wooden fence. There were two white metal benches with floral patterned cushions on them. They sat down staring up at the sky.

“So this must be your friend. He’s a total fox in person.” Alice commented

Both turned to see her standing by the open patio doors. She was wearing a long blue robe. Catherine glared at her sister, who giggled.

“Armand this is my little sister Alice. Alice this is Armand.” Catherine continued

“It’s nice to finally meet you.” Armand waved

“You too… I almost thought you were imaginary.”

Alice laughed and went inside, the door shut behind her. Armand got up; Catherine followed putting her hand on his shoulder.

“I should go.” He whispered

“No, please stay.” She replied

“I’ll see you tomorrow night. Meet me by your tree at eight.”


The gate opened, she walked him to his car. He hugged her tightly and drove off. In town, Nicholas and Danielle were walking through a park, with another couple.

“It’s very funny we met this way.” Danielle laughed

“I agree Danielle. Martin and I thought we were the only ones.” The woman replied

They appeared to be in their late thirties; she was 5”0, medium length black hair and brown eyes. Her companion was taller, muscular, green eyes and brown hair. They were also dressed in dark blue and black.

“At least now we can enjoy each other’s company.” Nicholas added

“Do you have any children?” Danielle asked

“We do, a boy and girl. They’re sixteen and seventeen. Their names are James and Sandra.” Martin paused; “Anita has already told them about our kind.”

“Are you going to turn them?” Nicholas asked

“On James’s eighteenth birthday, we will turn him. Sandra has two years to decide, but for now she’s enjoying her life. What about you?” Anita replied

“Two girls; Catherine and Alice; Catherine will be turning eighteen next September and Alice also has two years left. Both were also gifted.” Danielle continued

“What kind of gift?” Anita asked

“Telekinetic abilities; it runs within my family. We have to be careful, I’ve heard stories, and it has driven my family members into madness.”

“Oh dear; that sounds like a huge responsibility.” Anita sighed

“I’m just hoping Catherine will choose to be turned.” Nicholas muttered

“Oh Nicholas stop it. You promised you would respect whatever decision our girls make.”

Nicholas sighed as they continued to walk.

“You should come to our house, bring your children. I know they’d get along very well.” Danielle suggested

“That sounds lovely. How about tomorrow evening around nine?” Anita replied

Danielle opened her purse, taking out a pen and piece of paper. She wrote down their address, and then handed it to Anita.

“We’ll see you tomorrow.” Martin grinned


The next night Catherine slipped on a blue dress with white polka dots. There was a knock on her door. Danielle walked in wearing a dark red sleeveless dress.

“We’re having company this evening.” She paused; “I also wanted to thank you. Believe me your father would never do this himself.”

Catherine smiled knowing her words opened the door.

“Who is coming tonight?” She asked

“Their names are Anita and Martin. The have two children about yours and Alice’s age. They’ll be here at nine.”

“I have plans with Alison. I’ll be home by nine I promise.”

“Alright; home by nine and not a minute late.”

Danielle smiled and left Catherine’s door partially open. She got up and went out into the hallway, picking up the phone that sat upon a small brown table. After dialing she held her breath as it began to ring.

“Hello…”Armand said

“Armand its Cat can we meet up now? My folks are having company over. I need to be home by nine.”

“I’ll leave now. See you soon.”

She left and began walking to her favorite spot. As her hand reached for a branch, she pulled herself up. She leaned against the trunk, her legs crossed, stretched out on the branch.

“Cat…” Armand called

“I’m up here!” She replied

He climbed up; she swung her legs over, as he sat beside her.

“Is everything alright?” He asked

“No; I want you to meet my folks.” She replied

“You’re serious?”

She nodded, “All I know is that whatever path I take… I want you to be right here.”

“How about tonight Cat?”

“Totally boss idea…”

They sat and talked until eight-thirty. As they walked up the driveway her heart skipped a beat. She wondered if she was doing the right thing. Would her parents accept him?

The door opened, laughter echoed from the patio. It got quiet; Catherine smiled at everyone seated around a white metal table.

“Catherine, you’re right on time love. Who is this?” Danielle began

“Mum, Dad, Alice, this is my boyfriend Armand Coleman.” Catherine replied

“Welcome to our home Armand. I’m Danielle; this is my husband Nicholas and my other daughter Alice.”

Armand shook hands with Catherine’s parents and Alice.

“And these are our new friends, Anita and Martin Sanchez; Their son James and daughter Sandra.” Danielle continued.

“It’s nice to meet you.” Armand bowed his head.

“Why don’t you kids set up some blankets in the yard?” Danielle suggested

“Great idea; I’ll go get some.” Alice replied

She got up and walked inside. James was Armand’s height, slim and muscular, with brown eyes and short brown hair. Sandra looked like her mother, long black hair, and dark brown eyes. Alice returned with blankets and they all walked to the far side of the backyard.

Once the blankets were spread, they sat down.

“Their conversations were really starting to get blimey.” James commented

“Tell us about it. For a while we were the only ones our parents talked too.” Alice laughed; “I guess we can thank Cat for being so boss.”

“Really boss idea Cat.” Sandra chimed in

Catherine stood up and took a bow, but then sat back down next to Armand.

“So how long have you two been...?” Alice paused

“A year…” Armand replied

“Keeping a big secret like that from mum and dad.” Alice sighed; “That takes guts.”

“Thanks I think…” Catherine smiled

“Armand; what is your family like?” James asked

“It’s just me, my dad, and little sister Diana.” He replied; “My mum died when I was fifteen, so it’s been hard to keep from going mental.” Armand replied

“That’s tough man.” Sandra commented

“We get by…” Armand muttered

Catherine took his hand into hers and squeezed it tightly. She knew he didn’t like to talk about his family and life at home.

“So Cat, your mum mentioned that you’ll have an important decision to make next year.” James commented

“Yeah, my eighteenth birthday…” Catherine sighed

“I have to make the same decision too.” He continued

“What is he talking about Cat?” Armand asked

“You didn’t tell him?” Alice interrupted

Catherine shot Alice an evil glare and she immediately got quiet.

“We’ll talk about it later.” Catherine whispered into his ear

“No, I want to know Cat.” Armand replied quickly

She suddenly felt everyone’s eyes on her; she felt the sweat building up. It was as if she was standing underneath a spotlight. She knew she had to tell eventually, she just wasn’t thinking it would be tonight; in front of her sister and new friends. After taking a deep breath, she cleared her throat and turned to him.

“Do you believe in vampires?” She asked

“No, they're only in the movies and books.” Armand laughed

“Typical answer from a mortal...” Alice muttered

“My parents and Sandra and James’s parents are vampires; immortals. They feed on human blood to survive and have been for a century.” Catherine paused

Armand saw she was serious and his jaw dropped.

“It is tradition, that since James and I will be turning eighteen next year; we have to choose to either be turned or remain mortal. Before that, my folks want me to find a mate who would be willing to spend eternity with me; after getting married and starting a family. My old man wants me to be turned to lead the coven into the future.” She continued

“Alice and Sandra are lucky they have two years to decide.” James chimed in

“Also, Alice and I have been gifted.” Catherine added

“Gifted?” Armand asked

“The power of telekinesis; It runs in my mother’s family, but we have to be careful. This power drove almost all of them into madness.” Alice replied

“Bullocks…” Armand laughed

“It’s not a load of bullocks and I’ll prove it.” Catherine interrupted

She stood up and made a lifting motion with her right hand. Armand found himself slowly rising into the air. James, Sandra, and Alice laughed as Armand looked around in amazement.

“I believe you. Can you put me down please?” He asked

Slowly he landed back on the ground and put his arm around her.

“That was totally boss.” James commented

“Thanks. I don’t use them as often as Alice does.” Catherine replied

“Now that is a load of bullocks. I have cut back.” Alice replied sticking out her tongue.

Sandra giggled as she stood up and held out her palm. Everyone watched as a small flame ignited in her hand.

“I was gifted with the fire gift.” She smiled

“Are most vampires gifted?” Armand asked

“Some, if it runs in their family, but not all of them.” Catherine replied

“James, Sandra it’s time to go.” Anita called

“Bullocks, party’s over. Want to meet up tomorrow?” James asked

“Sounds totally boss… I’ll see if my boyfriend Vincent wants to join us.” Alice replied

“We’ll meet tomorrow afternoon around one. There is a field across from this house and there is a large tree. It’s my favorite spot.” Catherine continued

“Cool, see you tomorrow.” Sandra waved

James waved as they walked over to their parents. Armand got to his feet, Catherine and Alice followed. They watched as Nicholas and Danielle said goodbye to their new friends. Within a blink of an eye they returned outside.

“I hope we don’t frighten you Armand.” Nicholas commented

“No sir; you are the first immortals I’ve ever met.” Armand replied

“Good; all Danielle and I ask is that you don’t hurt our daughter. If you do…”

“Nicholas, now you’re scaring the poor boy.” Danielle interrupted

Nicholas sighed and sat down beside his wife, the others sat across from them at the table.

“They seem nice.” Alice commented

“Agreed; plus Anita mentioned Sandra was gifted.” Danielle added

“She has the fire gift, which I think is boss.” Catherine chimed in

“I had a feeling you all would get along beautifully.” Danielle commented

“Well, Armand you are welcome here. We’ll leave you kids alone, come Alice.” Nicholas continued

Alice followed her parents inside, as the patio doors shut behind them. Catherine led him back onto the grass and they sat down. She kissed his lips gently and then hugged him.

“So how did I do?” He asked

“Brilliant; they like you, I can tell.” She replied


The next afternoon, the new group of friends came together for a picnic under Catherine’s tree. Vincent brought his portable radio and turned it onto a popular radio station.

“How long have you known Vincent?” Catherine asked

“Alice told me about two months ago. Believe me she looked like she was going to go mental if she didn’t tell someone.” Vincent laughed

“Oh you’re so funny.” Alice sighed; “At least I know someone is going to spend eternity with me. I think he’ll make the coolest vampire ever.”

Vincent’s cheeks turned a little pink, Sandra and James laughed.

“Armand, Alice told me you found out last night.” Vincent continued

“I did; though I guess this what Cat meant, having a semi-normal life.” Armand replied

“What about you James, you got a bird?” Alice asked

“Her name is Roxanne. I told her about our kind last year and she’s definitely my bird for life.” James replied

“Totally boss.” Catherine commented

Everyone continued talking, but then Sandra looked at Catherine and Armand.

“So Cat how did you meet this fox?” Sandra asked

It suddenly got quiet, Alice burst out laughing. Sandra felt her cheeks turning pink.

“At least I’m not alone in my opinion.” Alice chimed in

“It’s cool Sandra. We met last summer at an annual picnic. Alice and I convinced our parents to go.” Catherine continued


It was the summer of 1949, Catherine and Alice had begged their parents to take them to an annual picnic. It was run by the Miller family; they would open their farm up to their neighbors. There were picnic tables set up outside the large red farmhouse with white trim.

People were talking and eating; Catherine excused herself and took a walk. She found herself by a small pond that was behind the bar. She slipped off her black flats, and sat down dipping her feet into the cool water. She straightened her red sleeveless dress and stared as the moon appeared on the water’s surface. Armand walked up to see a young girl sitting by the lake.

“Oh I didn’t think anyone would be over here.” He began

She turned to see him standing behind her. He wore a pair of black shoes, black slacks, and white t-shirt.

“I wanted to take a powder, but my folks aren’t ready yet. This was a terrible idea.” She replied

He sat down beside her, as she continued to look at the water.

“Who were you in cahoots with?” He asked

“My sister; we wanted to be a semi-normal family. My parents are old fuddy-duddies.” She paused

“You’re family isn’t normal? Whose family is?”

“I mean, they’re different and set in their old ways. I’m Catherine, nickname is Cat.”

“I’m Armand.”

They shook hands and Catherine smiled.

“You live around here?” He asked

“About a mile from this farm. And you?” She replied

“I live in town.”

“It must be wonderful. It’s so quiet out here in the country.”

“I would take a day in the country. The town gets a little noisy at night.”

“Cat! C’mon it’s time to leave.” Alice called

“Coming! I’d better go. It was nice to meet you.” Catherine got to her feet and shook Armand’s hand again

“It’s nice to meet you too. Would you like to go out tomorrow evening?” Armand replied

“I’d love to. My house is number twenty two, as I said before it’s a mile down the road.”

“I’ll pick you up at seven.”

She waved and caught up with Alice who was standing by the barn.


“We’ve been going steady since then.” Catherine continued

“Cool.” Sandra whispered; “I hope that I find someone totally boss.”

“And when you do, you’ll know.” Catherine added

“Are you a future vampire too Armand?” Sandra asked

“No…” Armand paused

“You don’t have to tell them.” Catherine whispered

He shook his head, but then looked at everyone else.

“I come from a long line witches and warlocks. Though every other year, a mortal is born. I was that lucky one.” He continued

No one said anything as Catherine hugged him tightly. As he pushed back, “My father has been training my sister and me. The most I can do is mix potions; I can’t cast spells or defend myself properly.”

“I’m so sorry man.” James commented

“It’s cool man. I find being mortal boss. My sister says I’m a drag, but I try not to let it get to me.”

Later on that night, Armand and Catherine were sitting in her tree watching as the sun set. Everyone else had left for home, Alice and Vincent went to have dinner.

“I love you Cat.” He whispered

“I love you too.” She replied

They kissed, but then she climbed down, he followed. She took his hand into hers as they walked back to her house. Catherine was ahead of him, when she saw Alice and Vincent. She was sitting on his motor cycle making out. He had slid his hand up her blue dress, caressing her thigh.

Catherine and Armand continued to walk, “Armand…” A girl’s voice called. Everyone turned to see a purple cloud of smoke appear before them. A girl, looking about thirteen appeared, dressed in a sleeveless pink dress. Her black hair was tied back into pigtails as a pair of dark brown eyes stared at everyone.

“Diana what are you doing here?” Armand asked

“Who is this bird?” Alice asked

“My little sister…” Armand replied

“So this is the bird that fenced your heart. I’m Diana…”

The girl walked up to Catherine and held out her hand. Catherine shook it and smiled.

“I’m Catherine, everyone calls me Cat. It’s nice to meet you Diana.” Catherine replied

“What are you doing here?” Armand asked

“I was bored at home. Decided to practice some spells…”

“Go home Diana…”

“Righto… I’ll bugger off… be home soon. The old man wants a word with you.”

She began chanting a spell and disappeared within the purple cloud.

“You know I thought you were all mouth and no trousers about your family.” Alice commented

“She does exist…” Armand replied

“What does your old man want?” Catherine asked

“No idea. But I’d better get home.”

He hugged her tightly and began walking down the driveway. He began to chant something under his breath and suddenly he disappeared. He walked into a small brown house with white shutters and wrap around porch.

Diana sat upon a brown couch watching television. She looked over and saw him, and then pointed to the kitchen. He walked inside to see his father, standing over the stove.

“Your sister tells me you’ve been dating someone.” He commented

“I’m not buggering around with her. I love her.” Armand replied

His father turned to face him. He looked like Armand at age thirty, semi-muscular and black hair slicked back. His brown eyes sat behind a pair of glasses.

“Love… a load of bullocks if you ask me.”

“She’s not like mum was.” Armand protested

“And look what happened to her.”

“I’m not a scallywag. I don’t even know why I bothered to come home.”

“Fine… take your mortal arse and leave!”

Armand pushed the kitchen door open, it hit the wall, causing Diana to jump. She turned the television off and followed her brother upstairs. She found him in his room packing a suitcase.

“Bugger off Diana.” He muttered

“What are you doing?” She asked

“I’m cheesed off and I’m going to bunk.”

“What… have you gone mental?”

He turned and saw her leaning against his door.

“No; I’m the first mortal in this family. And it drives the old mad crackers that I’ll never be like him.”

“Fine… bugger off… “

He finished packing and walked passed her. She followed him downstairs and out the door. He began chanting a spell and disappeared in a blue cloud of smoke. He appeared outside Catherine’s house and knocked. Catherine opened the door and her eyes lit up, but saw the pain in Armand’s eyes.

“What happened?” She asked

“The old man told me to take my mortal arse and leave.” He replied

She gestured for him to come inside; he left his suitcase by the door. They walked into the living room and sat down on the couch.

“He thinks that I’m buggering around with you. And thinks love is a load of bullocks. I know how I feel and nothing is going to change that.” He continued

“Do you think he’s going to go mental and come after you?”

“No; he’s all mouth and no trousers. He has Diana that can follow in his footsteps.”

She hugged him tightly; soon tears began to fall onto her shoulder. Alice and Vincent walked in, stopping to see Catherine and Armand.

“What the hell happened to him?” Alice asked

“His old man told him to bugger off.” Catherine replied

“That’s a load of bullocks. Why?”

“Being the first mortal child born into the family.” Armand replied lifting his head off Catherine’s shoulder

“That is a load of hard cheese. So what are you going to do?”

“He can stay here.” Danielle replied

She had walked out from the kitchen, wearing a white dress with black polka dots.

“I see you care for Catherine very much. And I would hate for you to go back to a home that doesn’t want you.”

Catherine got up and hugged her mother tightly. “Thank you mum...” She whispered in to Danielle’s ear.


The holidays had arrived; Danielle and Nicholas’s coven had grown. They hosted many gatherings and sometimes went into town.

On Christmas night, a large pine tree stood in the corner of the living room. White lights wrapped around with silver and gold balls hanging off the branches.

Catherine stared out the living room window. Snow had covered the ground, everything looked so peaceful. Armand walked up behind her, she turned to face him. She wore a long sleeved black dress and matching heels.

“Merry Christmas Cat…” He began

He handed her a small blue box with a white bow on the lid. She smiled and opened her gift; she gasped to see a silver necklace. As she lifted it up, she saw two hearts intertwined.

“It’s beautiful; thank you. Here this is for you.” She replied

A small black box floated downstairs and landed in his hands. He opened it to see a ring with two hearts intertwined on the inside.

“Thank you.”

The doorbell rang; she kissed him before going to answer. She welcomed Anita, Martin, James, Sandra, and James’s girlfriend Roxanne.

“Merry Christmas everyone!” Catherine smiled

“Merry Christmas…” They replied

Alice came downstairs with Vincent, Danielle and Nicholas came out of the kitchen. Everyone sat in the living room as conversations began.

“Kids there are snacks and drinks in the kitchen for you.” Danielle commented

“Thanks mum.” Alice replied

The doorbell rang; Danielle got up to welcome more coven members. Roxanne was Alice’s height, short blond hair and green eyes. Everyone sat down at the kitchen table, and began to eat.

“Your parents asked ours to join the coven.” James commented

“That’s totally boss.” Alice replied

“If I ever take over; I’ll try not to be such a drag.” Catherine chimed in

“You will be totally boss Cat.” Sandra reassured her

Armand got up and signaled Catherine to follow. She excused herself and followed out into the hallway.

“What’s wrong?” She asked

He took her hand into his and smiled.

“Ever since I met you it has been a totally cool adventure. And I’m look towards to more. Catherine Bloom will you marry me? He paused

He got down on one knee and took a gold ring with a square shaped diamond on top. Soon the entire party appeared standing behind Armand.

Tears slowly filled her eyes as she whispered “Yes I will marry you.” He stood up and slipped the ring onto her finger. Everyone applauded as they turned and faced the crowd. She hugged him tightly, as Nicholas and Danielle walked up to them.

“Congratulations to you both. I know you will make each other happy.” Danielle began

“Welcome to the family son.” Nicholas added

“Thank you.” Catherine and Armand replied

“Go enjoy the rest of the night.” Danielle continued

She and Nicholas went back into the living room. Catherine took him by the hand and led him upstairs. They walked into her room and sat down on her bed. She leaned over and kissed his lips gently.

“I love you. Now that we’re engaged, I wanted tonight to be the night…” She paused

“Cat… I love you too. Are you sure?” Armand asked

“I am; they wanted me to have a family. And it will prolong me being made into one of them.” She replied

They stood up, she turned around and he unzipped her dress. She pulled it over her head, revealing a white bra and underwear. He unbuttoned his black shirt, she unzipped his pants, and soon he stood before her wearing a pair of white briefs.

He took her into his arms and leaned in to kiss her. She met him half way and the kiss turned passionate, very quickly. They fell onto her bed, she felt his hands reach around to unhook her bra, and her hands reached down and slipped off his briefs. She felt his member getting hard, pressing against her left thigh. He began placing kisses on her neck, while using his other hand to slip off her underwear.

As their lips met, he stopped, her eyes opened to look at him.

“Are you ready?” He asked

“Yes…” She whispered

He slowly entered; she winced feeling him inside of her. At first he didn’t move, but then started and she wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him close to her. She was surprised when the pain faded away and began to feel pleasure. Their lips met as he slowly grinded against her. An hour later they lay in each other’s arms, staring up at the ceiling. He kissed the top of her head; she pulled him close to her.

“That was amazing.” He whispered

“It totally was…” She replied

She got up and her dresser draw opened, she put on large long sleeved blue striped nightgown. As she turned to say something, she smiled seeing Armand had fallen sleep. She climbed back into bed and wrapped her arms around him, letting sleep take over.

The next morning she woke seeing his arms wrapped around her.

“Morning…” She whispered

“Morning…” He replied; “What time is it?”

She looked over at the small white alarm clock sitting on her desk.

“It’s eleven.” She replied; “I’m going to shower.”

He lifted his arms and let her up as she left the room. By one they were downstairs and watching a movie on the television. Alice and Vincent came out from the kitchen to see Catherine and Armand.

“Oh cor blimey you two shagged last night…” Alice gasped

“Alice… bugger off…” Catherine growled

“You did shag last night. We wondered where you disappeared to.” Alice continued

“Are we really airing our dirty laundry right now?” Armand asked

“No.” Catherine replied; “Let’s go.”

The television shut off, Catherine and went upstairs to her room, Armand followed her. Vincent looked at Alice as she sat down on the couch.

“What?” She asked

“You can be so git. Why did you have to air their dirty laundry?” He replied

“I love to be a bad bird. Besides shows she’s not all mouth and no trousers. Everyone thinks she’s an innocent little bird. She does have a bad side.”

He sat down beside her as the television turned back on. Catherine had stripped her bed sheets; she turned to see Armand standing in the doorway.

“She might be fly, but I don’t regret it.” She commented

She walked passed him and downstairs into the laundry room. He followed her as she put her sheets into the washing machine.

“I know you don’t regret it. And I don’t either.” He began

He walked up to her and took her into his arms. She hugged him tightly. Later on she put her sheets back on her bed.


Two weeks into the New Year, Catherine and Armand went to the doctor’s office. She hadn’t been feeling well and was nervous, wondering “Am I pregnant?” She sat on the tan examination table on top of a white piece of paper. The fluorescent light lit up the dull blue room. A white counter stood on the right; with clear containers of cotton swabs and tongue depressors. Armand stood next to her holding her hand.

“What are your folks going to say?” He asked

“Mum will be pleased. My old man will probably go mental. He wants to turn me on my eighteenth birthday. Alice, I have no idea.” Catherine replied

The doctor walked in, he was in his early fifties. His dark brown hair was combed back, a pair of blue eyes met hers; he wore a white coat over a gray buttoned shirt and khaki pants, with brown shoes.

“Ms. Bloom congratulations you’re pregnant.” He began

At that moment she tuned everything else the doctor was saying. There was a tiny life inside her. This child would prevent Nicholas from turning her on her birthday. They left and drove home. She knew that she had to tell her family. She snapped back to reality as they pulled up to the house.

“Righto, are you ready?” Armand asked

“I’m ready.” She replied

He got out of the car and walked around to open her door. She took his hand as they walked inside. The curtains were drawn; Nicholas and Danielle were seated in the living room.

“Hello darling. What did the doctor say?” Danielle asked

“Mum, Dad, I’m going to have a baby.” Catherine replied

“Oh …Catherine …congratulations!”

Danielle got up and hugged her daughter tightly. She then hugged Armand; Nicholas got up and took Catherine into his arms.

“Congratulations love…” He whispered

“Thank you.” She replied

“You’re in luck. One of our coven members has a nanny who is looking for work. We’ll introduce you to her tonight. I think you will like her.” Danielle continued

Catherine nodded as she sat down on the couch. Armand went into the kitchen and came back with a glass of water.

“How are you feeling?” Danielle asked

“Much better thank you.” Catherine replied

“What’s wrong?” Alice asked

She appeared in the entrance way of the living room.

“I’m having a baby.” Catherine replied

Alice gasped and then sat beside her sister. She hugged Catherine tightly.

“Totally boss Cat… congratulations.”

“Thanks Alice.”

“Can you excuse us please?” Nicholas interrupted

Everyone left the room; he took a seat beside his daughter. Catherine took a sip of water.

“I know you didn’t plan this to happen.” He paused; “Your mother and I are glad you’re starting a family. Once the baby is born, you will have the choice. I believe you will be a great leader of this coven someday. If you do decide, to be turned, your powers will become stronger. Once Armand becomes a part of our family, I’ll show you how to turn him.”

“Daddy… I’m not sure what I will decide.” Catherine replied; “I want to watch my child grow and maybe once he or she is older, you may turn me.”

“What you decide my love, I will respect.”

He got up and went upstairs. That night Catherine was reading in the living room. She was lost in the story as young woman walked inside. She was about Catherine’s height, blond hair, green eyes, and fair complexion. She wore a three quarter sleeved black dress with a pink floral pattern.

“Hello Cat, my name is Faith. Your mother asked me to come by to meet you and your fiancé.” She began.

Catherine put her book down on the coffee table, got up and shook hands with Faith.

“It’s nice to meet you Faith. Armand can you come out here please?” Catherine replied

Armand came out from the kitchen. Faith sat in one of the chairs turning it to face Armand and Catherine.

“How long have you been with your current family?” Catherine asked

“I have been with two vampire families. I prepared all their meals and got them off to school. When the children turned sixteen, I was recommended to another family.” Faith replied

“Cor blimey you’re a mortal.” Armand interrupted

Faith nodded, “I have been offered by your mother to be turned. But I declined, because I think it would affect my work.”

“I think that’s totally boss. And I think you will be perfect for the job.” Catherine continued

“Thanks Cat, Armand.” Faith replied

“We should mention that our child will be gifted. He or she will have the ability to move objects with her mind. We can only imagine temper tantrums are going to be mental.” Armand chimed in

“He or she will be my first gifted child. I’m sure that I’ll learn what you and your child are capable of.” Faith smiled

“We’d like that.” Catherine added


The doorbell rang; Catherine excused herself to answer it. Her eyes lit up to see Alison. They hugged immediately and Catherine gestured for her friend to come inside. Alison took off her brown coat and stepped out of her matching boots. They floated into the closet, as Catherine led her into the living room.

“Hello Armand, it’s nice to see you again.” Alison waved

“It’s nice to see you too Alison.” Armand replied

Faith got up, as Alison walked up to her.

“Oh hello I’m Alison; nice to meet you.”

“I’m Faith and it’s nice to meet you too.” Faith replied with a smile

“We’ll leave you two to catch up.” Armand chimed in

He and Faith went into the kitchen. Catherine and Alison sat down on the couch.

“I feel terrible we haven’t talked in so long.” Catherine began

“I feel like an arse. I’m here now and have been going nutty not speaking to you.” Alison replied

“Armand and I are engaged.”

“Congratulations! When is the wedding?”

“I’m not sure. It will probably be before the baby is born.”

“Cor blimey Cat! And here I thought you were all mouth and no trousers.”

“Well if you’re going to take the piss out of it.”

Alison laughed, “I’m happy for you Cat. Armand seems like a really boss bloke.”

“Thanks Alison.”

“So Faith seems nice.”

“She’s going to be our nanny. My folks thought it would be good to meet her now.”

“You always liked to plan ahead.”

Catherine laughed, by midnight Alison left for home. They promised to write each other, Alison was leaving for the states to attend college. Armand and Faith came out of the kitchen. Catherine turned to them.

“I’m going to miss her.” She whispered

“You two will keep in touch. I know it.” Armand replied

“She seems like a totally boss friend.” Faith added

“She is. We’ve known each other since elementary school.”

“Totally boss. I’m going to sleep. Good night.”

“Good night.” They replied together

Faith walked out of the room and upstairs. Catherine sat down on the couch, Armand joined her.

“Faith seems totally boss. I hope she can handle the baby’s powers.” Catherine commented

“We’ll all be there to help.”

She leaned her head on his shoulder, and then there was a knock on the door. Catherine went to answer it and her eyes widened to see Diana.

“Hi Cat. Can I talk to him?” She asked

“Come in Diana.” Catherine replied

“Diana? What are you doing here?” Armand asked

“The old man is off his head. He predicted you would bring an evil child into this world. I decided to bunk and find a new coven.” Diana replied

“An Evil child?” Catherine gasped

“Don’t listen to her. My old man is off his head.” Armand interrupted

“Cor blimey you two shagged?” Diana asked

“Why do we have to air out our dirty laundry?” Catherine sighed

“We’re engaged and Cat is having a baby.” Armand continued

“Maybe the old man isn’t off his head. But you can deal with him, I came to say goodbye.”

Armand took his sister into his arms and hugged her tightly.

“I love you and stay safe.” Armand whispered

“I will.”

Diana stepped back and began chanting a spell and she disappeared.

“Your old man is a fortune teller?” Catherine asked

“He is…” Armand replied

“How could our child be evil?”

“We won’t let that happen.”

“I know. Your old man sounded off his head.”

“Cat I promise; we will give our child a totally boss life.”

“Let’s go to sleep.”

He got up and held out his hand. She took it and they walked upstairs. Later that night, Catherine began tossing and turning in bed. Small beads of sweat formed on her forehead and stained her pillow.

She woke up to see it was morning and Armand was still asleep. She got up and grabbed her blue robe off her desk chair. Her bedroom door opened and Alice was standing outside ready to knock.

“What’s wrong?” Alice asked

Catherine led her downstairs and into the kitchen.

“Armand’s sister came over last night. She was leaving home and wanted to say goodbye. Their father had a premonition, saying that our child was going to be born evil.”

“Is his old man a powerful warlock?”

“I think so. I’m worried Alice, how could a child be born evil?”

“That’s bullocks. That bloke must be off his head. None of us will let that happen.”

“I know. I had a strange dream last night. Our child was born, but someone had to turn me, to save us both. Something happened to me and our child. Then I woke up before finding out what happened.”

“Cat. We can change the future. You and Armand will be boss parents.”

“Thanks Alice.”

They hugged as Faith walked in wearing a gray robe and her hair was tied in a ponytail.

“Good morning ladies. I hope I’m not interrupting anything.” She commented

“No Faith, it’s cool.” Catherine replied; “Faith this is my sister Alice. Alice this is Faith, she will be mine and Armand’s nanny.”

“It’s nice to meet you.” Faith smiled extending her hand

“It’s nice to meet you too.” Alice replied

“I was hoping you would show me how your powers work. If your child inherits your powers, I would like to see what you two are capable of.” Faith continued

“After breakfast we will go outside and show you.” Alice replied with a smirk

They sat down and enjoyed waffles, bacon, and orange juice. After cleaning up, they got dressed and went out into the backyard. Alice carried a small box and put it on the table. She took out tennis balls and darts.

Catherine stared at the three tennis balls. Slowly each one rose into the air and she made them go in a circle. Then she sent them flying hitting the fence, she caught each one as they came back. Alice waved her hands over the six darts; soon each one flew and hit the fence in a straight line.

Catherine looked at Faith, she gasped as she rose into the air. It began to snow and Faith reached up to catch a snowflake. As she landed on the ground she looked amazed.

“Cor blimey that was totally boss.” She cheered

Armand and Catherine laughed as Faith asked to be lifted up again.

“They look so happy.” Nicholas commented

“Yes dear they do.” Danielle replied; “Do you think she’s ready?”

“Catherine is ready. She has a special power which will be unlocked shortly.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Her ability to be a leader...”

They were sitting in a small living room that led into their bedroom. A large fire crackled within the white wooden fireplace. The dim light, made the blue walls glow as they sat in across from each other in blue upholstered chairs.

“I will agree with you love. What about Armand’s father? Catherine would never raise an evil child.”

“I am not sure my love. We will have to wait and see.”

“I guess so. Though you will not turn her until the child is a year old.”

Nicholas sighed knowing Danielle and how powerful she can be when angry.

“I promise I won’t.”

Danielle laughed as a book flew into her hands. She began reading.

“I just hope Alice’s children don’t suffer the same fate.” Nicholas continued

Armand, Catherine and Faith walked back into the house as the sun began to set. The curtains began to close covering the windows as Nicholas and Danielle walked downstairs.

“Evening my children.” Danielle began

“Hello mum, dad.” Catherine replied

“Have you two set a date for the wedding?” Nicholas asked

“To be honest sir, Cat and I would like to be married by a judge. We would like to have a celebration here if that is alright.” Armand replied

“I think that is a wonderful idea. “ Danielle chimed in

“You do?” Catherine asked

“We know you never liked very large parties. We know of a judge who would be happy to marry you.” Nicholas continued

“Let’s do it next month.” Cat suggested

“Totally boss idea.” Armand replied.


She stood before her mother’s full length mirror. Slowly she turned around inspecting the white capped sleeved wedding gown with a full skirt; and matching half heeled shoes. Danielle and Alice walked in wearing purple dresses with black heels. Catherine turned to them and they gasped in amazement.

“You look beautiful darling.” Danielle commented

“Thanks mum.” Catherine replied

“Are you ready?” Alice asked

Catherine nodded as the veil came over her face. Danielle handed her a bouquet of red roses. They left Danielle and Nicholas’s bedroom. Nicholas stood by the stairs dressed in a tuxedo, he watched as the three women in his life came downstairs.

Alice joined Vincent and they walked into the living room. Nicholas and Danielle linked arms with their daughter. As they walked in the living room white streamers hung from the mantle and above where the judge stood. He was in his late thirties, brown hair, blue eyes; he wore a long black robe and held a bible.

Armand stood to the judge’s right with Vincent behind him. Alice stood to the left.

Nicholas, Catherine, and Danielle walked in. They hugged their daughter and she stood beside Armand.

“Who gives this woman away?” The judge asked

“We do.” Danielle and Nicholas replied

“Very well Nicholas and Danielle. We are gathered here today, to join this man and this woman, in holy matrimony. If anyone has any objections to this union, let them speak now or forever hold your peace. Armand do you take Catherine to be your wedded wife? To love, honor, and cherish for as long as you both shall live?”

“I do.” Armand replied

“Catherine do you take Armand to be your wedded husband? To love, honor, and cherish until death do you part?”

“I do.” Catherine replied

“The rings please…”

Vincent reached into his jacket pocket and handed the rings to Adam.

“Armand place this ring on Catherine’s finger.”

The judge pronounced them man and wife. Everyone applauded as they kissed and hugged. Danielle waved her hand, the kitchen door opened. Two tables wheeled out, one with appetizers and two entrées. The other had a large wedding cake. Cat’s eyes lit up to see Sandra, James, their parents, and Roxanne.

“Congratulations!” They said together.

Everyone began to eat, while Catherine and Armand sat talking with their friends.

“So James what’s it like?” Alice asked

“It was painful at first. Afterwards it’s totally boss.” James replied

“I can’t wait.” Alice smiled

“Cat, where are you and Armand going on your honeymoon?” Roxanne asked

“We’re not sure. My folks said they were going to surprise us.” Catherine replied; “Where did you go?”

“Amsterdam; it was totally boss.” James continued

“It was tough being away from Pam. She had turned a year old before we left.” Roxanne sighed

“Congratulations on the wedding and the birth of Pam.” Alice commented

“Thank you.” Roxanne replied; “So Cat, when are we going to meet your little one?”

“September…” Cat replied

“Now that we’re a part of the coven, we look forward to meeting him or her.” Roxanne said with a smile

Later that night, Catherine had changed into a long sleeved blue dress. Armand changed into a long sleeved black buttoned shirt. Danielle and Nicholas gathered everyone by the front door.

“Armand and I would like to thank everyone for coming. The ceremony and celebration was perfect.” Catherine replied

“Cat, Armand, we are so happy you have found each other. We wish you both all the happiness and love; as you begin life as husband and wife. Please accept this gift and enjoy your honeymoon in Paris.” Danielle began

Armand and Catherine hugged Danielle and Nicholas as the front door opened. A white limousine was waiting; Alice and Vincent had finished loading the trunk. Catherine took Armand by the hand leading him into the car. Everyone waved as the car pulled out of the driveway. Alice began walking down the road, Vincent caught up with her.

“You’re going to get sick, walking in the snow in your heels.” He commented

“Most of the snow melted.” She replied

He picked her up, she laughed as her arms wrapped around his neck.

“Practicing carrying me over the threshold?” She asked

“Practice makes perfect.” He laughed; “I’m surprised you didn’t take the piss out of Cat’s special day.”

“Why? I’m not that git. We can tell everyone when they come home.”

“Wow you have changed since turning seventeen.”

“I’m still a bad bird. But I chose not to take the piss out of my sister’s wedding. Tell anyone and I will paste you.”

“Mum’s the word…”

She kissed him on the cheek as he carried her back to the house.


She awoke the next morning to the sun’s rays peeking through the sheer white drapes. As she got up, her blue robe flew into her hand; she slipped it on. The drapes drew apart as the large glass doors opened onto the small balcony. The sun had risen higher into the orange and blue sky; she looked over to see the Eiffel tower, as the city began to wake up.

“Good morning Mrs. Coleman.” Armand whispered coming up behind her

“Good morning Mr. Coleman.” She replied

“What should we do today?”

“Get lost in the city…”

“Good idea…”

An hour later they left their hotel and began walking down the street hand in hand. They passed numerous shops and restaurants. Everything look so beautiful, she couldn’t believe that her parents had sent her and Armand here.

By noon they stopped at a small café and got some lunch. They were seated at a large booth, with dark red cushions and black wooden table. After their waiter brought them their food, they began to eat.

“Are you feeling alright love?” Armand asked

“I’m fine love. We’re here for four days, so please do not take the piss out of it.” Catherine replied


She laughed and reached for his hand and squeezed it.

“You’ve been taking good care of me. If something was wrong I would tell you.”

He smiled as they continued eating. Back in London, Alice and Vincent were waiting outside the local movie theater for Sandra and her new boyfriend. Sandra appeared walking with a boy her height; short dirty blond hair and green eyes.

“Hello Alice, Vincent. This is Michael; Michael these are my friends Alice and her boyfriend Vincent.” Sandra began

“It’s nice to meet you.” Michael commented

“It’s nice to meet you too.” They replied together

“Righto… let’s go…” Alice continued

Two hours later they came out with a large crowd of people.

“That flick was totally boss…” Sandra commented

“Totally boss…” Michael added

“Sandra, how long have you been Michael’s bird?” Vincent asked

“For six months, he knows about our kind. He met James, Roxanne, and Pam.” Sandra replied

“Cool. Next year we will have to make a big decision.” Alice continued

Sandra nodded as they began walking to the nearest restaurant for dinner. Elsewhere Danielle had finished feeding on a homeless man who had stolen a man’s wallet. She licked the blood off her lips and came out from the alley where she had cornered the thief. The sidewalks were crowded as she slipped in and began walking to the end of the street. Nicholas sat in his car waiting, he saw Danielle, but she was stopped by someone.

“Mrs. Bloom?” The man asked

She looked at him, he looked familiar, and then she realized he was Armand’s father.

“I am. Is there something I can help you with Mr. Coleman?” She replied

“Do not let that child be brought into this world.” He continued

“Have you gone mental?”

“Your vampire daughter seduced him… to give birth to pure evil!”

He took out a gun and aimed it at her. Nicholas quickly got out of his car and began running towards them. Danielle waved her hand causing the gun to rise into the air; Nicholas tackled Victor to the ground. The gun landed in Danielle’s hand, she opened the revolver clip to see bullets filled with pure light.

Nicholas took Danielle by the hand and started running to the end of the street. They got into the car and pulled away as Victor stopped at the corner watching them escape.

“What the hell was that?” Nicholas asked

“He called Cat a vampire. He said she seduced Armand to bring an evil child into this world.” Danielle paused; “His gun had bullets filled with light.”

“Do not worry my love we’re safe now. Let’s return home.”

“It is probably best that Cat and Armand are in Paris. He will not get to my daughter.”

“It is. We will make sure he doesn’t come anywhere near her.”

Danielle nodded as Nicholas turned onto the road leading to their home. As they pulled into the driveway, they saw Alice, Vincent, Sandra, and a boy walking into the house.

“Hello Alice, Vincent, Sandra.” Danielle began

“Hello mum, dad, this is Sandra’s boyfriend Michael. Michael these are my parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bloom.” Alice replied

“It’s nice to meet you.” Michael chimed in walking up and shaking hands with them both

“You too Michael, please excuse us.” Nicholas continued

They went upstairs, leaving the group to watch television. As they walked into their bedroom, she sat down on her bed.

“We can’t let him scare us darling.” Nicholas said as he sat down next to her

“I would kill him before he came near my daughter or grandchild.” She growled

“Try to stay calm darling. When they come home, at least we’ll be able to protect her.”

She hugged him tightly as he kissed the top of her head.


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Author Google AnalyticsThis is used to provide traffic data and reports to the authors of articles on the HubPages Service. (Privacy Policy)
ComscoreComScore is a media measurement and analytics company providing marketing data and analytics to enterprises, media and advertising agencies, and publishers. Non-consent will result in ComScore only processing obfuscated personal data. (Privacy Policy)
Amazon Tracking PixelSome articles display amazon products as part of the Amazon Affiliate program, this pixel provides traffic statistics for those products (Privacy Policy)