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Day 1: a new year (01/01/14)

Updated on September 21, 2016

A New Year

So hi... I guess.

I'm not too sure how long this will last, but I will try my best to keep it going as a way to keep track of my year. I want to use this blog as a way of looking back over the year and seeing what I've gone through.

The idea to do this came from a friend. She said that she kept a diary of every event that happened, including news and personal stuff.

Introduction & purpose

So as you might of guessed, this will become something like an online diary. I've never written a diary before, so it will be interesting to see how I take to this. I'm not the best, or most eloquent writer in the world. I don't ever pretend to be. But I hope this will allow me to practice and become better at communicating my ideas and feelings.

Normally I'm a rather reserved person, and writing the 'feelings' made me feel a little nervous... but we will get past that in time. I normally don't give away information on most of my personal to people I am just beginning to know. Mostly for the privacy I enjoy, but also for the fact that I guess I'm not overly confident.

Anyways, the purpose of this blog is to keep track of the year. Significant events, things I find interesting whilst studying, etc. as well as my own life.

First day

I'm actually writing this on the second day... and I might find myself writing about the past more often. But I hope I manage to write at the end of the day so things remain fresh in my mind.

Fireworks happened today! Globally, fireworks celebrated the new year. They were rather interesting, but normally I don't care much for fireworks. They're interesting for a short while, and then they get boring. I don't particularly enjoy the feeling in your chest as they explode. I guess it makes me feel rather vulnerable? I don't know.

My life

So asleep at 4am after lots of celebrations and me procrastinating on my laptop for a while. Then up at 10. I have family staying over, so I've been sleeping in the living room. Not comfortable, but I sleep well enough to function the next day!

Readings are what took most of my day away. I have about 17 left as of writing this. But they are all to go towards an essay due when I get back to University. I then ate lots at lunch, and ate lots again at dinner. Too much eating to be honest. Reading and Eating.

Something I found and am getting:

Now I actually bought this on the 27th of December. But it was being dispatched today.

I checked amazon, and found that another, just as good moblie charger was available for a cheaper price... I will put both in.


News is something I would also like to keep track of in these blogs.

It will help me keep track of the world, but also force me to keep up to date on current events. I used to be really good at this, and then just fell out of practice. I think when I switched from Firefox to Chrome, I didn't transfer the RSS feeds so didn't keep up to date.

James Avery
James Avery

What happened?

Rail fairs in the UK went up today by an average of 2.8%. I still think that this is crazy! But supposedly only 3% goes towards profits? And seeing as the UK has a privatised train system, I guess it is fair that we pay and they get a profit.

Also, the guy from the fresh prince, James Avery, died. Now I didn't know of who he was until I saw a picture. Great man, great life! First (reported) death of the year I suppose.

I didn't keep up to date with the news today, but I will try my best tomorrow!

I would love feedback!


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