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Day 2: thinking (02/01/14)

Updated on January 3, 2014

The day of thinking

So today was the second day of the year, and also the second day I have written this blog. I still have no idea where I wish to take this piece of writing. Nor do I know what to ever write about. But I'm sure I'll think of something...

Today was a day that I did a fair amount of thinking. Not necessarily contemplating life, but just thinking about how my coursework will pan out, and also other things - maybe I should carry a note pad?


So I am a student. And as a student, I am poor. Relatively poor, but poor none the less. And seeing as I study (and consequently was brought up and live) in London, I have learnt to walk around to get to places.

Now when I say live, I mean that I live in my student accommodation in London (home), but also have grown up in the suburbs of London (home home). I live relatively close to Oxford street, which allows me to get everything I need within about 20 mins when I am in my accommodation. When I am home, I walk everywhere. I find it helps me clear my head. When I am at home home, I don't walk because I have access to the cars we have.

So, there is a bit more information about myself, as well as an introduction to today's diary:

The world

I have been reading for some coursework that is making me decide whether nuclear power is or can ever be a viable alternative to fossil fuels. I won't put up too much information to prevent anyone thinking that I have plagiarised myself.

I have always assumed that nuclear power is the best option. Regardless of the danger to human lives, to keep our society going, we need a good, clean source of energy. Nuclear is reliable and clean. What I did not factor in is the costs and big picture. The costs are astronomical, and have been increasing due to the lack of raw materials being used up by developing countries. The big picture includes looking at the CO2 emissions on a wider scale: mining, enrichment and waste disposal. When factoring in these, it is actually cheaper and cleaner to use Gas power. But the problem with gas is that the suppliers that Europe use are unreliable (Russia). So we are left with Oil, Coal and Renewables.

Oil is too expensive, Coal is too dirty. Renewables. They are not as amazing as it might seem. The public are all for them, but NIMBY (Not-In-My-Back-Yard). And the economic outlook and efficiency of them is rather poor. Economically, they don't produce many jobs, as the lack of subsidies doesn't promote innovation and development, but promotes investment. Invetment is all well and good, but when efficiency of solar panels are just 15%, you see why fossil fuels are so much more appealing - they are cheap to install, relatively cheap over the long term and relatively reliable.

So this is my dilemma for my essay.

This looks good:

I think I will always try and find some interesting things on Amazon for you to look at, just window shopping...

OWI  Salt Water Fuel Cell Car
OWI Salt Water Fuel Cell Car

Seeing as we are talking about fuel, this seemed appropriate - and looks cool!


What else?

Well, as I said, I went for a walk.

This walk was around my local park. Lovely place, just a little too busy.

Kids with bikes. Why!?

Note to self: get my (future (hypothetical)) child a bike when they are about 6-8, every single bloody kid seems to have one from Christmas! And dogs!

Ahhh they annoyed me today.

My cousin and family are leaving tomorrow as well. That will be sad, but I want to travel more this year, so hopefully they will see me sooner than they expect!

I also made awful meatballs today... too dry.

Snowy USA
Snowy USA


Well today was a tad more interesting than yesterday!

Floods and interesting weather going on in the UK today! Sunny where I was, but supposedly there is high wind, rain and high tides...:

Obesity is supposedly rising in developing countries. Now I don't like the name developing countries, as they are unspecific... Looking through, they become more specific with North Africa, the Middle East and Latin America at 58% level of obesity:

The US is bracing itself for snow... seems like fun! With 35cm of snow, it isn't the people in houses that I'm thinking about. It seems to be the homeless people that I'm more worried about, knowing that if and when they fall asleep, they will die from hypothermia.


Interesting and Other things

Ever heard of a Rip Current? They are supposedly common in Australia, and work with 2 wave fronts coming in with a central column returning out to sea. (VIDEO)

Wal Mart have been selling donkey meat in China... I would actually be curious as to what that tasted like, although something tells me it would be similar to beef or lamb?

I missed out lots of things yesterday: weed being on sale in Denver; Sherlock Holmes came back to life on the BBC; the massive clean up post-2014 celebrations; and the massive... oh wait! The non-existent flood of Romanians and Bulgarians to the UK...

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