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Day 4: Action films! (04/01/14)

Updated on September 21, 2016

Lazy Saturday

Today was not a normal day for me... and here's why: I rarely watch films. Saying that, I must have watched about 15 over the holiday period - 4 today - but normally I don't watch films.

Other news? I'm relatively content with life and have people who care for me.

Anyways! Here is my day:


Yes, I know. I've already put you to sleep by saying sleep. It is a boring topic but something I have trouble with.

I can sleep well, and I slept until about 2pm today - which I felt really bad about because I had to do more reading for my essay! But it troubles me some times.

Normally I can survive on 6 hours of sleep. Over Christmas I had to have 10 hours, due to me not being comfortable sleeping on a sofa. And I assume I was just catching up on lost sleep when I had about 12 hours. This is why I have to mention it for today's entry - it took up a good percentage of my day!

Sometimes I can't wake, sometimes I can't sleep. I guess it depends on how much I have to do, but I feel writing this helps a little. So thanks!

Essay planning
Essay planning

Essay planning

I've been doing a bit of both reading and planning today. I had a shower late and found that I did some great thinking about how to structure my essay in there... and then quickly forgot it all! Maybe I should get a shower microphone - do people sell those?

Anyways, this seems to be the most comprehensive plan I have ever done in my life. I'm copying notes that I've made from my readings, labelling them so I know where they came from, and then structuring them within the paragraphs. 13 pages of notes, and only 5 paragraphs...! Might be fun to write!

Here is a link to the University of Reading on how to plan essays:

The Last Stand
The Last Stand


I actually almost forgot to write about this! I saw the title of my entry and remembered... I'm getting old and senile obviously.

So Films! I don't watch many, mostly because I'm a student and too poor to do so. But when I do, I enjoy the action packed clever solving type movies. Today I watched Olympus has fallen, Hummingbird, Little Fockers and The Last Stand.

All were good movies. But here is a quick review of them all!

Olympus has fallen: Good, but lacked substance, maybe a lack of story? 4/5

Hummingbird: Something very different, and I hoped would be something more generic. For its originality, I would give it a 5/5, but because it always left you feelings "why can't you pull your life together", I have to give it a 3/5

Little Fockers: Just a great laugh, with a lovely girl in it! 4/5

The Last Stand: Exciting and funny, but again, the story was a little half and half and the actors were not the best! 4/5

Sunni Fighters
Sunni Fighters

Scottish Independence and Iraq

Scotland is an interesting place. Full of wonderful landscapes, interesting variations of food, and politicians that live in the age where they think they can become independent from the UK. As you can see, I don't agree with the decision, but hey! It's not my choice; I'm a Londoner! But today the First minister of Scotland is trying to get the Prime Minister to go on TV with him and have a debate... I would enjoy that, but it might not be beneficial or something could go wrong.

Something I didn't know was happening - the internal power struggle in Iraq continues! A province called Fallujah has been taken over by Al-Qaeda-linked militants backed by local Sunni fighters. I don't know enough about the region or groups of people to make a conclusion, but it would be interesting to see what will happen - I reckon that the Government will eventually change policies to accept the Sunni or make them less marginalised, but it will take a big event to do that:

A few quirky bits of news

A plan decides to make its landing on a motorway... I'm glad no one was hurt but it begs the question: if a plane needs to land, on land, where does it land?!:

Sports Direct (a UK sports retailer) had a woman give birth in one of its warehouses - maybe the baby loved sports?

Australians are against the culling of sharks around Perth. Good for you guys! Sharks are already hunted for their fins, they should be allowed to swim where they want - we are only the humans getting in their way, don't kill them because they are an inconvenience!

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