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Day 5: Games and presents (05/01/14)

Updated on September 21, 2016

Gamer days and self present giving

Today has probably been my most relaxing day of the year so far. I gave up with my readings and planning, and started to write some of my essay. I then rewarded myself with an ample amount of gaming and surprisingly received my belated Christmas present to myself!

Overall, I'm bored and ready to finish working so I can go out for a good run - that's what I feel I need! Maybe tomorrow?!


I always find introductions hard. Whether it's with people, writing essays or this blog, I always have to think about what I want to say. Maybe a little too much sometimes.

I began with writing an introduction that was full of information. Now although this isn't bad, I feel that an introduction should gradually introduce the person/ essay/ blog to the recipient. Luckily I didn't scrap the paragraph, because I'm going to use that as my first paragraph in my essay, and second point in this blog!

It might work best like that? Who knows?

Evil Genius
Evil Genius


I regressed today and gave into my urges of playing a computer game - something I've had very little time to do whilst studying.

My game of choice? Evil Genius! A great old game with those rather crappy 3D vector graphics and a simple yet rather challenging game play. You take the role of an evil genius and plan to take over the world... or at least send a rocket into space. I would tell you with more certainty, but I remember that I never completed the game. It crashed and the load was corrupted, so I gave up. *le sigh*

So if you are curious, go for it! It will burn up your time very easily, and you will have lots of fun designing your evil genius lair.

Happy Christmas II

So I also recieved by belated christmas present to myself! Seeing as I have a Nokia Windows phone, the battery life is bad. It is listed as 9 hours but that's 9 hours of casual usage. Constant would be 5 hours of life, not using it can give you up to 40 hours!

So to solve this little problem, I didn't get a new phone - although that's what I wanted to do! I instead bought a rechargeable mobile charger from Amazon. I saw it, looks good, and bought it. I'm pleased to say I'm really happy with it!

It comes will all the cables you need, plus a lanyard and wrist strap. It also has a little flash light on the front which actually does a great job of lighting up places - not like those other LED flash lights! I haven't tested out the battery life and the capacity yet, but I'm hoping for 1.5 charges for my phone. Fingers Crossed!

Games and Presents

Evil Genius
Evil Genius

An amazing game at an amazing price!

Polar Vortex
Polar Vortex

Ice cold winds and deaths

The North American storm is still raging on! Polar air from the north is driving south creating an cyclonic polar vortex... scary stuff! And producing 2 feet of snow...

A South Sudanese General was killed today in an ambush. Now I had forgotten that they were even fighting still! But it is very sad, and I really do hope the factions can make it work for south Sudan.

A few interesting articles

Normally at this point I would throw some quirky things in to liven eveyone's day. But all there is, is the woman who gave birth in sports direct has been arrested...! There, nothing else!

So here are a few articles that I found rather interesting today:

A new wave of BRIC type countries: MINT -

Supervolcanoes -

New style banks -

Triple Star solar systems -

Drunken street cleaners -

Talk about stuff and things!

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