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Day 6: Returning to normal (06/01/14)

Updated on September 21, 2016

Life, eh?

So today seems to be the first day that is 'normal' again. I'm actually at home home, so not in halls until... maybe this friday? But anyways, my parents went back to work, siblings back to school, and me? Slept and wrote my essay! Who can blame me? That's all students are known for.

But normality is relative, and that weather! Wow!


Normality is relative. And to be honest, that's all I'd like to say about the subject. But I won't, because I'd like to keep track of my thoughts.

Normality is relative to time and locality, both independently of each other and dependent. But what makes the world, a place, or a situation normal? Initially I would have said the ideals and pressures that society instils upon us. What about our homes? Society doesn't really get a say about anything at home. And for that matter, work too. Although work places are a mixture of cultures and people, there is always one overarching culture that might be completely alien to society's norms. Google, for example. It seems to be fun and games there... But although it is a normal work place for those who work at the company, it is a rather strange business culture. Is that society telling us that?

I've said enough here - you decide!


Something every student is amazing at.

If you have a child, and let them work alone on a computer, good chance they're not doing their work after 6/7pm. Unless it's a big project or they have a large attention span, they will procrastinate.

I always find water helps, and sometimes music. But a quiet 'working' place is something I need. A space that I have dedicated to working, that I am comfortable, and have everything I need. Until then, I will not write this darn essay!

Puff Pasty Pie
Puff Pasty Pie


The other interesting things that happened to me today: I cooked!

Actually, that's not so surprising. I cook for myself quite often, and am rather competent - I think.

But today I failed at cooking's most basic task - reading the instructions. Like the guy I am, I just set the oven and shoved the pie in... not realising that puff pastery requires a certain temperature!

Well, this is what it looked like before... I haven't got an after one because I ate it before taking one unfortunately. But I'm sure you can imagine a golden brown top that hasn't risen yet!

Other than the top not being cooked enough, the rest was great!

A lovely beef filling that was going to be a stew, but turned into a pie when the stew was too thick... Maybe I'll try a lighter chicken and leek pie?


The storm is still coming! Yep, the 4th day in a row? Scary stuff. I haven't heard of any deaths related to the snow, but maybe being on the other side of the pond we aren't privy to that kind of information.

Public opinion in the UK has decided to go anti-immigration. To which I say, please, be quiet and learn something. Immigration helps with a number of things: inflation tends to decrease, economies grow, jobs are filled and consequently created, and jobs people don't want are filled. Many migrants don't come to another country just to abuse the benefit system! Idiots.

Relaxing man
Relaxing man

Squeeky Clean and Relaxing

A man in Australia was stuck in a washing machine, and had to be rescued by emergency services and olive oil... just, wow!

Bet this guy never thought he would be arrested for relaxing in his car, hands behind his head, whilst driving! Everyone does it... right?

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