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DChance Review Children Book Happy Baby Bunny and Friends

Updated on September 21, 2013

Happy Baby: Bunny and Friends (touch, feel, and say)

This is a must have book. My toddler loves this book. He plays with it for hours. This is the first book he ever turned the pages. Also, he likes to keep this book near his toys.

He loves to feel the fur on the bunny page. He likes all the rest of the pages, too.

I have read this story over and over, again. He never tires of it. Also, the tiger's whiskers make noise.

I have not had to replace this book, yet. I hope, I never will have to replace it. It makes me happy to see my son interesting in holding a book without tarring it up.

After, reading this book ... my son has been able to take books off of shelves without removing the pages. I don't know how this happened but I am happy that it happened.

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Too Much Fun
Too Much Fun

Too Much Fun

Yes, this book is lots of fun. But, could it be too much fun?

What are the risks of owning this book?

1) The book could get chewed on. Paper is not that great a meal for a toddler.

2) Overtime, the book may get torn apart.

3) You may have to replace this book.

4) The fur or other parts might get ripped out.

5) Your child could in fact learn. Learning children are always annoying. You might not want to answer questions about a furry bunny book.

6) You may want the child to pet the real life animal. So, go out and get your own tiger, today. Also, you will love the little poohs that the bunny leaves for you.

image by DChance.

The Book

5 of 5 stars for this book.

I didn't see anything wrong with this book.

This book will last you a long time but it might the victim of a over active kid who is very strong. It is not easy to tare the pages but this may happen.

Owning a Bunny

The animals in the book may have your kid saying, "I want one of those."

Bunnies take a lot of care. They need their cages cleaned often. More often then a child can clean them. You will be cleaning them.

They also smell. This is not the type pet that you can just walk around the block and it only goes to the rest room a few times a day. I would not suggest owning one.

However, this may be a project for a teenager. But, a toddler would need lots of help.

There is a project you can do for your rabbit. They can live in a cage outside. A large cage that will hold all your rabbits in it. This will keep your rabbits from sneaking up your home.

You can build a small chicken coop with a small door. This will take some time to make but it will be worth it when your rabbit is not poohing in the house.

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Something to Try

Book Cover

Get out samples of wallpaper. Not the kind on the internet. The kind you find at a store. Get some samples.

You can store them in a envelope. Then, let the child feel each one. Each one is different.

You can glue one on the cover of a notebook.

Once you have glued it to the notebook wait until the fabric dries.

Cut out some pictures from a magazine.

Glue the random pictures on top.

Let that one dry.

Get out some plastic wrap. This will need to fit over the top of the notebook and fold around the cover.

After, making sure it fits. Put it to the side.

Make a mixture of 1/2 glue and 1/2 water.

Paint the mixture over top of the cover.

Carefully, put the profited plastic wrap back over the cover.

Wait for it to dry.

Once dry you can tape the rest of the plastic wrap in place behind the cover.

You are done!


I have played with the puppy version of this toy. I think this toy is about the same. So, if you child likes bunny's more than puppy this is the better toy.

VTech - Peek At Me Bunny
VTech - Peek At Me Bunny

This toy looks like the puppy version of this toy.


What did you think of the book?

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