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DChance Review Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmens

Updated on September 14, 2013

Children's Book

I have seen the show but I don't remember the book. The cover suggests that there are two rows of girls in yellow outfits. All of the outfits includes a yellow hat.

The story takes place in Paris, France. There is a drawing of the Eiffel Tower right there on the cover.

The girl's are clearly being taken care of by a nun. I think they might be on an outing of some kind in late spring or summer. The flowers on the trees are still in bloom.

When I was a kid, I liked to watch the show. She was so independent. I wanted to have my own dreams. It was hard to believe that I would ever be as fearless as that character.

This series changed me. I began to think that maybe I could have many friends that though differently than myself. However, I didn't make a lot of friends. It was nice to know that they all thought differently. I wanted my friends to be like family, just like in that book. Though, I don't think that way today, I still love to read the Madeline books and watch the television show.

image from amazon

Story of a girl

This is the story of little girls who live in a Catholic school for girls. I don't know if the girls just live there or have other homes.

The book suggests that the reader not think to hard on what is going on. The girls live there. They are taken care of as long as they stay there.

Madeline is only one of the girls. She is the smallest. In this installment she gets sick. The other girls miss her.

The Book


This is the one that does not have Madeline in the end.




Be yourself.

Work well with others.

Care about those that are different than yourself.


What makes you different?

Do you have questions that need an adult to answer?


Go an outing with your friends. What are the rules already in place when you go out with them?

4 Stars

The ending was not very easy to understand. An Adult might be able to understand but a child will need some more explaining.

Madeline does not return home. The book does say she stays there for days. I would like her to be well. The girls saw that she was well. However, there are more books. So, she didn't die.

I still wanted more information.

image: DChance

Be Yourself

Theme 1

Everyone has their own talents. Yes, there are many talents that can be learned but it is important to enhance the ones we do have today.

In the story, the little girl never gave up. She knew that in order to be strong, she had to stay in the hospital to recover. The talent that she learned was patience. That part of the girl's character shined though as she waited to get better.

The other girls wanted to be with their friend but they knew that they had to wait for her to come back to them.

None of the characters tried to be someone else other then what they where at that time. They never faked their feeling or put on a show for others. They really did love the main character.

Work Well With Others

Theme 2

This book is a perfect example of that theme. Each little girl worked to better the other. Even the grown ups worked with other grown ups to make sure that each character was able to be their best.

The main characters had something to do each day. They stayed together to keep out of danger. Also, they were able to learn in as a group. As the girls grow up, they will be more ready to work with others in a work setting.

Group Craft

Talk out what craft you would like to do.

For example:

Have everyone plan hike.

On the hike let everyone bring something different.

Everyone needs to give a three clues to what they have on them.

The clues can be put on the trail. Make sure you put them on a sign. You can stick them on it. Most trails have signs just don't block any safety signs.

Here is how it would be done. Two people need to put up the clues. They can even be put on the grown in a large envelope, if you have no signs.

In each envelope will be a clue. You will write down the clue on your notepad. Like this ..

Clue 1 Object 1 .................Clue 2 Object 1 .............Clue 3 Object 1...............

Clue 1 Object 2 .................Clue 2 Object 2 .............Clue 3 Object 2...............

You can feel in the blanks of each object.

The envelops can have some clues in it or just one. This will depend on how long the hike is laid out.

Make sure the last group to look for the envelopes collects them so that their is no trash on the trail.

When the hike is over everyone can guess the items.

Image: DChance This is another way to put the clues together.


Another, Brave fictional charecter.


How did you like the ending of the story?

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    • Pat Goltz profile image

      Pat Goltz 4 years ago

      I had a 45rpm record of the story, using some music by Rossini, if I recall correctly. I don't remember any profound lessons. It was a simple story of a girl who would walk with her classmates in two straight lines. One day she needed an operation, and after the operation, she had one straight line on her stomach.