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DChance Review of If All The Animals Came Inside by Eric Pinder

Updated on February 11, 2015

This Will Not End Well

This books look similer to the book, The Mouse and Mrs. Proudfoot by Albert Rusling. In that book, animals came inside the home. Mrs. Proudfoot wanted to get reed of the mouse so silly things happened to her home.

The current book seems to be doing the same thing on the cover. However, one boy is hugging the animal just like in that Fatal Attractions show on Animal Planet. He is acting more welcoming toward the elephant then trying to chase it away. The elephant also looks happy, too,

The little girl on the cover seems shocked by what just happened in the house. There is a boy hugging an elephant in the home. I am sure that she does not see that every day.

It take a lot of care to take care of one elephant. I am sure the World Wild Life Foundation would not like people adopting animals in such a manner in the United States.

The destruction of a flower pot is clear. The pot is going to fall. I am not sure if the boy picks up falling items. Maybe, that sort of thing is left up to the parents.

Someone let another animal into the house. A giraffe. How a giraffe fit into the house in the first place is a mystery. Maybe, they broke the sliding glass doors just off the picture?

The third animal is the dog. I can only assume that the dog will die a horrible death after being stepped on by the elephant. After all, the boy and the girl are not watching the dog.

image: DChance

The Book

The boy has let a verity of animals in his home. They all want to do their own thing. The parents don't do much about the mess the animals have done in the home.

It turns out that there are not only two kids in the house but three. Right off the bat, the parents go insane. They offer no help to their kids. I believe they are not very attentive parents.

Lots of Animals

Saying, "NO," should have been the first thing the parents said before the animals entered their home.

If All the Animals Came Inside
If All the Animals Came Inside

The book is about a boy that loves animals. By the end of the book , um, not so much.

The book is very enjoyable.


Book Theme

Don't think before you act.

The kids in the story do not think at all before they bring animals into the house. A zoo enters there home and they only have fun with the animals until the very end.

It is alright to leave your children with wild animals.

The parents leave the home. They don't want to deal with the difficult situation.

Zoo animals will not eat children.

The children in the story play with the animals. No one gets hurt.

Zoo animals will take over your home.

Those animals are large. They have to leave somewhere. Humans just will not fit into their home any longer. The children do eventually move out of the home. I am sure that child welfare is too scared of being killed by one of the animals to come collect the two children and the baby that are left outside.

Wild Animals

Elephant Zoo

Owning an Elephant

When you think about owning your own elephant ... think about how much space they need. I am sure they need a lot of space to walk around. I think one block might be enough for an outside enclose for one elephant.

Your elephant will not fit in your home. You will need another few house lengths to keep your new pet. Think of those as a house for you elephant. Now, you can have someplace to put your elephant.

Next, you will need some way to clean your elephant. Elephants use dirt to clean them but you may need a power sprayer to clean the elephant, too.

They eat a lot. They eat more than 500 pounds of food each day. Although, some can eat less. And, don't forget the 40 plus gallons of water. You might want to put in some sort of system that puts water into a troth on your land.

Also, clean up after your elephant.

So, good luck with your elephant. Don't let your parents stay, "NO"! You deserve to have your own elephant.

Elephant don't smell so nice. You will need to think of some way to compromise for the smell. You could plant extra strong rose bushes near your elephant but far enough away to eat them. Roses do smell nice. But, that might not be enough. Plant some trees that have blossoms on the that flower. Again, don't let the elephant eat them.

Making Money

Charge Admission

You can charge admission to feed the animal. This can be done by adding a viewing room slash feeding room for the elephant.

Gift Shop

Sell all sorts of elephant related items.

And ...

You will need to get a grant to care for the cost of this one animal.

Food Area

Offer items that can be made easy in minutes. Make the place available to the pubic. Maybe, food building that everyone does not have to pay to go inside.

What do you think of the book?

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