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DChance Review Scooter in the Outside by Anne Bowen

Updated on February 11, 2015

Children's Book

The dog on the cover looks to be loosely drawn but I have seen shows that were the same way.

So, the dog has been let outside. He seems to be excited to be outside.

I don't know why he was let outside alone. Most dogs who are not cartoon, might run away if they were let outside. I hope this is a cartoon dog.

image: DChance

Outside Dog

A dog wants to roam outside his home where he could feel free. However, he is only a dog.

The dog wanted to be free, so the dog left. In the outside, the dog was left without anyone to protect him. He becomes scared of the world.

When times get tough for the dog, he finds his owner. She helps him get back home where he can be safe.

4 Stars

My dog has run around the neighborhood a few times. I am sure he dreams about it.

The world is harsh. I know what the book talks about in the real world.

A dog needs to be inside with their owner. The dog learns a life listen the hard way. He could have been hurt.

Luckily, he has a owner that loves him.

image: DChance



Keep your dog in your yard.

You can fallow your dreams but be safe about it.


Find out how many sports that you can be done outside.

-Let everyone know the rules of the one.

-Learn one of the sports.

-Do the sport outside.


How do you like outside sports?

How do you like inside sports?

Which sports can you do with your dog?

What do you like about going outside?

What is exciting about the outside world?

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