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Dear Diary: Journal Keeping

Updated on October 16, 2014

Keeping a Journal

Keeping a journal is therapeutic.
Keeping a journal is therapeutic. | Source

Journal Keeping ~ Dear Diary

Keeping a journal or writing in your Dear Diary is something special. When you are writing in your diary or journal keeping you can let it all out.

Putting your thoughts and feeling down with pen on paper is one of the most relaxing things you can do.

Journal keeping or keeping a journal or diary can help you think out problems and find solutions to those problems.

Writing in a dear diary or journal keeping can become addictive, but it is a good addiction...

A special thank you to morguefile for photo use...

Writing in a Journal

Writing in a journal is something that feels good. Posters and other items available by clicking the source link.
Writing in a journal is something that feels good. Posters and other items available by clicking the source link. | Source

Family Memories make Wonderful Journal Entries

Guided Journals

..leave your legacy your thoughts and feelings...

Guided journals can be a lot of fun. They also help to keep your family history and any tips and tricks you know that you want to share with those that come along after you in your family line.

For instance, guided journals for mother's or grandmother's are wonderful additions to the family library. They generally provide lots of writing prompts to help you build your story, while keeping a journal for yourself and prosperity.

Locking Journals for Those Who feel the Need for Added Privacy

Keeping a Secret Diary

...diary with locks...

Most of the time when someone begins keeping a journal it is a diary that has been given to them as a gift. Sometimes, someone who is interested in keeping a secret diary may go out and get there own. However, for the majority of beginners I do believe that someone else usually buys the journal for them. Nevertheless, buying your own first journal or diary is perfectly fine too, I think.

My first journal was a Dear Diary and I called it a dear diary at the time. Of course, I think I was about 13 years old when I received my first diary as a gift. My first journal was a diary with a lock. Although, my secrets were mild for a young teenager of the 1970's I had brothers who liked to pick and tease, so having a lock on the diary was a good thing...

Keeping a journal or dear diary is like having a personal friend to whisper your secrets too...

When you have a diary with a lock, you can feel more at ease about whispering all your secrets to it and never worry that it will tell your secrets...

Diaries with locks is always a great gift idea for her...

Dear Diary with Locks

Having a diary with a lock is essential for some that might keep a diary and want it to stay a secret diary.

Many individuals choose to use and keep a locked diaries or journals with locks for one reason or another. Having a lock makes a journal keeper feel safer about some of the things he or she may write down inside such a book. The locks give the impression of keeping secrets safe and sound from prying eyes.

Diaries and Journals

...diaries without locks...

Not everyone will be interested in having a diary with a lock. Eventually, people evolve or move away from home and still keep a journal. They just grow and then have no need for a diary with a lock. Either is fine, of course, while you are journaling.

However, there are some very lovely and fine journals that do not have locks. If it has no lock, you never have to worry about losing a key to your diary. Diaries with no locks are easier to use as well as store since, you do not have to worry about keys or whether the book will fit in well with other books in your personal library. There is no locking system to make pressure marks or scratches on your other journal or book covers.

If you have ever kept a journal and you enjoyed it, you can see the pleasures in it...

Oversize Journals

...and oversize diaries...

When you love to write in a diary or you especially love to keep a journal you might be interested in keeping an oversize journal. These types of large oversize diaries are just perfect when you have a lot to say or even when you also like to include lots of doodles and illustrations in your diary or journal.

These are my favorite types of journals to keep since they provide so much extra room for expressing yourself while journal keeping...

Using Guided Journals

...guided diaries have so much to offer...

Sometimes, it might be difficult to know what to write about in a journal or diary. This is why guided journals are so popular today. You can find guided journals or guided diaries to help you along.

Most often a guided journal works to help you find yourself. Other times a guided journal may help you tell your story to your kids or your grandkids. However, there are many different types of guided journals that may interest you...

Dear Diary

Writing in your diary is one way to relax. It is also a good way to vent any frustrations you may be experiencing in life.
Writing in your diary is one way to relax. It is also a good way to vent any frustrations you may be experiencing in life. | Source

Password Journals

...password diaries...

Sometimes a girl just need a little privacy and some electronic devices for keeping all her secrets safe and sound.

Long ago, we did not have such electronic gadgets while keeping a journal.

However, today many who love to journal their secrets will choose to use a password diary or password journal...

A Helpful Life Style Tool

Keeping a journal is a helpful lifestyle tool to use every day or any day you feel the need to express yourself in written form.
Keeping a journal is a helpful lifestyle tool to use every day or any day you feel the need to express yourself in written form. | Source

Do you keep a Journal?

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