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Debbie Macomber vintage Silhouette romances

Updated on July 31, 2011


Before Debbie Macomber became the extremely popular and successful author she is today, she was a writer of series romances. Macomber wrote for years, while raising her children, and for years she got rejection letters. But in the early 1980's she finally got an acceptance from Silhouettte Romances and her career was started. These early efforts are worth a look, most take place in rural settings with heartwarming characters.


Cathy Thompson, a school teacher, needed a dramatic change in her life to forget a painful past—and her move to Alaska would certainly be a start. She didn’t know that from the ruins of one love she would be led to the passionate heart of another. Grady Jones, an Alaskan bush pilot, needed a wife himself and a mother for his young daughter, and beautiful Cathy Thompson would do quite nicely. He didn’t know that what began as a marriage of convenience would become an all-consuming desire. Grady helped her forget the past, and with her Grady found a future of his own. Together they learned that the best love was yet to be.


Physical therapist Joy Nielsen enjoyed the often grueling demands of her job. But working with Sloan Whittaker was the challenge of her career. Confined to a wheelchair following an accident, the proud, young business tycoon had lost the will to walk again. Having once been there, Joy refused to play his game. Then one day he kissed her--a tender yearning kiss--and suddenly Sloan was no longer just another patient. But Joy and Sloan lived in different worlds, and she vowed that when he walked again, she would have to walk away. Only she was not about to leave her heart behind.


To all the world, Susan McKenzie, successful romance editor, seemed to be the perfect heroine. But there was one thing missing in her life, and that was the perfect hero. Then she met Dr. Adam Gallagher. He seemed to fit the role perfectly; surely together they would live happily ever after. But Adam didn't seem to want to play the hero's role. Aloof and somewhat mysterious, his professional detachment could drive any woman crazy. Was he throwing a twist into Susan's well-plotted life?


Running Crane Enterprises was Caasi's whole life. Every waking minute was centered around the hotel chain. So what if her heart was vacant? Then rugged Blake Sherrill handed her his resignation, and Caasi's emotions began to somersault. Though Caasi and Blake had worked together for years, she had always taken his lean good looks for granted. Realizing how much she needed Blake, and not only as her general manager, Caasi became determined to do anything to find the key that would unlock his love--even if it meant checking out of the business world.


What was a Wainwright doing waitressing in a French pastry shop? Elizabeth was well aware of the fruits of wealth, but money wasn't bringing fulfillment. Fisherman's Wharf was a breath of fresh air for Boston socialite, but when Andrew Breed walked into the bakery she thought she would never breathe again. The man was intimidating.

Debbie Macomber on Amazon


Jo Marie first met Andrew, her dream man, in the crush of a Mardi Gras parade. But by Christmas, he was introduced to her as someone else's fiance. Yet Jo Marie noticed that Andrew and his intended didn't always act like a loving couple. In fact, in the whirl of Christmas parties and festivities they constantly seemed to be changing partners. During one dance Jo Marie even found herself in Andrew's arms, sharing a tender moment. Had she gone crazy? In the harsh light of reality, her dream man was going to marry another woman. Or was he? The confusion had to end--it was a lonely game that just wasn't in the spirit of the Christmas season!


With only seven days in the sun-drenched splendor of Mexico, Carla knew she couldn't expect ot find Mr Right. Then she met Philip, and all her plans for a casual vacation romance melted in the blaze of the hot Mexican sun. But Philip was a cop--just like her dad--not the kind of man Carla wanted to get serious with. So when the vacation ended, so would the affair. Back home in Seattle, Carla knew that it hadn't been the tropical sun that set her blood afire. it had been Philip. And she wanted him back.


Nothing was going to keep marine biologist Leah Talmadge or world-famous photographer Cain Hawkins from missing this chance of a lifetime--an expedition to study the rare whales of the Diamantina Islands. But when the governor of the islands denied permission for two unmarried people to live together, there was only one solution--marriage. Why not? They both desperately wanted to be part of this expedition. The choice was clear. Neither one of them expected the marriage to have any effect on their lives. Yet somehow an invisible link existed between them ... and both of them knew they would never be the same.


Abby Carpenter longed for the type of romance she had read about in books. She loved Logan, but thought a little spice m her life might prove interesting. Then she met Tate Harding, the handsome stranger who had been watching her in the park. He couldn't be for real: he was the kind of man that dreams are made of. What did he want from her? And what did Abby want from him--the thrill of adventure? She had Logan; he was real, trustworthy, warm and unselfish. The grass may always seem greener, but true love is hard to find.


Ted Thomasson was odious, vile and full of scruples--and if she'd disliked him at thirteen, that dislike paled when compared to the intensity of her feelings now. But thanks to fate--and jury duty--Caroline Lomax had to stare at that infuriatingly honest, sincere, undeniably handsome face that possessed a devilish grin that suddenly made the room seem uncomfortably warm. She was magnificent! A fiery-haired hell-raiser-stubborn, witty, more enigmatic and enchanting than ever. If a sense of justice was all they shared, it was a start. Because when opposites give in to the magnetic pull of desire, ecstasy is dust the beginning.


Three years ago, Julie Houser had fled from Wichita, Kansas, before her wedding. Young and shy, Julie had felt incapable of entering handsome Daniel Van Deen's society world--and incapable of impressing his society dragon of a mother. But Julie had been unable to forget the love she'd shared with Daniel. Resolutely, she decided to return and convince him that true love was too precious to leave behind. The most difficult decision Julie had ever made was to leave Kansas. The second hardest was to go back. But love demanded that she set things right and fight for a bright new tomorrow.


There has to be another way; Lily decided after playing "Moon River" in the hotel lounge for the thousandth time. She had to marry a man who could take care of her and her grandmother in style. But she needed help to find him. That help came from her best friend Jake. After all, hadn't he rescued them from the hotel manager Gram was casting a voodoo spell over? Jake agreed, and the hunt was on. But while they were looking for a rich husband, Lily discovered that her feelings for Jake were changing. He was her friend--and then some.


With her high school reunion coming up, librarian Jayne Gilbert was determined to go with a handsome man on her arm. The problem: finding one. So Jayne decided to rely on her favorite source of instruction: books. Riley Chambers had no room in his life for women - especially not this gorgeous innocent armed with a book on How to Pick Up a Man. Unfortunately, women like Jayne had a way of sneaking up on a man, and whether he liked it or not, he was hooked. But had it been by the book?


Shane Reynolds knew talent when he saw it, and Carrie Lockett was definitely talented. After collecting her paintings and admiring her from afar, Shane thought he knew what made Carrie tick. It should be fairly easy to make the woman of his dreams fall in love with him. But he quickly learned that he'd been wrong. While it might be easy to buy one of her paintings, getting to know the shy, reclusive artist was another matter. She continually rebuffed him, and Shane was soon at wit's end. Then he came up with a plan--one that could turn their friendship into a masterpiece of romance.


Stephanie Coulter marry Jonas Lockwood, tyrant, dictator and world-class grouch? Never! But her friends at Lockwood Industries had other plans. Avid readers of romance novels, they had decided their employer was the classic lonely hero who needed a loving wife-Stephanie. But Jonas didn't want a wife, and Stephanie wasn't about to apply for the job. Until she accompanied Jonas on a business trip and discovered his softer, romantic side. That's when Stephanie set out to show Jonas he needed more than an efficient secretary-he needed her.


Caroline Myers had been eighteen when she'd discovered how potent her great-grandfather's recipe for "tea" was. So, when her two maiden aunts suggested a vacation to Alaska, Caroline was certain they'd overindulged in the family brew. Why go now - especially after she'd just been jilted by her erstwhile fiance? But Caroline didn't know that her well-meaning relatives had cooked up a scheme - they'd decided that becoming a mail-order bride for rugged Alaskan Paul Trevor would be perfect for Caroline. And, after gazing into Paul's dark eyes, Caroline had to agree...and wonder if she'd just found a more potent elixir than Grandfather's tea could ever be.



Unemotional, levelheaded Thorndike Prince was certain his company’s Cinderella ball would be an utter bore…until a captivating mystery woman announced that she was Cinderella and he just might be her Prince. In mere hours she’d toppled his implacable cool and sent his usually unshakeable heart reeling. But who was she? Janitor Cindy Territo had thought donning an elegant gown and crashing the Oakes-Jenning Christmas party would be a lark. She’d never dreamed the handsome but cynical young vice president would melt her very soul. But how could se tell Thorndike that his Cinderella was the broom-wielding nobody who cleaned his office?



Once upon a time there was a beautiful, rebellious New York socialite who wasn’t interested in fortune or fame; Judy Lovin valued friendship, integrity and her job as a preschool teacher. Then her father’s business collapsed, and his most powerful enemy offered to help---but only on one condition, John McFarland wanted the fair Judy’s company. Judy agreed to McFarland’s terms and went to the remote Caribbean island to become his temporary companion. After all, he was probably harmless, like the fairy tale beast who simply needed affection. She didn’t expect to meet a powerful , attractive loner who stunned her senses and captured her heart. Suddenly, what had started out as a flight of fancy became a tale of love.



To fun-loving Sherry White, a summer camp for intellectually gifted children seemed the perfect getaway from the smothering influence of her wacky but well-intentioned stepmother. But she soon realized that sharing a cabin with 7 precocious little girls and a contraband hamster, under the watchful eye of Camp Gitche Gumee’s gorgeous, disapproving director, Jeff Roarke, was more than child’s play. Roarke’s businesslike attitude and crack-of-dawn staff meetings were anything but relaxing. Still, a midnight lakeside rendezvous had Sherry a-tingle in a way she was certain ran counter to Raorke’s strict anti-romance policy. Dare she risk falling under the spell of this unwilling prince?


Marjorie Majors was never squeamish-unless she got ill. Dr. Sam Bretton had allayed her fears with his charming bedside manner, and now Marjorie needed his loving care forever.


Joshua Norris’s attractive secretary Bethany Stone was a loving baby-sitter for his 10 year old daughter. But was Josh ready to let Beth give him the love he desperately wanted?


Meghan O'Day couldn't understand what a sophisticated, good-looking man like Professor Grey Carlyle saw in her-a simple, self-educated waitress. They shared a passion for classical literature, and he kept returning to her diner, yet she knew a relationship between them couldn't last. The way to a man's heart might be through his stomach . . . but she was meat and potatoes, not crepes suzette! From the minute Grey discovered Meghan in Rose's Diner, his heart just hadn't been the same. Her smile was like sunlight, a prism's array of color in his academic world of black and white. For her own good, Grey knew he should let her go. But how could he release a ray of sunshine?


Prince Stefano Giorgio Paolo was a man most women only dreamed of marrying. And now the very handsome--and very eligible--bachelor had come to America in search of a bride. Hope Jordan's prince had finally come--but there was no happy ending in sight. Her royal suitor needed a wealthy wife to save his country from ruin. And Hope had nothing to offer Stefano except her love. Hope Jordan was the first woman to capture Stefano's soul--but could he give up his kingdom for her love?

Debbie Macomber on Amazon


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I'm bookmarking your lens so I can read all of these. I love Debbie's books but didn't find out about her until a year or so ago, so I've got some catching up to do.


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