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December Is Read a New Book Month!

Updated on December 15, 2012

New Books On My List For December!

I get an e-newsletter every week titled All About Thyme: A Weekly Calendar of Times & Seasonings Celebrating the Mysteries, Magic, and Myths of Herbs sent by the fictional character, China Bayles. China Bayles is the creation of one of my favorite mystery authors, Susan Wittig Albert.

The newsletter is exactly what it says: a calendar. I always learn something new, get a new recipe or find a new book to read. For example, did you know that October 30st is National Candy Corn Day! You did if you read this newsletter or my lens about it!

Well, according to Ms. Bayles, on some calendars, December is "Read A New Book Month"! So hop to it and read a new book; find a new author!

What do a I think is meant by "read a new book"? Well, I guess I do need to be specific here, so, by new I am suggesting a book written in 2008 by an author that you have NOT read before. Is that specific enough? Maybe too specific? Well, maybe new could mean not a classic as in To Kill a Mockingbird classic. You decide.

I have several "new" books I am reading (or thinking about reading) this December and here they are!

Photo credit: Mickie_G--that is me!

First New Book for December: A Greener Christmas - A New Book about making it a better season

The first thing that attracted me to this book was the first line of the sub-title: "Discover a Simpler Greener Christmas." More specifically the word "Simpler" got my attention. I am all about making the Christmas season simple.

I have long believed that the holiday season has gotten WAY out of hand. It seems that society in general has forgotten what this time of year is all about. It is not about getting presents or spending money; I think it is about our core beliefs and family. I don't care if you are Christian, Jewish or whatever just remember why one should rejoice.

(Whew, glad that is out of the way! I am feeling so much better.)

The next thing that made me decide to bring this book home was the selection of beautiful photographs of the craft projects. Also, I said to myself, "Hey, I can do some of these projects."

The patterns are simple. Sheherazade Goldsmith is the editor of this great book. She is from Great Britain, so some of the terms in the recipes or instructions were new to this resident of the South, but that should not deter anyone from trying anything in this book. In fact, I am dying to try the recipe for the luscious, dark gingerbread. I will when I figure out what "sugar syrup" is.

Give a gift to yourself, your family and friends AND the Earth by getting A Greener Christmas.

A Greener Christmas
A Greener Christmas

It gets you in the spirit!


A New Book from Susan Wittig Albert

I cannot ignore the inspiration for this webpage: Susan Wittig Albert.

I am putting this 2012 China Bayles novel on my nightstand. Ms. Albert NEVER disappoints.

Make her your new author/new book choice, too.

Cat's Claw (China Bayles Book 20)
Cat's Claw (China Bayles Book 20)

Newest China Bayles mystery!


Another New Book by a Favorite Author: The Affair - Jack before he became just "Reacher"

I had just about given up on the Jack Reacher series. So glad I did not. This newest novel by Lee Child featuring Reacher is excellent. It is an easy read--not too much thinking involved to remember characters and places! Set in America's Heartland, Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri to be exact and perfect for reading on a cold December weekend. Do read it.

A Wanted Man, A
A Wanted Man, A

Reacher is back and is still stumbling into situations where he needs to help out the FBI, CIA and local law enforcement.


A Cozy Mystery Reading List
Lately, I have found that there are too many mystery novels that are just too weirdly violent and make me feel like the whole world is "going to h*ll in...

The Tao of Maggie: Perfect Gift for Someone Who Likes to Smile!
The Tao of Maggie: The Sound of One Hound Barking, is proudly displayed in my home. It is a perfect book to give someone who is a hound lover or a dog lover ...

Laura Lippman & Tess Monaghan: Women Detecting
Years ago I began reading the Kinsey Millhone series by Sue Grafton. Searching for similar books, I discovered V.I. Warshawski created by Sara Paretsky. ...

A "Cool" Audio Book by M. C. Beaton
I invite you to listen to this charming "Highland" Christmas story written by M.C.Beaton. Are you a mystery lover? Do you enjoy a great "Brit&...

If you find a new book, give it a quick review here.

So, What New Book or Author Will You Be Reading in December?

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    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      congrats on your 50th lens. wow, that is quite a feat.

    • Rusty Quill profile image

      Rusty Quill 9 years ago

      Congrats on your 50th lens! I just finished the book "Finding Nouf" a fantastic book in my humble opinion. A mystery set in Saudi Arabia that is a real eye opener as far as the customs and interaction between men and women of that country, all wrapped around a very interesting detective story.