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Derren Brown Books

Updated on January 11, 2014

Derren Brown Books

Derren Brown is the master of magic. This page highlights all of his key books and publications to date to help you learn the tricks of his trade!

Forget Houdini and Paul Daniels, they're ancient history in the magic world these days. The fantastic entertainer that is Derren Brown is the leading man of global mental illusionists.

So who is this well spoken chap from London?

Derren has become famous for his reputation as a great entertainer whilst using a combination of (as he describes) "magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship". When Derren hit the big time, appearing on TV back when I was a little nipper, he was always destined for big things.

It's now of no coincidence that all of Derren's tours and shows practically sell out the second they're available! It's equally of no coincidence that millions of people tune in to watch his TV shows when they're broadcast on English TV.

I've always had a huge interest in the work of Derren Brown from the moment I was memorised by his TV shows as a youngster. As a consequence, I've seen every TV programme of his since then - and still as flabbergasted as I was the first time I watched him!!

Derren Brown's books offer an insight into some of the mind techniques that he uses to allow his 'illusions' and 'deception' to work as well as they do. I've read them and I think they're terrific! They've taught me some very useful tips for memory that I use on a regular basis! So watch out... Lee Holden might just be the new Derren Brown one day... er... or not...

Enjoy this lens all about the books by Derren Brown and it'd be magical if you could share your experiences and views with the rest of the Squidoo community!

Photo courtesy of hahatango

Tricks of the Mind - Derren Brown Book

I read this book a while ago (back in 2006) and it was incredible. It taught me some really useful tips for remembering such things as numbers or list of items. In fact, I still use these methods today! I would strongly recommend this book for an insight into how Derren Brown does what he does!

Derren Brown Books at Amazon

The Best Derren Brown Books

Below is the list of Derren Brown books currently available on Amazon, in order of greatness!

Have you read them all? Which was your favourite? Vote now to make sure your favourite makes it to the top of the Derren Brown book pile!

Similar Books on Amazon

It may well be you've read through all of Derren Brown's current books. Well whilst you're waiting for his new one to come out, why not have a look at some of the other great books on Amazon which teach you various methods for the type of techniques that Derren himself uses.

Behind The Mischeif - An Insight Into Derren's Private Life

This was a great documentary created for the English TV's Channel 4. It's a fantastic insight into Derren Brown and his private life away from his magical exploits. A great watch if you are a fan of this legendary man like I am!

I'm always interested to talk about the Derren Brown books with people who have read them to really understand if they were appreciated just as much as they were to me.

So I'd love to hear your views. Which is your favourite Derren Brown book? And why? You never know, your input might influence someone in choosing the best book instead of just a lucky dip choice!

Which Is Your Favourite Derren Brown Book?

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      Absolute Magic.