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Updated on April 18, 2017
Mc Cleann Napoles profile image

Mc has been working in accounting department as supervisor for eight years. Writing a poem is her way to express her feelings.

He was lonely but his life was planned

She wasn't alone but her happiness was gone

Love was in the last part of his journal

She was longing for her invisible man

They met unexpectedly

They got connected automatically

They smiled uncontrollably

They fell in love undeniably

But like all the other relationship

The start wasn't easy

Lots of obstacles that they could see

Are they strong enough for this?

Open communication is the key

If love was meant to be

If it was really destiny

The only thing that matters is "you & me"

They are not perfect but they are true

They had misunderstandings but they made it through

Time made their bond stronger

Love make them better

They trust each other a lot

They accepted their good & bad

They love one another without but's

They are willing to fight for the bond that they have

They knew their love was real

They believe one day, they'll be together

And they will live happily ever after

'till eternity & beyond, they will love each other


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