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The Diary of Anne Frank

Updated on November 27, 2016

The Diary of Anne Frank is the personal journal of a young German-Dutch girl. Anne Frank (1929-1945), originally published in Dutch as Het achterhuis in 1947. It was later translated into English and published as The Diary of a Young Girl in 1952. Anne kept the diary between the years 1942 and 1944 when she, her family, and some friends were hiding out in a warehouse in Amsterdam, Netherlands, in an unsuccessful attempt to escape the persecution of the Jews by the Nazis during World War II. Written with skill, humor, and great insight, the work is a monument to the courage and strength of the human spirit.

Surrounded outside by death and destruction, and within by the nightmare reality of eight persons crowded into tiny living quarters in mortal fear of being discovered, she set down simply and movingly the hopes, dreams, conflicts, and feelings of a young girl on the verge of womanhood. A few days after the last entry, the Nazis ferreted out the group, and Anne was sent to the extermination camp at Bergen-Belsen, where she died in 1945 at the age of 15. The journal was successfully dramatized by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett and presented in New York as The Diary of Anne Frank in 1956. It was adapted as a motion picture in 1959.


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