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Dinofours Books

Updated on April 8, 2013

Dinofours books by Steve Metzger, Illustrated by Hans Wilhelm

We love the Dinofours books! During kindergarten, my children would get a couple of dinofours books as they were beginning to read.  The books have great stories about being at school, our friends, and our feelings; All the Dinofours books have a morale in the end that one of the children or all of the children are trying to work through.

Go on many adventures as the pre-school dinosaurs Tracy, Danielle, Joshua, Albert, Tara, and Brendan learn about school, being friends, and their feelings with the help of their teacher, Mrs. Dee.

Where do you buy your Dinofours books?

Where do you buy your Dinofours books?

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Dinofours - I'm Super Dino

I'm Super Dino is one of my favorite Dinofours books. It's about Brendan and his alter ego Super Dino. Brendan thinks his job is fighting bad guys, but in the end, he ends up using his powers to help his friends.

Dinofours - I'm Not Your Friend

We've all been through the times where all of a sudden we stopped being friends with our best friend. Follow Tracy and Danielle as they work through sharing their friendship with the other pre-school dinosaurs.

Dinofours - It's Fire Drill Day

The Dinofours also explore all the different aspects of school. Today, they are going to learn about fire drills and why they are not as scary as they seem.

Dinofours websites to visit

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What's your favorite Dinofours book?

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