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Fire! Fire! - a safety poem for kids

Updated on January 15, 2017

Easy to read children's poem

, Fire! Fire! - I see fire

I should not ever touch

Matches, Lighters, Candlesticks

Can hurt me very much

Fire is used for cooking

A barbeque or two

It's sometimes there

To keep us warm

When we are cold right through

So never touch a fire

As only adults know

That little kids

With little hands

Can burn their fingers so

(C)Copyright, Tammy S Crossman, 2011-2017. All rights reserved

Your child will enjoy learning about danger

You can see the little boy, is walking towards a stove(Oven). The flames are rising high, inside the door of the stove.

It helps the child reading to understand, that it is hot. As some stove's are electric, that may become a good topic for discussion with your child. Even though they can not see the flames, it would still be hot.

As you can see, if the little boy gets any closer, he will burn his hands.

While you are reading, ask your child what they think would happen, if the boy had burnt his hands.

Read it to them often as a small child and they will think twice, before touching anything hot.

I wrote this poem as a way to help parents. I hope you find it helpful and would be very grateful, for any comments you may have.


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    • skellie profile image

      skellie 6 years ago from Adelaide

      Thankyou for your very kind comments, katrinasui :)

    • katrinasui profile image

      katrinasui 6 years ago

      Excellent Poem! You are very talented Skellie.

    • skellie profile image

      skellie 6 years ago from Adelaide

      Thanks for the lovely comments. It is good to know people would use the poem, to help their children. I am not the best of drawers, other types of art are my forte :)

      Thankyou and i look forward to reading some of your hubs.

      Cheers Skellie

    • SheZoe profile image

      SheZoe 6 years ago from Idaho, USA

      what a good use of your talents! i would have used this to catch my childrens attention when they were little. thumbs up

    • skellie profile image

      skellie 6 years ago from Adelaide

      Thanks very much, I have some more on the way.

      My daughter really enjoyed the poems i wrote and always had a bit of a giggle :)

      I appreciate your kind comments - IbrahimKhan,Loveslove and zeeshaa

      Cheers ;)

    • zeeshaa profile image

      zeeshaa 6 years ago

      very informative work you done. i like it. keep it up.

    • Loveslove profile image

      Loveslove 6 years ago from England

      Excellent ..well done... a good poem all children should learn the dangers and the consequences of playing near and with fire at a very early age !!

    • IbrahimKhan profile image

      IbrahimKhan 6 years ago from United States

      Thanks for sharing such nice post. I liked it and this thing should definitely discussed with child. Its a good source to make them understand.