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go not down that road

Updated on May 25, 2010


Go Not Down That Road

by Kaleem Raja

May 10


Go not down the road of conflict.

Go not down the road of resentment,

Damning indictments and blistering judgements.

Go not down that road

That leads you to hating your fellow man.

Go not down that road that sees you initiating

An exchange of angry words,

A bombardment of peaceful worlds.

Not down the roads

That lead to depravity and self safety

And inflicted injury upon others,

Not down roads that line your pockets

With money pilfered from the panhandles of blind beggars,

Roads that satiate your hunger

With food snatched from dying men,

Roads that seal the fate of children that are exploited for your personal gain.

Roads that makes picnics of gross inequities,

That shakes hands with fists that bludgeoned manacled men in torture chambers,

Made of hearts and hopes commercial bear traps,

That are blood drenched and laced with poison,

Destruction and decay.

Go not down that road I say...



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