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Mr. Darcy Takes A Wife And Other Jane Austen Fact Quiz

Updated on August 24, 2017

Jane Austen Random Quiz, 40 Questions

I love Jane Austen and I always like to take her Quizzes online so I decided to make my own quiz. I like informative quizzes best so the people who take my quizzes will learn something new.

Take my quiz and sometime in the future come back and see if there is more fun to be had. Good luck with the Quiz.

I've added some of my favorite classic Jane Austen products to break up the quiz.

Jane Austen herself the original silhouette around 200 years and I digitally turned all the white into silver.

Jane Austen Drawing

I drew this picture

This article was once on squidoo and as may of know they went out of business and we have found a new home Hubpages. The quizzes did not transfer, only the other information. Thus my 40 question Quiz that many of you remember taking is no more, but I will be adding more and more questions.

I hope that you enjoy this Quiz, as I enjoyed writing it.

Jane Austen Quiz

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Jane Austen Rice drawing

I loved the Jane Austen Rice portrait so much that I made a drawing of it, and sometimes after that I made this version of my drawing. This is the creepy Tim Burton inspired version.

Jane Austen's Work

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Pride and Prejudice

More Works and Movies

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Jane Austen Promenade (Parade)

Queensland 2013 Trailer

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    • NoProblemmo profile image

      NoProblemmo 4 years ago

      Thanks for this fun quiz. Jane Austen is true inspiration.