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Dracula by Bram Stoker

Updated on January 11, 2010

Dracula is an English horror novel by Bram Stoker, published in 1897. The central character of the spine-tingling tale is the mysterious Count Dracula, king of the vampires, who lives by sucking the blood of his victims. When Dracula leaves his castle in Transylvania to go to England, he creates a reign of terror. After first destroying the beautiful Lucy Westenra, he seeks out her friend Mina Harker. However, Mina's friends, led by the Dutch scientist Van Helsing, save her and finally vanquish Dracula.

The novel was adapted for the theater by John Balderston and Hamilton Deane and staged in 1927. An American film version of Dracula was made by Tod Browning in 1931, with Bela Lugosi portraying the count. The film was a great popular success, and it initiated a whole cycle of horror films over the years that followed.


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