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Dreamers of Eternity are Awakening

Updated on July 9, 2016

Sad Silent and Sleeping people,
Sad in dreams and sleeping in dreams.
Happiness and Peace
Became an imagination of their dream.
For they were all in their eternal dreams

Hey you dreamers!
Dreamers of desires,
Wake up from these dreams of nights,
Wake up from these dreams of days
Hey you beyond all.
Help all not to dream the sleep
Help all not to dream the awaken.
For all is a fantasy,
Unsatiable, Unfulfillable,
You have become the wishers for eternity
Always Hungry and always craving

Hey divine mother, wake us all from these dreams of desires
and Never let anyone fall asleep again.

The beast can never be happy
The beast can never be Peace
For it is that what happiness is not,
For it is that what Peace is not.
Wake up from that beast
He is a demon in disguise,
Hidden in your hearts and minds
He quenches its thirst
With the blood of your life.
Hey you!
Wake up! from that beast who you have become.

You are the angels of light
Lost in darkness,
Because your hearts lost their purity and mind their divinity.

Hey you beautiful souls.
None is you, none can become you
For all they come from you.
You are the kings who have become the beggars of life.
Wake up from that life,
For life is for you not the other way.
And this body is for you not the other way.
You have been crying for eternity,
You have become the lost orphans in Dark
Lost in the whirlpools of these two contrary powers.
Awake from them all.
Life belongs to immortality,
May it go to that Immortal Life.
Body belongs to the Ashes
May it go into ashes

In your infinite beinglessness
All flows, all belongs and all dreams.
Wake up from your own infinity.
Don’t let them hinder your journey.
You are here to realize the highest wisdom
But not to become anyone or anybody.
They are beggars, they are scared , they are poor.
So, Don’t become them.
You have lost the battle for you are only awakened to the wisdom of darkness.
And now
The Divinity within you calls for you.
Awake , arise and claim your highest wisdom
You throne is awaiting,
For whom the infinity is serving.

I love you all he says,
So do I.
Claim your lost purity
Claim your lost divinity.
Everything your perceive you feel is the perversion of that.
What you have become is your own shadow.
Wake up from that shadow.
Wake up from that Shadow.
Wake up from yourself.

May your divinity Bless you all.
May your purity liberate you all.
May the hymns of the highest wisdom
That you have forgotten
Be remembered
And this shadow of no light
Be gone..
Once and for all..

Voices From the whispering silence.



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