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Driving Home the Message

Updated on December 11, 2019
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I am Jeep. Joy is BMW. We have a mutual friend. She's Mercedes. But between Joy and her friends, the car that cares will be my wife!

There is a revolutionary message I'm driving home. The body of the message is a string of car slogans joined together. You have to read through carefully to get the message.

Spices of life

They are everything you want and nothing you don’t.[1] But when it comes to driving matters,[2] it is the best or nothing.[3]

The best is in a class of its own.[4] It is a class unto itself.[5] The best passes by; it is a joy to behold. Beauty is not enough.[6] The best is a joy to drive and a joy to share.[7] Once driven, forever smitten.[8] It's not just a car,[9] it's a way of life![10]

Living the good life

Life's good. It works for me.[11] But you may think I'm trying to make-believe. Be moved. Think different. Good thinking, good product;[12] new thinking, new possibilities.[13] Rethink possible. Make it possible. It is a better way forward.[14] It is a better way to live.

Life is better lived together

Life is better lived together.[15] It's pIRELLI and vOLVO for life![16]

We are the other guys.[17] We are 360° perfect.[18] We are made for the best.[19] Tried. And true.[20] Drivers know.[21] We are partners in progress.[22] The more we progress, the better you advance.[23] We discover; you explore.[24] But while you have your ears to the ground, we are fully in touch with the reality on the ground. We have an inflated ego but we are down to earth. We go where the rubber meets the road.[25] We go round and round all round the world.

Living in a sex-obsessed world

Women never cease to empower the drive.[26] The car girl appears to seduce men to want to drive. Seduction never ends.[27] Or is it love?[28] It must be love.[29] But is drive = love?[30] You do the maths![31] The more you know, the better it looks.[32] But you know driving is believing![33] A test drive will open your eyes.

Can't take my eyes off you

You are the embodiment of perfection[34] that moves every dick and Harry. You have the freedom of movement.[35] Wherever you go and wherever you may be, be the force[36] to reckon with.

The future beckons

Live to ride. Ride to live.[37] It's time to ride.[38] Rise.[39] Get your seat. Let's drive together[40] to the future state. And no matter what the weather looks like, don’t worry; we'll be there.[41]

It's your turn to drive.[42] To drive happy,[43] drive in the direction of the merry-go-round. You are going somewhere. Make the right turn and you’ll be there.

Let’s go on a life journey

Your new experience of motoring[44] is in the drive.[45] All about the drive[46]—power, beauty and soul[47]—is built for the road ahead.[48] Think. Feel. Drive.[49] Drive your ambition.[50] Don’t give up a thing.[51] Go forward and experience amazing![52] Grace…space…pace.[53]

This is the drive of your life.[54] Life is a journey, enjoy the ride.[55] Make every mile count[56] and journey on[57] with sheer driving pleasure.[58]

Beauty doesn’t go alone

Beauty is not enough. But if beauty is all you have, beauty will drive the world.[59]

Love keeps us going

Engineered beautifully,[60] it is perfectly engineered to move the human spirit.[61] Eye it. Try it.[62] It’s a love adventure.[63] Open your mind.[64] Follow your ears.[65] Get the feeling[66] and live the pleasure.[67] It is one of the greatest pleasures you can have.[68]

I love what you do for me[69] in the silent sports car.[70] Let's go farther[71] down the road. Let’s go places.[72] Let’s go beyond.[73] Zoom, zoom,[74] above & beyond.[75] Go further.[76] Motion & emotion,[77] and confidence in motion[78] get you ahead.[79]

Feeling on top of the world

Oh, what a feeling![80] It's a whole new feeling.[81] Be different, feel good![82] It’s never a dull moment[83] having the world rolling in ecstasy at your feet. Get to your feet, let’s get you rolling.[84]

To whom it may concern

Drivers wanted.[85] Announce yourself.[86] Start something[87] and let’s go there.[88] Get your motor running and confidently grab life by the horns.[89] It’s like nothing else.[90] It’s like never before.[91]

You are driving excitement.[92] Put the fun back into driving.[93] Drive sober. Drive smart. Drive to arrive.

Drive within the speed limits and avoid reckless driving. Obey road signs and follow traffic rules. Drive with courtesy and care.[94] Ensure your safety and the safety of other road users. Drive to arrive alive.[95]

Seize the moment

Passion for excellence[96] meets the strength of experience.[97] Let the good times roll.[98] The legend rolls on[99] and the lion goes from strength to strength.[100] Driving to the future,[101] listen to the future.[102] Add more life to your car.[103] It responds to your life[104] with more smiles per hour.[105]

Passion for excellence meets the strength of experience. Let the good times roll. The legend rolls on and the lion goes from strength to strength.

Don’t be left behind

The car in front[107] is a car to be proud of.[108] Who’s in?[109] And what a beautiful fast car![110] Treat it with respect.[111] Never follow[112] when you should take the lead and lead the way.

I was on auto emocion[113] when I looked to my right and saw Holden go[114] at a safe distance from Bimota, who was performing a stunt with technology of emotions.[115] Meanwhile, Mobius was on top speed in Africa’s friendly car.[116]

The race is on and you can win it.[117] But are you ready to race?[118] Move your mind[119] and join the race. In my mind, big wins big. But again, small wins.[120]

Drive your dreams

You dream of power to surprise.[121] Don’t dream it, drive it![122] Drive your dreams[123] to innovation that excites.[124] But you dream everyone dreams of an Audi.[125] Now you can’t stop dreaming! You see cars in your dreams. New doors opened.[124] Imagine yourself in a Mercury now.[127] Keep on dreaming! It’s different in a Saturn.[128] Keep dreaming and just imagine what Citroën can do for you.[129] Dream another dream. There are more dreams in every car.[130] Imagine the power of dreams![131]

Stop daydreaming

You are driving the ultimate driving machine.[132] How alive are you?[133] There is a time to dream up.[134] This is the time to wake up and drive.[135] Drive safely.[136] Live life in your own lane[137] and enjoy the ultimate driving experience.[138]

Don’t mistake the pride for the bride

The pride is back on his feet[139] and may soon go on his knees. Anyway, for people like me it is not a pride to ride. It is a joy to enjoy the ride. In felicity, ride on in majesty.

It’s your life; there’s only one.[140] It’s your life; there’s no substitute.[141] You live. You drive. Drive one[142] for living.

I live. I ride.[143] And there's a life I live only in a Jeep.[144]

I am Jeep.[145] Joy is BMW.[146] We have a mutual friend. She's Mercedes. But between Joy and her friends, the car that cares[147] will be my wife![148]

I have joy, I leave you with happiness

Wake up to a little happiness.[149] Take happiness for a spin. Have fun out there.[150] It’s all good.[151] It makes you feel like the man you are.[152] But remember that power is nothing without control.[153] Get power for your control.[154] It’s always by your side[155] and it’s always there for you.[156]

Eying comfort

Your next car[157] is here somewhere! Shift expectations.[158] Shift the way you move.[159] Envision[160] the new class of world class[161] and discover new possibilities.[162] Technology you can enjoy[163] enjoys ingenuity for life!

Sleek and stylish

Innovation for all is available to all. All-time innovation is driving Innoson. It is time to give Innoson a driving ovation.

Fresh thinking, better cars![164] There is a better idea[165] that drives great ideas, and that’s the world’s biggest secret.[166]

It’s your own, drive with pride.[167] But you can't ride with pride[168] and not make a statement of pride.[169]

Which in your humble opinion is a statement of pride?

See results

The best built cars in the world[170] are engineered like no other car in the world.[171] Built better and backed better,[172] the best backed cars in the world are built for the time of your life. Designed for living[173] and built for life,[174] better ideas driven by you.[175] They are designed for action[176] and engineered to last.[177]

Sexy and fucking good!

There is a ride for everyone.[178] Your kind of ride begins with your kind of style. As unique as you are,[179] keep your style beyond rational.[180] This is the true definition of luxury.[181] This is what a luxury ride should be.[182] There are icons of luxury,[183] and there is a ride for the few who know the difference.[184]

You are driven to attraction.[185] We are the attraction closer to the road[186] and you could easily recognize our logos. We are positively charged[187] and shockingly affordable.[188] Trusted to deliver excellence,[189] we are excellence for everyone[190] to feel the difference.[191] We make it nice and easy[192] like nothing else on earth.[193] You asked for it. You got it![194] Who could ask for anything more?[195]

Getting better everyday

The best never rest.[196] We are obsessed with quality[197] and committed to be better.[198] We understand the genesis of car manufacturing and we are making changes for the better.[199] But the rest of the world can't wait any longer for the revelation of the future car.

In all modesty

We are living the dream[200] to help build your dreams.[201] In a complex world, we make it simple.[202] Within us are great ideas for life.

We are happy to light you up.[203] We make the world’s finest cars and have created small cars to suit your lifestyle. Perhaps you don't need a big one to be happy.[204]

Inspiration comes standard.[205] One clever idea after another,[206] we breathe new life into driving.

We’re hard to beat

We are professional grade[207] driving innovation[208] along the standard of the world.[209] All we do is about you.[210] Everything we do is driven by you.[211] And driven by passion for life,[212][213] we embrace the truth in engineering.[214] We are the future of the automotive.[215]

We are the competition[216] and styles to envy.[217] We’ve got the quality you can afford,[218] and you have my word on it.[219] All promises delivered,[220] you can count on us.[221]

The revelation of a revolution

The American revolution[222] is the heartbeat of America.[223] But in the revelation of a revolution, I saw a Ram up rising and a Bullet was fired up towards the presidential lodge. A likely revolution is like nothing you’ve seen before.[224]

Take control.[225] Unleash the beast.[226] Never sit still.[227] Shift[228] and move on.[229]

What moves you? Weird, right?[230] Is it America’s Import[231] or Made in China? Is it Bugatti or Ferrari? Tell me it’s Scion!

And let me tell you this. Chery is wild run on world.[232] Dodge is domestic, not domesticated.[233] But ironically, there is a Ram that has guts and the heart of a lion. Long live Ram![234]

Global warning

Let’s get to the heart of the matter. Driving should be heart-warming, not earth-warming. Whether you drive at earth[235] or you are driven at hearth,[236] have a heart for the earth! Without heart we would be mere machines.[237] And without the earth there would be no man or machines.

But what on earth is driving the Lexus Man and Machine? A Subaru is driven by what's inside.[238] A different car is driven by something different.[239] Simply clever,[240] it's a Skoda. Honest.[241]

Take charge of your life

You are a very important person, and a driver will be there for you. [242] But very importantly, as individual as you are,[243] drive your own life[244] and dare to be different.[245] Only those who dare, truly live.[246]

Sometimes it's easy;[247] it’s tough some other times. But as you are built for tough times, you can enjoy the drive.[248] Drive it your way.[249] You've got to get confidence in motion. When you get it, you get it![250]

Moved by emotion

Creativity in motion[251] is beyond the conventional.[252] However, you should know that the mechanics of emotion[253] is first man, then machine.[254] The mark of leadership[255] is putting the people first[256] and creating a higher standard[257] of leadership with trust.[258]

Inspired by people,[259] find your own road.[260] Find new roads[261] and drive the change.[262] Travel well.[263] Get there.[264] It’s worth the drive.[265]

Speaking in tongues

Just like most native speakers, we speak our native dialects. When we speak, people say we are speaking in tongues. Hum Kisise kum naheen.[266] But while we jingle over like a motor, poor African children sing “jangilova epo motor.”

Different people, different languages

Das auto.[267] Wir leben autos.[268] Vorsprung durch technik.[269] La MECCAnica delle emoZIONi.[270] Perfektion die bewegt.[271]

The children of men go to Mecca or Mount Zion to ask a thing from God who lives in heaven. But from the comfort of their bedrooms, the children of God would ask Google and Yahoo Answers.

Now, listen to a beautiful virgin who is praying and desperately waiting for a ride.

“Oh God in heaven! Give me a baby boy,[272] or I die.”

Wait a minute! But before you die waiting for a miracle car, look near you and ask the man[273] who has some good ride in his loins. Look down there! Can you see his grand auto car? It is more than meet your eyes.[274]

Diatribes against backward people

Serious-minded people progress through technology.[275] Some people wait for some miracle. Just wait till you drive it.[276] It’s a miracle but we’ve made it.[277] In the world, we are differently driven[278] We achieved excellence through passion.[279] And even though we are excellence defined,[280] we keep pursuing perfection.[281] When you’re ready to get serious,[282] that’s the way to go![283]

Lead, follow or get out of the way. We don't follow. We lead.[284] We are distinctly ahead.[285] Every now and again, we are breaking new records.[286] Where there are no limits,[287] there is no finish line.[288]

The cars they love

We live and breathe cars.[289] But while others buy cars for mobility, some people are known for acquiring expensive luxury cars to adorn their garages. The art of progress[290] is keeping ahead through technology.[291] For the love for high-quality cars[292], let us advance[293] créative technologie,[294] building cars,[295] like always, like never before.[296]

Performance is formula 1

Like ever before, driving performance[297] requires intelligent performance.[298] Receive the spirit of performance[299] and get high intelligent performance. Inspired performance[300] is accelerating the future.[301] Break through[302] the art of performance.[303] Aspire to innovative performance[304] and precision crafted performance.[305]

Born to perform

Man is ‘Born to rule.’ The real man is ‘Born to perform.’[306] But whereas some men are ‘Born for mischief’[307] and are getting the penalty of leadership,[308] there is no stopping someone who is ‘Born to perform’. ‘Born to perform’ is making a way where there is no way. ‘Born to perform’ is moving forward[309] against all odds.

Born to be free

Not all men are born to freedom, but every man is born to be free. ‘Born in America’[310] wasn’t born to freedom.[311] An American by birth is a rebel by choice.[312] But while the 21st-century American people live in a free society, the Nigerian people are being taken for a ride by the Nigerian elite.

O foolish Nigerians!

The Nigerian man treats his car like a wife. In fact, Nigeria is the only country the first lady is a car. When the Nigerian big man breaks traffic rules and he’s asked to pull over, he would flex his muscle and threaten, “Do you know who I am?” But do you know that most Nigerian big men are actually big fools, and the big brother of Africa is really big for nothing. But wait! This is not the end of discussion. Discussion continues with a short story.

This is a troubling story. It happened that some three hundred dissimilar ethnic groups were bundled together on a journey to the 'united state.' And as fate would have it, the rulers of the people with reckless abandon plunged the god-forsaken state into a failed state. They continued to ignore warning signs of a failed state until one fateful day all hell was let loose. But in the middle of a bloody revolution that saw two hundred million people running helter-skelter, I saw a golden eagle and two southern horses trying to break free. They were bound to be free.

Bound to be free

Today is the day! We are leaving the 'united state.' We are going to the state of independence. Make bold moves.[313] Dare greatly.[314] Only those who dare drive the world forward.[315]

The way out

There is a way around it, but no easy way out. Going right is no way to the north. But to the south, the right way is the way out.

Going our separate ways

I know my way.[316] Find your way.[317] Drive your way.[318] And by the way, this is not your father’s Oldsmobile.[319] Isn’t it time for a real car?[320]

Individual listing of slogans

Welcome to the state of independence.[321] There are more slogans joined in

the body of the write-up than written down separately in the following list.

1 Everything you want, nothing you don't (Nissan)
2 Driving matters (Mazda)
3 The best or nothing (Mercedes-Benz)
4 A class of its own (Range Rover)
5 A class unto itself (BMW 7-Series)
6 Beauty is not enough (Alfa Romeo)
7 A joy to drive and a joy to share (Buick)
8 Once driven, forever smitten (GMC)
9 Not just a car (Volkswagen)
10 Way of life (Maruti Suzuki)
11 It works for me (Ssangyong)
12 Good thinking; Good products (Toyota)
13 New thinking; New possibilities (Hyundai)
14 A better way forward (Michelin)
15 Life is better lived together (Volvo)
16 For life (Volvo)
17 We're the other guys (Goodrich tyres)
18 360° perfect (Enkei)
19 Made for the best (Ronal-Light Alloy Wheels)
20 Tried. And true. (Uniroyal tires)
21 Drivers know (Dunlop tires)
22 Partners in progress (Metro tires)
23 The more we progress, the better you advance (Michelin tires)
24 We discover; you explore (Goodyear tires)
25 Where the rubber meets the road (Firestone tires)
26 Empower the drive (Infiniti)
27 Seduction never ends (Renault Clio)
28 Is it love? (BMW)
29 It must be love (Honda)
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35 Freedom of movement (Groupe PSA)
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38 It's time to ride (Harley-Davidson)
39 Rise (Mahindra)
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41 We'll be there (Chevrolet)
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43 Drive away happy (DC Motors Rockhampton)
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56 Make every mile count (Kia)
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62 Eye it. Try it. Buy it. (Chevrolet)
63 It's a MINI adventure (Mini)
64 Open your mind (Smart)
65 Follow your ears (Lamborghini)
66 Get the feeling (Toyota)
67 Live the pleasure (Peugeot)
68 One of the greatest pleasures you can have (Volkswagen Golf)
69 I love what you do for me (Toyota)
70 The silent sports car (Bentley)
71 Go farther (Isuzu)
72 Let’s go places (Toyota)
73 Let’s go beyond (Toyota)
74 Zoom-Zoom (Mazda)
75 Above & beyond (Land Rover)
76 Go further (Ford)
77 Motion & emotion (Peugeot)
78 Confidence in motion (Subaru)
79 Leads you ahead (Toyota)
80 Oh, what a feeling! (Toyota)
81 It's a whole new feeling (Toyota)
82 Be different, feel good (Citroën)
83 Never a dull moment (Suzuki)
84 Let’s get you rolling (Faris Motors)
85 Drivers wanted (Volkswagen)
86 Announce yourself (Lexus)
87 Start something (Oldsmobile)
88 Let’s go there (Holden go)
89 Grab life by the horns (Dodge)
90 Like nothing else (Hummer)
91 Like never before (Saturn)
92 We are driving excitement (Pontiac)
93 Put the fun back into driving (Vauxhall Corsa)
94 Courtesy and care (The Automobile Association)
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96 Passion for excellence (Bridgestone)
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103 Add more life to your car (Havoline)
104 Responds to your life (Kia Cee'd)
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106 Different (Dodge)
107 The car in front (Toyota)
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126 New doors opened (Mercury)
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136 Drive safely (Volvo)
137 Live life in your own lane (Mercury)
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148 Be my wife (A slang for BMW)
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151 It’s all good (Buick)
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153 Power is nothing without control (Pirelli)
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155 Always by your side (Hyosung)
156 Always there for you (Hyundai)
157 Your next car (Chrysler)
158 Shift expectations (Nissan)
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171 Engineered like no other car (Mercedes-Benz)
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174 Built for life (Ford)
175 Better ideas driven by you (Ford)
176 Designed for action (Pontiac)
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178 A car for everyone (Autopia Motor)
179 As unique as you are (Citroen C3)
180 Beyond rational (BMW)
181 True definition of luxury. Yours! (Acura)
182 What a luxury car should be (Lincoln)
183 Icons of luxury (Maybach)
184 For the few who know the difference (Lotus)
185 Driven to attraction (Scion)
186 Closer to the road (Lamborghini)
187 Positively charged (Range Rover )
188 Shockingly affordable (Dacia )
189 Trusted to deliver excellence (Rolls Royce )
190 Excellence for everyone (Chevrolet)
191 Feel the difference (Ford)
192 We make it nice and easy (Carcraft)
193 Like nothing else on earth (Rolls Royce )
194 You asked for it. You got it! (Toyota)
195 Who could ask for anything more (Toyota)
196 The best never rest (Ford Trucks)
197 Obsessed with quality (Skoda)
198 Committed to be better (Proton)
199 Changes for the better (Mitsubishi)
200 Living the dream (DeLorean Motor Company )
201 Build your dreams (BYD Auto Co. )
202 We make it simple (Honda )
203 Light you up (Daihatsu)
204 You don't need a big one to be happy (MINI )
205 Inspiration comes standard (Chrysler)
206 One clever idea after another (Plymouth)
207 We are professional grade (GMC)
208 Driving innovation (Auto Alliance)
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210 It’s about you (Arnold Clark)
211 Everything we do is driven by you (Ford)
212 Driven by passion (Fiat)
213 Passion for life (Renault)
214 Truth in engineering (Audi)
215 The future of the automotive (Mercedes-Benz)
216 We are the competition (Infiniti)
217 Styles to envy (Kaizer)
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219 You have my word on it (Isuzu)
220 Promises delivered (Arnold Clark)
221 Count on us (Suzuki)
222 An American revolution (Chevrolet)
223 The heartbeat of America (Chevrolet)
224 Like nothing you’ve seen before (Pontiac)
225 Take control (Michelin BFGoodrich)
226 Unleash the beast (Jaguar)
227 Never sit still (Subaru Impreza)
228 Shift (Nissan)
229 Move on, move up (Ad for Toyota Yaris’ in SA)
230 What moves you? Weird, right (Scion)
231 America’s Import (Chrysler)
232 Wild run on world (Chery )
233 Domestic, not domesticated (Dodge)
234 Long live Ram (Ram)
235 Drive @ earth (Mitsubishi )
236 Driven at hearth (Morgan Motors )
237 Without heart we would be mere machines (Alfa Romeo )
238 Driven by what's inside (Subaru)
239 Driven by something different (Skoda)
240 Simply clever (Skoda)
241 Honest (Skoda)
242 It will be there for you (Audi)
243 As individual as you are (Hodgson car dealer)
244 Drive your own life (Tata )
245 Live your style (Dare to be different) (Honda )
246 Only those who dare, truly live (Ferrari )
247 At Bristol Street it's easy (Bristol Cars)
248 Enjoy the drive (Chevrolet Optra Magnum)
249 Drive it your way (Subaru)
250 When you get it, you get it (Subaru)
251 Creativity in motion (Car models that zoom )
252 Beyond the conventional (Saab)
253 The mechanics of emotion (Alfa Romeo)
254 First man, then machine (Honda)
255 Mark of leadership (Cadillac)
256 People first (Perodua)
257 Creating a higher standard (Cadillac)
258 Leadership with trust (Tata)
259 Inspired by people (Tata)
260 Find your own road (Saab)
261 Find new roads (Chevrolet)
262 Drive the change (Renault)
263 Travel well (Lincoln)
264 Get there (Goodyear)
265 It’s worth the drive (Toyota)
266 Kisi se kam nahi (Mahindra )
267 Das auto (Volkswagen)
268 Wir leben autos (Opel)
269 Vorsprung durch technik (Audi)
270 La meccnica delle emozioni (Alfa Romeo)
271 Perfektion die bewegt (Lorinser)
272 Baby boy (A car brand)
273 Ask the man who owns one (Packard Motor Car)
274 More than meet your eyes (GAC)
275 Progress through technology (Audi )
276 Just wait you drive it (Nissan)
277 It’s a miracle but we’ve made it (Volkswagen Audi Quattro)
278 Differently driven (Bentley)
279 Excellence through passion (Maserati)
280 Excellence defined (Maybach)
281 Pursuing perfection (Lexus)
282 When you’re ready to get serious (Michelin BFGoodrich)
283 Way to go (Kumho Tires)
284 We don't follow. We lead (A driving school in Pretoria)
285 Distinctly ahead (Bajaj )
286 breaking new dimensions (Bugatti )
287 There are no limits (McLaren )
288 There is no finish line (McLaren )
289 We live and breathe cars (Opel )
290 The art of progress (Audi )
291 Keeping ahead through technology (Audi )
292 For the love of the car (Volkswagen )
293 Advance (Acura )
294 Créative technologie (Citroen)
295 Building cars (Perodua)
296 Like always, like never before (Saturn)
297 Driving performance (AMG)
298 Intelligent performance (Porsche)
299 The spirit of performance (Koenigsegg)
300 Inspired performance (Infiniti)
301 Accelerating the future (Infiniti)
302 Break through (Cadillac)
303 The art of performance (Jaguar)
304 Innovative performance (Innovative Performance Auto)
305 Precision crafted performance (Acura)
306 Born to perform (Jaguar)
307 Born for mischief (Toyota C-HR)
308 The penalty of leadership (Cadillac)
309 Moving forward (Totoya)
310 Born in America (Plymouth )
311 Born to freedom (Lifan )
312 American by birth, rebel by choice (Harley-Davidson)
313 Make bold moves (Ford)
314 Dare greatly (Cadillac)
315 Only those who dare drive the world forward (Cadillac)
316 My way (My Way Automotive)
317 Your way (Your Way Automotive)
318 Drive your way (Hyundai)
319 This is not your father’s Oldsmobile (Oldsmobile)
320 Isn’t it time for a real car (Buick)
321 Welcome to the state of independence (Saab)


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