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Dungeons and Dragons 1st Edition Books Original and Rereleased

Updated on April 21, 2013

Books of 1st Editon Dungeons and Dragons both the 1974 Prints and the Reprint Available

Dungeons and Dragons was brought to the market in 1974 by it's intellectual father Gary Gygax who died in 2008. To honor his memory and as a service to players Wizards of the Coast is rereleasing the original 1st edition rules of Dungeons and Dragons. The three limited edtion releases contain all the original material from the 1st edition players handbook, monster manual and dungeon master guide.

Ofcourse you can always opt to obtain the original books from 1974 but over time they have come to command large sums of money on eBay and are hard to find. If you can find them you will probably still want these new releases as books that can be used during gaming sessions.

D&D 1st Edition - Player's Handbook Reprint

Reprint of the original 1978 Player's Handbook. It takes some getting used to as it's strange to browse through all the old texts in this new and modern format. If you like to play with the original rules it's great that these have come out because the old books are such expensive collector's items that it's not practical to play with them. The artwork is of high quality and overall it's a great reproduction and Reviewers agree

D & D 1st Edition - Monster Manual Reprint

Exact reprint of the 1st Edition AD&D Monster Manual. That means it's old collectible material reprinted to be accessible again through modern books. It's great to be able to play with all the classic monsters and see them with their original art. The old combat rules are overly complicated and if you don't have nostalgic memories of playing with your buddies it's better to go with a couple of more modern books. If not, they are great. Reviewers like it

Dungeons and Dragons 1st Edition - Dungeon Master Guide 1st Edition Reprint

Great 1st edition reprint of the Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master Guide. The art is good looking and the materials are up to todays standards of WotC materials. This book will give you the option to play many years with the original 1st edition rules without putting up a lot of money on eBay or damaging your collectible books.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Dungeon Masters Guide
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Dungeon Masters Guide

Essential guide to playing a game of 1st edition dungeons & dragons


What is your favorite Editon of Dungeons and Dragons?

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