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Updated on July 28, 2016


Life is a short story, no one knows when it may end, but until you have this water bubble like life do your best. Life is an ineffable journey which cannot be expressed by words, but only through feelings and emotions. Its not just about you living happily, but its also about making others happy. There are a lot of beautiful yet cromulent things we see in life, but one shouldn't fall to the traps of the evil. Its not only about making people happy, but its also ones satisfaction in what he or she has done. It doesn't matter in what situation you are, where you are, what you have if you have the desire to succeed. One should always remember that success always comes at a cost, but these costs are different from what you think they are! One should be mellifluous in his tone, and his nature shall be like the sweetness of petrichor, and his knowledge must be like the library of a vellichor. Its just some of these elements which make life satisfactory. Live a happy life, because you don't know before its all over!


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    • profile image

      abhi 16 months ago


    • Dwi Gowda profile image

      Dwijesh B Gowda 16 months ago from Bangalore, India

      thanks fella!

    • profile image

      Mohith 16 months ago

      thats a fabulous post!