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Earning from Article Submission

Updated on November 18, 2013

Article writing has greatly increased the opportunity for earning. May you be selling product online or providing services, article writing is a good way to start.

There are even sites that offer payment or share their revenues from the earnings online from your submitted articles. And the best thing, signing up is all free!

f you are a new writer, or even if you are a seasoned writer who is looking for new markets, it can be helpful to identify the websites that will pay for your writing. While these websites vary in the amount that they pay and the way that they determine how much they will pay for writing, they do have some things in common. Understanding how these sites work, exactly, can help you to make the most for your writing.


this website will let you earn from your submitted articles. It actually pays per page views. You will also gain once people post a comment on your article or people rate your article.

Associated Content

Associated Content. Associated content pays for writing in a couple of different ways. For some topics, they will pay a small fee up front (usually around $1.50.) For other topics, they will only pay based on performance. Unlike Helium, Associated Content pays based on the number of page views that an article gets, rather than sharing revenue with the writer directly.


There are a variety of ways that Helium will pay for your writing. There are contests, the marketplace and other promotions, as well as pay-for-performance payments that can continue for many months or even years after you post the article. Helium is probably the most diverse of all of the websites that pay for writing, in that there are so many different ways you can make money on Helium.

Share Your Expertise

is also a good site to submit articles. But they don't pay you when you submit articles. What they do is place ads on your articles using your publishers Id from google. So be ready with your publisher id when you sign up for share your expertise. That way, you will have a chance of earning from your article.


Same thing with share your expertise, you simply submit your articles to their site and incorporate your publisher ID from google adsense. When the articles are read, you will have a chance of earning.


Well as you notice you are reading this article on hubpage. This is the best site so far. You can easily add text, pictures, links, videos and even add your affiliates to market products related to the article. The opportunity for earning is unlimited. Just remember that this site is also a revenue sharing site and you need to have your publishers id incorporated on your profile.

I have been with hubpage for quite a time and yes, they are indeed worth the time. You earn in many ways from your ads to getting sales from ebay as well as amazon.

Which sites are you into aside from hubpage?

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Im with hubpage all the way

I am sure that there are many more sites out there that offer revenues for your writing. Its just a question of how many you can handle. In my case, I am sticking it out with hubpage. Publishing with hubpage is definitely easy. Plus, you get to interact with great people. People with knowledge, skills and with a good heart.


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