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Easy Publishing on Kindle

Updated on October 8, 2013

My Personal Experience Publishing a Book for Kindle

I have written for some time and decided that it was time to self publish; kindle is popular so I decided to try writing and publishing a kindle e-book. Of course since my passion is gardening and we are approaching one of the most difficult times for the average vegetable gardener - fall - that seemed like a timely topic.

So the idea was born - get together all my fall and winter gardening information specific to my growing climate and wtite - Fall and Winter Gardening in the Pacific Northwest.

Getting Started

Writing is Writing

As trite as that may sound, writing to creat a kindle ebook is much the same as writing any other kind of book. You still need the basics - a great idea to write about, the knowledge, time and commitment to do the writing, and the basic tools I my case, I write on my computer, although my notes of key concepts are on paper. There are some who like to create the outline and basic thoughts on paper and then do a close to final draft on the comptuer. You must do what works for you.

Whatever form your writing takes, obviously in order to become an ebook, at some point you must enter it onto your computer. The most important thing to remember about a book that you wnat kindle readers to buy - no fancy formatting. No fancy fonts, no bullet points. Keep it simple.

Getting Your Book Into Kindle Format

Do You Need a Template?

You do NOT need to buy a template. If you are at familiar with word and have the time to work through the steps, you can set it up for yourself. Amazon tells you how to do it on the Kindle Direct Publishing page.

If you do not have the time or are not as comfortable with Word as you would like, you can pop over



for a basic template - I will also include a standard cover page. Amazon requires that you have two files when you publish - one being your book and the other being a seperate cover page. If you have no time at all, or want to get on to your next writing project, you can also use the link to have your book put into kindle format for you.

You do need to create these two files - the first is the content of your book and the second is a jpg image that will be used as your cover. The cover is what you see when you go to amazon and there is a picture of a book - .

click here to see ours

If you are familiar with Word, then the following will take you step by step.

Step By Step to Your Kindle Book in Word

The following assumes that your Word template on your computer has not been altered. If you are doing fancy template changes, these steps may or may not work.

  • Create your title page - Select style 'Title' and then type in your title. Click return. Then switch back to style 'normal' to put more information on the page - such as author's name. You should then click on 'Insert" and then select 'Page Break'. All breaks between pages and chapters should be donw this way, not by repeats of the return key.
  • Create your copyright page. This should have who the book is copyrighted by, when you first published, address, and of course the all important copyright notice. Again insert a new page.
  • Create your Table of Contents, if you want one. Just Type 'Table of Contents' at the top of the page and leave the rest for later. Again insert a new page.
  • You can now start typing your content. To have chapter headings (so they will go into the Table of Contents), select style Heading1 and enter your chapter heading. Click return, select style 'normel' and start typing. At the end of the chapter insert a new page. Do each of the chapters the same way - and away you go.
  • Put information into your Table of Contents - Go to the page where you put the heading and click under the title - Table of Contents. Then select the 'Reference; tab and "Table of Contents' on theh far left. A menu will pop down and you should select 'Insert Table of Contents' near the bottom. You will then have options. Unclick the page numbers box - you don't want page numbers in your table of contents as Amazon will translate it into a clickable Table of Contents. You should also choose to have only 2 levels.

    If you want to update your Table of Contents at a later time, just click anywhere in the table and press F9.

Tips for Your Chapters

While you are merrily entering your book into the chapters you want there are a few things to remember;

  1. Do not use bullets - they don't work
  2. Any picture must be in a separate file and then inserted. Do NOT cut and paste it in. Click on the 'Insert' tab, click on picture and then find your picture.
  3. Tables are awkward - read up on the material on the Amazon page for this one.
  4. Don't use fancy fonts, underline or bold.

Create Your Cover

You need to submit a cover for Amazon to use on their web page. They will also insert it at the front of your book - so you don't have to. You can use any drawing tool you want as long as what you wind up with is a jpg document that is at least 1000 pixels ont he long side and 600 on the other side - that works just about perfect. Think of something that looks about like a standard sheet of paper and you will be fine.

Publish !

Once you have done all that hard wrok, Amazon makes it really easy to actually publish.

  • Create an Amazon account - if you don't already have one, click on this link to go there, create an account and set it up for payment etc.
  • Once you have your account you want to select go to your bookshelf and select 'Create a New Titile'. From there it is step by step.

How Has Your Publishing Experience Gone

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    • nightbear lm profile image

      nightbear lm 

      6 years ago

      Everyone is talking about this. I am really quite excited to learn it is not that difficult. great page and very useful.


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