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easy reply form for those who bug you

Updated on August 8, 2010

getting your own back

Ever get tired of the same old complaints coming at you day after day about things which you have no control over?

well no need to panic here is a stock letter of response you can use, just print it off and delete the words that do not apply.

I think i have covered everything you will need . You can always add your own once you have copied and pasted to make it more personal :)

Dear "sir/madam/whatever"

I am writing to "complain/praise/identify with/aknowledge the criticism directed at":-

"me/my family/my body odour/the department of defence"

It seems like "you/they/communist sympathisers/pea brained idiots"

Have taken offence at an "article/poem/piece of gum/personal body smell"

Belonging to "me/my family/my body odour/the department of defence/whatever"

Subsequently your letter dated "before the first world war/last month/week commencing i don't give a damn"

Has been handed to "me/my office/my personal manager/my toilet paper collection"

So that "I/my staff/my cat/the garbage man/the window cleaner"

Can "reply/ignore/request retribution/have a good laugh/humiliate"

You as regards to the "comments/drivel/nonsence/comm unist propaganda"

You have "written/thought/got wrong/lied about"

Unfortunately as you will know by your'e "interlect/crystal ball/chicken bones"

Occupation as a "journalist/hooker/con artist/crap shooter"

We at "the department/home for the educationally subnormal/town of don't give a damn"

Are in a" position/area/a state of tranquility"

In that we are "short staffed/very busy/tired/useless/ill informed/belligerent"

So we therefore ask "have a nice day/rot in hell/fall under a bus/have a great life with all that you desire/do not trouble us again"

THANKS :) yours in good health


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