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Updated on October 5, 2016



I stood tiptoed under the rainfall,
And was greeted by the mellow bliss,
It was your laughter, it tickled.
It was the sunshine of your smile, it glowed.
It was your flushed cheeks, the sweet warmth.
It was your dripping hair plastered on your face.

I thank heaven for the tears it shed…

It smelt like the perfumed scent of glorious surrender…
I took refuge in the biting chill…
Mud took over the soles of my feet,
It bound me to the soaking sidewalk,
As you silenced me with the caress of your lips…

This could be heaven,
As I disappeared among the rain bullets…
This could be hell,
As I quickly drowned in the violent stream…
I chose to be ignorant of the growling thunder,
Even the headstrong universe didn’t matter.

I thank heaven for it knew how to cry….

I was too deaf to hear my own heartbeat,
I was too mute to say your name out loud,
I was too blind to read between the lines,
I was too lost when I realized that I fit in your arms.

I trailed my fingers along the softness of your lips,
You murmured my name like it’s a song,
Your reddened cheeks, it was sublime…
Your hearty chuckle, a symphony in my mind…
That moment, you spun me around like a child,
I never felt so alive….

I thank heaven for it knew how to give up, sometimes.

I don’t ever wish for the storm to stop,
Time could freeze and remain unthawed for the rest of my life…
The tears you kept for me, you finally let it go…
I stayed around to catch them on my lips,
But somehow my lips ended colliding with yours…

I stood tiptoed under the rainfall,
And was greeted by the sunlight in your eyes,
It’s you and me against the world,
It was your promise that rhymes with mine,
And when the sky begged to pour down its weight,
I’d say, let it cry…

I thank heaven for bringing rain into my life…


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      edupedia 18 months ago

      as a newbie (int this issue) I'd like to know what I am supposed to do in case I want to transfer my HP articles to my blog.