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Novels by Elisabeth Hyde | Fiction

Updated on December 17, 2015
In the Heart of the Canyon Book Cover
In the Heart of the Canyon Book Cover

Have you Discovered Novelist Elizabeth Hyde?

This page describes the writings of one of my favorite writers, American novelist, Elisabeth Hyde. Read summaries of her most recent books, link to relevant web sites and watch a video promo of her most recent books.

What's the next book you want to read?

Next on my wanna read list is Monosook Valley, by author Elisabeth Hyde.

Failing that, I will happily read any of this writer's novels that I have not yet read.

I discovered Elizabeth Hyde when I perused a stack of books in the Dollar Store. I bought In the Heart of the Canyon because it was the right size and shape for an altered book that I wanted to make.

How embarrassing is that to admit? But when I got the book home, I looked through it and decided it might be a good read.

I was so right! I loved this book and intend to hunt down more by the same author! The Abortionist's Daughter was written in 2006 and received great reviews. I read that one. Then I read Crazy As Chocolate. It was a good story also.

Elizabeth's last published book hit the shelves in 2009. What is she doing now? Her web page gives no answers. I sincerely hope there are more books being written by the brilliant writer.

Photo credits are to June Campbell, unless otherwise stated.

Amazon: The Abortionist's Daughter

About The Abortionist's Daughter

Billed as a mystery story, The Abortionist's Daughter tells the story of a teenage girl whose mother, a controversial and prominent abortionist, was murdered. The list of suspects is sizable, since the mother apparently quarreled with any number of people the day of her murder. The investigating detective finds himself involved at a deeper level than he expected.

The book received excellent reviews, deservedly.

Don't let the title mislead you. The book has little to do with abortions and everything to do with a murder mystery.

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Amazon: In the Heart of the Canyon

In the Heart of the Canyon (Vintage Contemporaries)
In the Heart of the Canyon (Vintage Contemporaries)

A river rafting expedition down the Colorado River poses more challenges than expected.


In the Heart of the Canyon

In the Heart of the Canyon is Hyde's most recent book. It was published in 2009. Her other books are The Abortionist's Daughter, Crazy as Chocolate, Monoosook Valley and Her Native Colors.

In the Heart of the Canyon is an adventure story happening on the Colorado River.

In this adventure story, three river guides lead a group of guests on a white water rafting expedition down the Colorado River. The guides are qualified, but the headstrong and quirky guests pose special challenges and test the patience of even the most level headed of the guides. Unexpected challenges include the discovery that one teenage guest is so obese that the life jackets will not fit, the realization that one senior guest has Alzheimer disease, problems posed when a lost dog joins the expedition, a twelve year old boy who cliff dives without parental approval -- and a final critical incident that jeopardizes the safe completion of the journey.

It's a great read, and the description of the Colorado River and its surroundings is fascinating.

Video Promo: In the Heart of the Canyon

Doesn't this make you want to book a plane ticket right now?

© 2013 June Campbell

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