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Elizabeth Houghton vintage Medical romances

Updated on December 30, 2012

Early Harlequin Author

Elizabeth Houghton wrote several Medical Romances , set in England, in the 1960's. She also wrote under her real name of Elizabeth Gilzean and another pseudonym, Mary Hunton. Gilzean was originally a nurse so it was natural that she would right mostly romances concerning doctors and nurses.

I am slowly reading all the vintage harlequins and as I do, I am adding details to the descriptions in bold.

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Could this new land promise her love? Accustomed to a big London hospital, Sheila found the tiny island hospital on the Pacific coast of Canada rather strange at first. She wasn't quite sure she could handle the informal ways of the small staff--particularly the arrogant surgeon, Alan Greenwood. But she loved her new home--it was wild, romantic, vital. And challenging ...especially trying to convince Alan that she was as capable as he was. She must win his respect and, she was afraid to admit even to herself, his love.



When Sonia took a hospital post in the lovely Tryolean mountains she was not merely trying to recapture the enchantment of the holiday she had spent there. She wanted a chance to feel she was really being of use, to show her possessive parents -- and a most annoying English surgeon! -- that she was capable of standing on her own feet. She got her wish -- and a lot of adventures thrown in, that she had not exactly bargained for.



Sara Lloyd was a brilliant doctor, but an unfortunate mishap had badly jolted her confidence and made her feel that her career was ruined. She felt she had to get away from everything, and try for the time being to forget she had ever been a doctor. So she went to live for a year in a delightful but utterly remote cottage in the lovely Welsh mountains. In these peaceful surroundings, she soon began to come to terms with life again. She was alone, but never lonely, and her landlord, Robert Llewellyn, after his initial objection to her, was fast becoming a valued friend. Then Stephen Grey turned up - Stephen, who knew all about Sara's past and did not realize that she had kept it a secret from her new friends. Dared she tell?



Elizabeth Graham had a difficult task in succeeding a paragon of a predecessor as Matron of St. Genevieve's Hospital. She hoped her new-found love for the surgeon William Gregory would help her to surmount her difficulties--but found that the resentment of his two teenage children only added to them.



The "surgeon for tonight" was David Ritchie, dedicated to his job -- a man who found little time for play and less for women. Could he become "human" in time to save Jan from making a marriage that would salve her conscience but break her heart?

Elizabeth Houghton on Amazon



(part time nurse) Karen's work as a nurse--the chance to be herself--made up for having to play second fiddle at home to her glamorous half-sister Celia. And she had found a good friend in Dr. Simon Guthrie. Then Simon met Celia!



It was a receptionist's muddle that sent Julie to the wrong interview at the Halliday Institute of International Research, so that instead of the theatre sister's post she had applied for, she was offered a job compromising "secretary, personal assistant, theatre sister-and good old-fashioned nanny!" A formidable challenge-but it brought her more happiness than she had ever dared to expect.

Julie can handle the job with no problem but there is a very nasty secretary who makes her life miserable. And her boss, Simon Dane, isn't much better, he is smug and rude and doesn't want her for an assistant. But his father hired Julie and so Simon is stuck. In the letter he left introducing Julie, he told Simon this is the type of girl he should marry.



Ever since the new surgeon, Mark Castle, had there had been trouble for Staff Nurse Fiona. Glamorous , spiteful, house surgeon, Aurora Kane, did nothing to ease matters. Staff Nurse Fiona Graham is disappointed when Mark Castle is appointed new Surgical Registrar at St Lucian's instead of her boyfriend Colin Ramsay. Her resentment grows when it seems that she can do nothing right as far as the handsome new surgeon is concerned. The intervention of Mark's glamorous but spiteful house surgeon Aurora Kane, is all it needs for the relationship between Mark and Fiona to reach crisis point.



Jill Barrett was looking forward to taking up her old life as a ward sister at St. William's Hospital -- and disappointed when everything was spoiled by the jealousy of the staff nurse who had wanted her job.



Because of something in the past, Nurse Jinny's father disapproved of her associating with the new R.S.O. And, for the same reason, the new R.S.O. disapproved of her father. Where did her first loyalties lie?

Elizabeth Houghton on Amazon

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